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The form's content indicates that the appointed attorney-in-fact can perform various tasks on behalf of the vehicle owner, such as: Title application, transfer, or lien filing, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) transactions, registering and purchasing license plates, acting as a title service provider, other purposes (as described by the vehicle owner).

The form requires the signatures of the taxpayer(s) (vehicle owner), the date of signing, and the signature of the appointee (attorney-in-fact). If a business firm or corporation is appointed, the signature must be of an authorized representative who will act as the attorney-in-fact for the owner. Note that any alterations or strikeovers on the form will render the Power of Attorney invalid, and original signatures are required.

Form Name Alabama Form MVT 5-13
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 15 sec
Other names mvt 5 13 form alabama, mvt 5 13, alabama poa form mvt 5 13

Form Preview Example



MVT 5-13 5/95

P. O. Box 327640 • Montgomery, AL 36132-7640 • (334) 242-9000


Power of Attorney



STATE OF_________________________________________

COUNTY OF_______________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________

I hereby appoint _______________________________________________________________________________________


of _____________________________________________________________________________ Zip __________________


as my attorney-in-fact to sign my name and do all things necessary for the purpose(s) of: (Owner shall initial each purpose

for which appointment intended)


making application for certificate of title,


making application for replacement certificate of title,


completing assignment of title to transfer my ownership to the transferee,


to receive my certificate of title,


to register and to purchase license plate,

___________ other purpose, describe: _____________________________________________________________________,

for my motor vehicle described as follows:

___________ ______________________________ _________________________________ ________________________


__________________________________________ _____________________________ ____________________________




Sworn to and subscribed before me on Date above stated.



My commission expires:






_______________________________ Zip ______________

Signature of Appointee:



If a business firm or corporation is appointed, the signature shall be of an authorized representative of the firm who will perform as attorney-in-fact for the owner.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Any alterations or strikeovers shall void this Power of Attorney. Original signatures are required

on all Power of Attorneys.

LEGAL NOTICE: A person acting for the motor vehicle owner under this Power of Attorney should be aware of the statute under the Alabama Uniform Certificate of Title and Antitheft Act as follows: Code of Alabama 1975, §32-8-11. “Aiding, abetting, etc., in violations. A person who, whether present or absent, aids, abets, induces, procures or causes the com- mission of an act which if done directly by him, would be a felony or a misdemeanor under provisions of this chapter, is guilty of the same felony or misdemeanor. (Acts 1973, No. 765, p. 1147, §43.)”

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