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af Form 4380 is a Department of Defense form that is used to document the condition and disposition of accountable property. The form must be filled out when any accountable property is lost, destroyed, missing, or stolen. The form must also be filled out when the accountable property has been returned to its owner or otherwise disposed of. af Form 4380 must be filed with the appropriate office within 5 days after the loss, destruction, missing, or theft of the property, or within 5 days after the return of the property to its owner or disposal.

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Form NameAf Form 4380
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields27
Avg. time to fill out5 min 43 sec
Other names4380 form air force, af form 4380, air force form 4380, form 4380 air force

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The procedure of filling out the af form 4380 is actually quick. Our team made certain our PDF tool is easy to utilize and can help complete any PDF in no time. The following are a few steps you'll have to take:

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Step 2: The moment you enter the af form 4380 editing page, you will see all the functions you can undertake about your document at the upper menu.

Type in the appropriate material in every area to get the PDF af form 4380

4380 af form fields to fill out

Fill in the for the same condition more than, follow, up by a specialist, No □ Yes □ Yes □ No □ Yes □ No □, If YES to any questions numbered 2, AF FORM 4380, Sponsor's Signature, and Date space with the data demanded by the platform.

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Step 3: As soon as you are done, hit the "Done" button to transfer your PDF file.

Step 4: Make copies of your form. This will prevent possible challenges. We don't look at or display your data, therefore you can be confident it's going to be secure.

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