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When parents divorce, one or both may be required to make child support payments. If the paying parent is living in a state that allows for unilateral termination of child support (UTOCS), they can petition the court for an agreed motion terminate child support (ATTCS) which would mutually end their obligations. This blog post will explore UTOCS and ATTCS as well as provide information about how to get this process started.

You'll discover information regarding the type of form you intend to fill out in the table. It can tell you how long it will take to fill out agreed motion terminate child support, exactly what fields you will have to fill in and some additional specific facts.

Form NameAgreed Motion Terminate Child Support
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namestx motion support, agreed motion terminate child support, texas motion terminate child, petition to terminate withholding for child support

Agreed Motion Terminate Child Support
User Reviews

I was hurried and was able to submit the terminate withholding child support template quickly. I assume I made some form of a mistake, resulting from the rush I found myself in, because as I was intending to get the file out I found white pages which usually needn't be inside. I found myself unsure regarding how to correct this problem therefore I made a decision to call support service. These people responded exceptionally fast and aided me take out the white pages. In spite of this it required more time to finish the letter than the estimated period at the top of the webpages defined.
Helen S.
I may recommend this particular forms editor to any individual I know. This was straightforward, specially when using it for submitting petition to terminate child support texas. If the rest of the templates are this trouble-free to prepare then I can easily see myself working with product again.
Ina S.

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