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Preparing a 501C3 application can be daunting at first, but it's worth the time and effort. The process of applying for 501c3 status involves filling out tons of information about your organization including how you plan to use any funds that are donated. The IRS reviews this information and decides whether or not to grant your organization tax-exempt status. Fortunately, there are many resources available online to help you through the process! There is even a step by step guide on how to set up your own website - one of the requirements for being considered for nonprofit status.

In the listing, there is some good information concerning the 501c3 application. Before you fill out the form, it is worth reading through more details on it.

Form Name501C3 Application
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields45
Avg. time to fill out9 min 19 sec
Other names501c3 form sample, 501 c 3 form printable, 501c3 forms printable, sample 501c3 application pdf

Form Preview Example


501(c)(3) Organizations

Completion of the attached form indicates the following requirements have been met by the requesting organization:

§Organization has not received funds from the Foundation within the last year.

§Organization qualifies as a 501(c)(3) organization.

§Request is not an individual, private secondary school, or religious organization.

§Grant fulfills an area of need categorized below:

Check primary applicable category of grant type below:

qChildren & Youth



qHealth & Human Services

qCivic & Community

qArts & Culture


If not specifically an organization to benefit minorities, what is the approximate percentage of your membership or participant group that are members of a minority racial, ethnic or national origin group?

Purpose of Grant:


qCapital Campaign

qOperating Expenses

qSpecial Project

qSpecial Program

qSpecial Event

List funding sources and amounts already secured:

Identify method of measuring and reporting effectiveness of program/project:

Identify geographical area served or area from which participants benefit from program/project:

List any business relationship your organization has with Aflac (for example, supplemental insurance).

List Aflac employees serving on the board, in positions of leadership or serving as volunteers with organization. (Active participation does not ensure grant.)

Percentage of Board of Directors financial participation


Aggregate Board of Directors Giving: $__________________

Amount Requested by Organization: $__________________

In kind donation requested by organization:




For proper processing, please ensure the following is included with the request:

§501(c)(3) tax exempt status letter.

§Information describing the organization and the program or purpose of the grant.

§Financial Report of organization.

§Listing of the organization’s officers and board of directors.

Return completed application to:


Attn: Foundation Administrator

1932 Wynnton Road

Columbus, GA 31999













































Email Address ______________________________________

Phone Number






















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Step 2: Once you've accessed the editing page form 501c3 pdf, you'll be able to notice all of the options intended for the form inside the top menu.

Enter the details demanded by the program to prepare the document.

501c3 application form pdf fields to consider

Put the essential information in the Completion of the attached form, and List any business relationship area.

501c3 application form pdf Completion of the attached form, and List any business relationship fields to complete

Jot down the key data in § Financial Report of, State, Zip, and Contact Title Email Address part.

Filling out 501c3 application form pdf step 3

Step 3: When you click the Done button, your prepared form may be transferred to any of your gadgets or to email stated by you.

Step 4: Create duplicates of the form. This would save you from potential future troubles. We don't watch or publish your information, therefore be certain it is safe.

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