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Finding your way through the intricacies of real estate transactions can often feel like navigating a maze, especially when it comes to ensuring that appraisals are conducted fairly and without undue influence. This is where the HVCC Appraisal Certification form steps in, a document designed to affirm that an appraisal has been executed in full compliance with the high standards set by the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC). By completing this form, lenders certify that the selection of the appraiser was based on stringent criteria including qualifications, location, and a bevy of other factors designed to guarantee impartiality and adherence to regulatory guidelines. This form serves as a declaration that all communications between the lender and the appraiser were conducted ethically, without undue pressure or influence from loan production staff. Furthermore, it outlines what constitutes prohibited data, such as owner's value estimates or targeted values not derived from a valid purchase contract, ensuring that the appraisal is not swayed by external factors. It also highlights the lender's commitment to not conditioning the payment or promise of future engagements on the appraised value or opinions stated within the appraisal. Additionally, the document addresses the verification of the appraiser's qualifications, including license status and checks against exclusionary lists, ensuring the appraiser's eligibility and reliability. In essence, the HVCC Appraisal Certification form is a crucial tool in maintaining the integrity of the property appraisal process, fostering trust in real estate transactions by adhering to a strict ethical framework.

Form NameAppraisal Hvcc
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other nameshvcc appraisal ordering, hvcc appraisal certification, appraisal hvcc, hvcc certification

Form Preview Example

H V CC Ap p r a isa l Ce r t if ica t ion For m

__________________________ ( her eaft er k now n as “ Lender ” ) cer t ifies t he follow ing is accur at e r egar ding

t he com plet ion of t he at t ached appr aisal for t he pr oper t y addr ess r efer enced below .

Bor r ow e r N a m e :


M SI Loa n # :

Pr op e r t y Ad d r e ss Cit y / St a t e / Z ip :

Ap p r a isa l D a t e d :

U n d u e I n f lu e n ce Con t r ols:

The appr aiser w as select ed by ( Lender ) using crit er ia based on t he appr aiser ’s qualificat ions, pr ox im it y t o t he subj ect pr oper t y , and ot her fact or s det er m ined by ( Lender ) t o ensur e com pliance w it h t he appr aisal engagem ent .

The Lender pr ohibit s dir ect com m unicat ion bet w een t he appr aiser and t he loan pr oduct ion st aff and r equir es t he appr aiser t o r epor t any such com m unicat ion t o t he Lender ’s QC st aff . All com m unicat ion bet w een t he Lender and t he appr aiser ar e believ ed t o hav e been in full com pliance w it h t he Hom e Valuat ion Code of Conduct ( HVCC) and t he Lender is not aw ar e of any at t em pt by it s pr oduct st aff t o influence t he v alue, opinion of m ar k et condit ion, or any ot her aspect of t he appr aisal.

Out side of a v alid and com plet e ex ecut ed pur chase cont r act , no ot her infor m at ion has been pr ov ided t o t he appr aiser t hat m ight influence t he v alue, opinion of m ar k et condit ion, or const r uct ion of t he appr aisal. Such pr ohibit ed dat a includes:

The ow ner s est im at e of v alue

A t ar get v alue

The pur chase pr ice ( out side of a v alid and com plet e ex ecut ed pur chase cont r act )

The loan am ount ( out side of a v alid and com plet e ex ecut ed pur chase cont r act )

Com par able sales*

The loan t o v alue r at io ( LTV) ( out side of a v alid and com plet e ex ecut ed pur chase cont r act )

* Com par able sales cannot be sent as par t of t he init ial or der .

Wit h t he ex cept ion of t he bona fide qualit y assur ance r ev iew , and r equir em ent of m inim um st andar ds for fact ual infor m at ion, t he Lender has m ade no at t em pt t o influence t he dev elopm ent of const r uct ion of t he appr aisal. The Lender has not condit ioned pay m ent for ser v ices, or pr om ise of fut ur e engagem ent s on t he appr aised v alue, opinion of m ar k et condit ion, or ot her opinions ex pr essed in t he appr aisal.

Appr aiser Qualificat ions and Wat ch/ Ex clusionar y List Pr ocess:

The Lender cer t ifies t he follow ing:

The appr aiser ’s license/ cer t ificat ion st at us w as v er ified v ia ASC. gov

The appr aiser does not appear on t he FNMA/ FHLMA Ex clusionar y list .

By Aut hor ized Signat ur e below , I her eby cer t ify t he Appraisal r efer enced her ein m eet s t he r equir em ent s of t he HVCC:

Signat ur e

Pr int ed Nam e/ Tit le

Ver sion 4/ 09/ 0 9

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