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The form contains essential information about the vehicle, buyer, and seller, and both parties must complete the form for it to be acceptable for vehicle registration.

Additionally, the form provides general information and guidelines for both the buyer and the seller, such as the requirement of insurance prior to registration, out-of-province safety inspection, and how to perform a lien search on the vehicle. The buyer must produce the original, properly completed Bill of Sale to register the vehicle in Alberta.

This page contains information about Alberta bill of sale. There, you'll get the information regarding the form you want to fill out, including the estimated time required to complete it as well as other details.

Form NameAlberta Bill of Sale
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields42
Avg. time to fill out8 min 58 sec
Other namesalberta bill of sale pdf, bill of sale, alberta bill of sale, vehicle bill of sale

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Bill of Sale

Before buying a used vehicle, search the VIN on the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) website

( for any reports of the vehicle being stolen. For other used motor vehicle buying tips and a list of additional resources to help with your purchase, visit and

Sections 1 and 2 must be completed in order to make this Bill of Sale acceptable for vehicle registration. Completion of section 3, on the back of this form, is optional.

Two copies of this Bill of Sale should be completed. The buyer keeps the original and the seller keeps the copy.

Alterations or corrections made while completing the Bill of Sale must be initialled by both the buyer and seller.

Section 1


Name(s) (Last, First, Second)





Telephone Number












City / Town

Province / State

Postal Code / Zip Code









Personal Identification (DL / ID Number)























Model or Series











Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) / Serial Number



Body Colour


Odometer Reading












Name(s) (Last, First, Second)





Telephone Number











City / Town

Province / State

Postal Code / Zip Code








Personal Identification (DL / ID Number)







This vehicle was sold for the sum of:

Dollars $

Sum written in full

(Subject to the terms and special conditions which appear in Section 3 on the back of this form)

Section 2


Dated at:

City / Town

Province / State







I certify that all information shown above is true to the best of my knowledge.


Signature of Buyer



Signature of Seller









Signature of Buyer



Signature of Seller











Signature of Witness


Signature of Witness



REG3126 Rev. 2020-04




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Section 3


1.The vehicle described on the front of this form is:

Check the appropriate box(es)

a) Free of all liens and encumbrances:

0 Yes

0 No

If No, please give names of lien holders:








b) Being paid for in full:

0 Yes

0 No





Being paid by:

0 Cash 0 Cheque

0 Money Order 0 Other (please specify):


2.Payment Terms:

3.Vehicle was last registered in:

Province / State


4. Special conditions of sale (if any):

General Information:

• The Buyer should make sure that they visually inspect the vehicle identification number (VIN) for the vehicle identified in Section 1.

• The law in the Province of Alberta requires a vehicle to be insured prior to registration. Documentary proof of vehicle insurance is required. Legislation allows a person to whom a valid licence plate is issued to transfer the licence plate

to a newly purchased vehicle to be registered within 14 days of the date on their Bill of Sale.

The above does not apply to commercial vehicles used for the transportation of goods or passengers for compensation.

• A vehicle entering Alberta from another jurisdiction may require an out-of-province safety inspection. Information can be obtained from a registry agent. A listing of local registry agents can be found in the telephone directory under Licence and Registry Services; or visit for comprehensive registries and consumer information and services.

• In addition to the Bill of Sale, other identification is required to obtain Alberta registration. Where possible, obtain Section 2 of the previous Alberta vehicle registration certificate.

• The prospective purchaser can determine whether a vehicle is free of liens and encumbrances in Alberta by contacting a registry agent.

• In order to perform a search, a registry agent will require the VIN of the vehicle. A request for a search can be made in person or in writing. There is a fee for this service.

• Vehicle Information Reports are available from a registry agent. There is a fee for each service.

• The buyer must produce the original properly completed Bill of Sale, that includes the same information as shown on this standardized form, in order to register a vehicle in Alberta.

This form is provided as a courtesy by Service Alberta to ensure that sufficient information is contained within the Bill of Sale to permit registration of the described vehicle by the new owner.

No liability attaches to the Crown through the use of this document in respect of the sale of this vehicle. Any dispute arising from the sale becomes a civil matter among the parties named in this document.

REG3126 Rev. 2020-04

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How to Edit Alberta Bill of Sale Online for Free

You can certainly fill in forms taking advantage of our PDF editor. Enhancing the bill of sale alberta pdf form is not hard if you use the next steps:

Step 1: To begin the process, select the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: You are now on the file editing page. You may edit, add text, highlight certain words or phrases, place crosses or checks, and include images.

Fill in the next segments to fill in the document:

completing bill sale alberta part 1

Fill out the Vehicle Identification Number VIN, Body Colour, Odometer Reading, Names Last First Second, Telephone Number, BUYERS INFORMATION, Address, Street, City Town, Province State, Postal Code Zip Code, Personal Identification DL ID, This vehicle was sold for the sum, Sum written in full, and Dollars fields with any information which may be asked by the system.

Entering details in bill sale alberta part 2

You will be required to write down the details to let the system fill in the part City Town, Province State, Country, I certify that all information, Signature of Buyer, Signature of Seller, Signature of Buyer, Signature of Seller, Signature of Witness, Signature of Witness, REG Rev, and Page of.

part 3 to entering details in bill sale alberta

Please list the rights and obligations of the sides in the Check the appropriate boxes, a Free of all liens and, Yes, If No please give names of lien, b Being paid for in full, Yes, Being paid by, Cash, Cheque, Money Order, Other please specify, Payment Terms, Vehicle was last registered in, Special conditions of sale if any, and Province State paragraph.

step 4 to entering details in bill sale alberta

Terminate by analyzing the following areas and preparing them accordingly: A vehicle entering Alberta from, In addition to the Bill of Sale, The prospective purchaser can, agent, In order to perform a search a, Vehicle Information Reports are, The buyer must produce the, form in order to register a, This form is provided as a, No liability attaches to the Crown, REG Rev, and Page of.

Completing bill sale alberta part 5

Step 3: Choose the Done button to save your document. Then it is available for upload to your gadget.

Step 4: In order to prevent different difficulties as time goes on, try to have around two or three duplicates of the document.

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