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The 8 Steps Training Model is a professional development training program that focuses on the importance of in-depth, hands-on curriculum. The simple yet powerful training model provides educators with an easy to follow step by step process for lesson planning and design. The 8 steps are: 1) Research 2) Plan 3) Present 4) Reflect 5) Refine 6) Revise 7) Reevaluate 8 )Repeat. These eight steps are designed to provide teachers with tools to develop their own methods for delivering lessons based on their personal style while remaining within the confines of district standards. Teachers who use this model feel more confident in their ability to teach effectively because they have gained knowledge about how other instructors plan lessons and what works best for them personally.

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Form Name8 Steps Training Model
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names8 step training model army, 8 steps training model, 8 step training model powerpoint, 8 step training model

Form Preview Example



What is to be trained?


What is the METL assessment?


Who is to be trained?


Identify instructor/assistant instructor.


Date training was planned:


Date training will be executed:


Is the training site coordinated?

Are all resources coordinated?

Materials/training aids required:


Has a Risk Assessment been done?


Has the trainers training outline been reviewed?

Is the trainer technically and tactically proficient?

Does the trainer have/understand the task, conditions, and standards?

Review references, IE; FMs ARTEPs, TMs, and soldier’s manuals.

Is the trainer’s evaluation procedure in compliance with the training objective?



Location of training:


Is the site suitable for the training?

Is it easily accessible for emergency case?



Has a OPORD been issued for the training?

Has the uniform for the training been briefed?











Is the training



conducted to







Identify weak points





in the training

Are soldiers for




training accounted






Does the training







Is everyone in






Is there sufficient






time for the








Are the training








present and








Did you review pre-




execution and pre-




combat checks?










Be prepared for











Was there an


evaluation done after


the training

references, IE;




TMs, and soldier’s

Were the training






What is the METL




Were the materials/training aids sufficient for the training?

Was an After Action

Review done?

Are the training results recorded in the leaders book?

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It is simple to create forms with the use of our PDF editor. Enhancing the army 8 step training model form is a breeze should you use the following actions:

Step 1: Press the orange "Get Form Now" button on the webpage.

Step 2: So, you are on the document editing page. You may add content, edit present information, highlight particular words or phrases, put crosses or checks, add images, sign the template, erase unnecessary fields, etc.

Type in the details requested by the platform to complete the form.

step 1 to writing 8 step training

Include the asked data in the Is everyone in uniform, Were the materialstraining aids, Was an After Action Review done, Are the training results recorded, Has the uniform for the training, Location of training, Is the site suitable for the, Is it easily accessible for, Is there sufficient time for the, Are the training aidsmaterial, Did you review pre execution and, TRAIN THE TRAINERS, Has the trainers training outline, Is the trainer technically and, and Does the trainer haveunderstand part.

stage 2 to completing 8 step training

The program will request you to note some significant information to instantly complete the area Did you review pre execution and, Does the trainer haveunderstand, Review references IE FMs ARTEPs, Is the trainers evaluation, What is to be trained What is the, Is the training site coordinated, Are all resources coordinated, Materialstraining aids required, and Has a Risk Assessment been done.

Entering details in 8 step training step 3

The Has a Risk Assessment been done section is going to be place to indicate the rights and obligations of either side.

Filling in 8 step training part 4

Step 3: If you're done, select the "Done" button to export your PDF file.

Step 4: Ensure you remain away from possible future complications by creating a minimum of two duplicates of your form.

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