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If you are looking to buy or sell a property in the state of Mississippi, it is essential that you have knowledge of what documents will be needed. A real estate transaction can become complicated quickly if there is not full disclosure on all the necessary paperwork. One document that may not be familiar to some people is the Blank Mississippi Resale Certificate. It ensures that any buyer who purchases a property has been made aware of any issues with the home's title and possible liens against it. This certificate also provides buyers with information about previous owners and other items such as taxes owed, zoning codes, etc.. This blog post will provide an overview of this important document along with where one can find more information for reference purposes.

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Form NameBlank Mississippi Resale Certificate
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields7
Avg. time to fill out1 min 39 sec
Other namesmississippi resale certificate, ms resale certificate form, ms resale certificate, state of mississippi resale certificate form

Form Preview Example

State of Mississippi Resale Certificate


The undersigned hereby certifies that the merchandise purchased on each order we shall give, and until this notice is revoked by us in writing, is purchased for resale as tangible personal property or resale as a service subject to tax. As purchaser of such goods and services, we are solely responsible for any sales or use tax due thereon.

We further agree to reimburse you for any and all sales and use tax which you became legally obligated to pay to the State of Mississippi on orders which you received from us. It is our intention and purpose to indemnify and hold you harmless for all costs incurred by you for your reliance on this Resale Certificate furnished by us.


OF PURCHASE:___________________________








This blanket Certificate of Resale must be completed and signed before it is valid.

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