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The abstract science fair is a hands-on, interactive event for students to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects in an informal setting. This year's theme is "our natural world." The student will investigate the natural world by exploring how it interacts with their own lives. Through this exploration, they will be able to develop skills that are integral for success in future education and careers. The Natural World Science Fair includes exhibits that focus on four main themes: water & weather; earth & soils; plants & animals; and energy & power sources.

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Form NameAbstract Science Fair
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields11
Avg. time to fill out2 min 31 sec
Other namesscience fair what is an abstract template, fair abstract online, science fair what is an abstract, science fair what is an abstract sample

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The Illinois Junior Academy of Science


CATEGORY ________________________________________________________STATE REGION # ________________

SCHOOL __________________________________________________________IJAS SCHOOL # _________________3001

CITY/ZIP __________________________________________________________SCHOOL PHONE ________________

SPONSOR _________________________________________________________


(Choice will determine rubric used for assessment)

NAME OF EXHIBITOR * _______________________________________________GRADE________________________

NAME OF EXHIBITOR ________________________________________________GRADE _______________________

*If this project is awarded a monetary prize, the check will be written in this scientist’s name and it will be his/her responsibility to distribute the prize money equally among all participating exhibitors.

PROJECT TITLE ___________________________________________________________________________________

1.Limit Abstract to 3 paragraphs (250 words or less). Include: a) Purpose– what you set out to investigate; b) Procedure – how you did it; c) Conclusion – based on your results. Label each paragraph.

2.Must be typed, single-spaced, on the front side of this form. DO NOT write on back side of this form.

3.Three (3) copies of your COMPLETE paper are required at the State Science Project Exposition. Four (4) copies of your COMPLETE paper are required for the State Paper Session Competition.

The above form must be duplicated. (Student-generated forms must be in essentially the same format.)

This form MUST be displayed on the front of the exhibitor’s display board. It may be reduced to fit on a half sheet of paper. (Print at 75% reduction) Displayed abstract cannot be smaller than 8.5 inches (vertical) x 5.5 inches (horizontal).



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