Alarm Installation Certificate Form PDF Details

Installing an alarm system in your home or office is a great way to deter burglars and protect your property. By law, you are required to obtain an alarm installation certificate form before having an alarm system installed. This form proves that the installation was done by a licensed and insured professional. Here's what you need to know about the alarm installation certificate form and how to get one.

Form NameAlarm Installation Certificate Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesform fire alarm, form fire certificate, alarm certifying, fire alarm certificate

Form Preview Example

Fire alarm installation certificate

After completing an installation, modification, or addition of a system or single-station detector (excluding a one- or two-family residence), the licensee must complete and present this certificate to the owner or owner’s representative or post the certificate near the main control panel (Fire Alarm Rules, 28 Texas Administrative Code, 34.617.

Original to owner or posted on site at control panel. Copy 1 to main authority having jurisdiction. Copy 2 for certifying alarm company to keep in its office for access by SFMO.

Property name:



City / Zip:

Certifying alarm company:

Type of Installation:




The system complies with the following codes and standards.




























NFPA 101

























City / State / Zip:


Alarm certificate registration:

Name of nearest fire department:

Fire department (non-emergency) phone:

Emergency phone:



System information


Control panel manufacturer:


Model #



Check all the applicable system types below that were installed by the above certifying company or the system type(s) in which the company made modifications or additions.

Fire alarm/Evacuation


Fire detection


Smoke damper control


Sprinkler system supervision

Voice notification


Elevator control




Magnetic door

Initiating devices

Type Quantity

Smoke detectors

Heat detectors

Duct smoke detectors

Beam smoke detectors

Fire alarm boxes

Initiating devices

Type Quantity


Isolation modules

Kitchen suppression

Sprinkler flow switch

Gas fire protection syst.

Notification appliances

Type Quantity

Bell, horn, or chime




Speaker strobe

Fire phones

Annunciation panel

Supervisory devices

Type Quantity

Valve tamper switches

High / low air pressure

Fire pump

Circuit style Quantity






Circuit style/class Quantity

NAC Y or B

NAC Z or A

Record drawings


City / State:

Planner's name:

License num. PE or APS:

Date on plan:

Revision number/date:

Record drawings (one with original planner’s signature) Instructions describing, operation, test, and maintenance Information to aid in establishing an Emergency Evacuation Plan

The above required documents were supplied to:

Person's name:

Company’s name:


I certify, on behalf of the registered certifying company, that this fire alarm system has been tested and complies with the requirements of Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 6002, and Texas Administrative Code, Section 34.600, the Fire Alarm Rules; the applicable codes and standards; and the manufacturer's installation requirements.

Signature of licensee:


License number:

Printed name of licensee:



Date signed:

SF035 | 0121


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alarm certifying licensee completion process outlined (portion 1)

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alarm certifying licensee completion process detailed (stage 2)

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