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The APD 5 is a new technology that can detect if someone has been drinking. It detects alcohol, and it does not falsely identify those who have consumed non-alcoholic liquids as being drunk. This invention will be of great interest to law enforcement officers, bartenders, and nurses on hospital floors with lots of people coming in from the bar at night. The Alcohol Protection Device (APD) 5 was invented by Ravi Shankar Narayanan from MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering. The device is meant to help reduce the number of DUI accidents occurring on our roads each year or to provide peace of mind for those worried about their loved ones driving home after a few drinks.

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Form NameApd 5
Form Length25 pages
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Avg. time to fill out6 min 15 sec
Other namesnypd forms, nypd forms form, nypd forms online, apd 5 booklet

Apd 5
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