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The safety sheet science fair form is a document that helps students and teachers ensure that their science experiments are conducted safely. This form includes a checklist of safety procedures, as well as a section for recording the results of the experiment. The safety sheet science fair form can be used for all types of experiments, from simple projects to more advanced investigations. It is an important tool for ensuring the safety of students and staff, and should be used in every science fair project.

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Form NameSafety Sheet Science Fair
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields10
Avg. time to fill out2 min 19 sec
Other namesfill out the bottom of this sheet, Directions: The student is asked to read this introduction carefully

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The Illinois Junior Academy of Science

Directions: The student is asked to read this introduction carefully, fill out the bottom of this sheet. The science teacher and/or advisor must sign in the indicated space. By signing this sheet, the sponsor assumes all responsibilities related to this project.

Safety and the Student: Experimentation or design may involve an element of risk or injury to the student, test subjects and to others. Recognition of such hazards and provision for adequate control measures are joint responsibilities of the student and the sponsor. Some of the more common risks encountered in research are those of electrical shock, infection from pathogenic organisms, uncontrolled reactions of incompatible chemicals, eye injury from materials or procedures, and fire in apparatus or work area. Countering these hazards and others with suitable controls is an integral part of good scientific research. In the chart below, list the principal hazards associated with your project, if any, and what specific precautions

you have used as safeguards. Be sure to read the entire section in the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science entitled "Safety Guidelines for Experimentation" before completing this form.

Possible hazards

Precautions taken to deal with each hazard

Please check off any other possible endorsements needed. Include these documents in your paper and on your board.

_____Human as Test Subjects –for any projects involving humans-even surveys.

_____Microorganism-for any projects involving bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi or protozoa

_____Non-Human Vertebrates -for any projects involving fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds or mammals

_____Tissue Culture-for any projects involving growing eukaryotic tissues or cell cultures

_____Recombinant DNA-must be conducted in a registered research laboratory under professional supervision

_____Use of Firearms – including all required documents

_____Letter from institution where research was done or IJAS SRC-if an exception to the IJAS rules has been granted.


Student Exhibitor(s)


Sponsor *

*As a sponsor, I assume all responsibilities related to this project.

This Sheet Must Be Typed and this form must be displayed on the front of the exhibitor’s display board. Displayed Safety Sheet can not be smaller than 8.5 inches (vertical) X 5.5 inches (horizontal). Print at 65% reduction.




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