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Au 11 Tax Form is one of the IRS documents that taxpayers are required to complete. It is a form for taxpayers who received income from foreign sources or had certain transactions with foreign trusts. Foreign sourced income includes any type of payment for work performed outside the United States, such as wages and salaries, dividends, interest, rents and royalties. Foreign Trusts include any entity other than an individual (e.g., corporation) that has substantial assets in which U.S persons have an ownership interest or serves as a trustee for trust arrangements involving U.S persons under IRC Section 679(a)(1).

The table holds details about the au 11 tax form. It's going to give you the projected time it may take you to fill in the form and a few further details.

Form NameAu 11 Tax Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields29
Avg. time to fill out6 min 3 sec
Other namesnew york form au11 1 instructions, au 11 sales tax, au 11 form, nys au 11 form

Form Preview Example

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance



Application for Credit or Refund


of Sales or Use Tax


Do not use this form to apply for a Qualiied Empire Zone Enterprise (QEZE) refund or credit for purchases made on or after September 1, 2009. Use Form AU-12, Application for Credit or Refund of Sales or Use Tax - Qualified Empire Zone Enterprise (QEZE).

Do not use this form to apply for a refund of tax paid on qualifying purchases of motor fuel or diesel motor fuel. Use Form FT-500, Application for Refund of Sales Tax Paid on Automotive Fuels.

Read Form AU-11-I, Instructions for Form AU-11, before completing this application.

Applicant information (Please type or print legibly)

Name (Legal business name, including DBA or individual)


Telephone number

NYS Sales Tax ID number (if registered) or EIN or social security number













Mailing address (number and street or rural route)





Period covered by claim (date(s) of purchase) (mm/dd/yyyy)










ZIP code

Refund claimed












Representative’s name (if any); see instructions


Telephone number

Credit claimed







Representative’s mailing address (number and street or rural route)





If credit shown above has already been claimed on a






sales tax return, enter the period covered by the






quarterly or annual return (mm/dd/yyyy).




ZIP code








Explanation of your claim:

Include copies of all supporting documents (see instructions).

Use additional sheets, if necessary. Make sure your name and ID number are on each sheet.

We can’t process applications that aren’t signed, don’t include supporting documents, or that are in any other way incomplete.

Certification: I,


, the applicant named above, or partner, oficer, or other authorized representative

of such applicant, do hereby:

make application for credit and/or refund of tax, pursuant to the New York State Tax Law; and

certify that the above statements, and any documents provided to substantiate the credit or refund claimed, are true, complete and correct and that no material information has been omitted; and

certify that all of the tax for which this claim is iled has been paid, and no portion has been previously credited or refunded to the applicant by any person required to collect tax; or, if the claim for credit or refund is made by a person required to collect tax, that the amount claimed has previously been refunded to the appropriate purchaser; and

certify that no amount claimed has previously been subject to a credit or refund; and

make these statements with the knowledge that willfully providing false or fraudulent information with this document with the intent to evade tax may constitute a felony or other crime under New York State Law, punishable by a substantial ine and a possible jail sentence; and

understand that the Tax Department is authorized to investigate the validity of the credit or refund claimed and the accuracy of any information provided with this claim.

Applicant’s signature

Applicant’s title





Representative’s signature (if any)

Representative’s ID number





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stage 1 to completing au 11

Complete the information, provided, with, this, claim Applicants, signature Applicants, title Representatives, signature, if, any Representatives, ID, number Date, and Date areas with any particulars which may be asked by the system.

au 11 informationprovidedwiththisclaim, Applicantssignature, Applicantstitle, Representativessignatureifany, RepresentativesIDnumber, Date, and Date blanks to fill out

Step 3: Once you click the Done button, your completed file is conveniently transferable to any of your devices. Or alternatively, you can easily deliver it using mail.

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