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The AE Form 190 6D, titled "APPLICATION TO CONDUCT FBI NATIONAL INSTANT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK," plays a crucial role for members of the U.S. Forces, civilian components, and dependents residing in Germany who seek to own, possess, or use privately owned firearms under the stringent requirements of German law. This form, vital due to the interplay of U.S. military regulations and German legislation, particularly under the German Weapons Law, mandates thorough scrutiny through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) managed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The primary purpose of this stringent process is to ensure the applicant's reliability and eligibility for the issuance of the Waffenbesitzkarte (German Weapons Possession Card), a prerequisite for firearm possession in Germany. Applicants provide personal information, consent for the background check, and understand the implications, including the possibility of denial and the right to appeal such decisions. The process underscores the collaborative framework between U.S. military authorities, German governmental bodies, and the FBI to ensure that the privilege of firearms possession is accorded only to those who meet strict reliability criteria, reflecting the importance of security and compliance with the laws governing firearms possession within the context of international agreements and host country legislation.

Form NameAe Form 190 6D
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names190 6d part a ae 190 6d fillable form

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(AE Reg 190·6fCNE·C6F In8t 5300.15PfUSAFE In8t 31-205)

Data required by the Privacy Act of 1974

Authority: 10 USC 3013 and Article 53. Supplementary Agreement to the NATO SOFA.

Principal purpose(s): To obtain information necessary to establish the applicant's reliability (Zuverillssigkeit) under the German Weapons Law ーイ・イ・アオゥウセ・@to the issuance of a Waffenbesitzkarle (German Weapons Possession Card). The information provided will be forwarded to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purposes of providing a basis for an electronic background investigation (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). the results of which will be provided to the Waffenbesitzkarle issuing agency.

Routine use!s): Social security numbers are required by the U.S. Forces for control purposes. as well as for use in conducting background investigations. Date of birth. place of birth. and civilian address in Germany are required by German law. The form is to be completed by the individual applicant. and the contents certified as applicable by competent military authorities. One copy of this form will BE kept by the USAREUR Vehicle Regitry and one copy will be provided to the German agency issuing the Waffenbesitzkarle. Other routine uses are listed at 58 Federal Register 10002.

Mandatory or voluntary disclosure and effect on individual not providing Information: The information is mandatory under German law and the USAREUR registration program. and is administered according to the German Weapons Law. German implementing ordinances. and AE Regulation 190-6/CNE·C6F Instruction 5300. 15P/USAFE Instruction 31-205. An individual can refuse to complete this form. but by doing so will give up the right to obtain. possess. and use a privately owned firearm in Germany.

Part I - Personal Information (to be completed by applicant)

Name (last. first. Mill Name (F

Social security number (SSN); Kenn-Nummer Gradel Dlenstrang Sexl Geschlecht


Malel MlInnlich



Date of birth! Geburtsdatum

Place of birthl Geburtsort

Heightl GrOlle

Welghtl Gewicht

Racel Rasse






Marital status! Familienstand

Nationality! StaatsangehOrigkeit

Job! Berof








Family member


ILocation! Ort

Aktiver Militardienst

Ziviles Gefolge



Military address, unit no. and box no.l Dienstanschrift

APO! Feldpostamt

Military telephonel Dienstte/efonnr.






Spouse's name (last, first, MI)! Name der £hefrau/des £hemannes

Date of stationing In Germany on current tour

stationiart in Deutschland seit

Civilian address (local resldence)1 Wohnhaft Street addressl Stralle und Hausnummer

City, ZIP codel Ort, Posl/eitzahl

Civ tel no.! Zivi/te/efonnr.

Sponsor's military address, unit no. and box no.l Dienstanschrift des Familienvorstands

APO! Feldpostamt

Applicant's statement

1.Pursuant to the German Weapons Law, applicable German implementing ordinances. and AE Regulation 190-6!CNE·C6F Instruction 5300.15P/USAFE Instruction

31-205. I intend to apply for the issuance of a Waffenbesitzkarte German Weapons Possession Card). I understand that to qualify for its issuance, I must establish my reliability within the meaning of the German Weapons Law. I herewith apply for and authorize the conduct of a background name check using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Federal Bureau OF Investigation (FBI), and authorize and agree to release of the results to authorized representatives of the German Government and U.S. Army authorities and representatives as authOrized under Army regulations and applicable U.S. laws. I understand and agree that in the event NICS responds with a "deny" report that I may initiate an appeal of the denial under NICS operating procedures. The area provost marshal with responsibility will assist in Initiating the criminal justice purpose request for NICS and other FBI data.

2.I am a member of the U.S. Forces, or a member of the CiVilian component. or a dependent of such member within the meaning of Art. I, NATO SOFA. I understand that authorization to possess and use a privately owned firearm (POF) in Germany is subject to applicable provisions ot German laws and regulations, and that I am subject to these provisions. I further understand that violation of such German laws or regulations. or applicable U.S. Forces regulations. may result in revocation OF my right to retain possession and ownership of a POF in Germany.

Signature of appllcantl Unterschrift des Antragstellers

Date of application! Datum

Part II - Approving authority

Name and grade of approving authority



Military telephone number













Organization and APO

















Part III - Reliabilityl Zuverlllssigkeit












Where was the police background requested?! Wo wurde ein pollzeiliches FOhrungszeugnis beantragt?













Date investigation completed

Result of Investigation

O Favorablel Nicht fondig



Untersuchung abgeschlossen am

£rgebnis der Untersuchung

(ohne Bedenken)






D Unfavorable! Unvorteilhaft






















Signature of the approving provost marshal








Unterschrift des Leiters der Stabsabteilung Militllrpolizei










Official stampl Dienststempel








AE Form 190·60, Part A, AUG 09

Previous editions are obsolete.


Verso 01.00 Page 1 of 1

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