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Form ST-4 is a document issued by the state to a vendor that allows the sales tax record. The form must be completed and submitted to the government agency. Here is the data regarding the PDF you were seeking to complete. It can tell you how long it should take to finish Form ST-4, what fields you need to fill in, and several additional specific facts.

Form Name Ma Resale Certificate
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 15 sec
Other names ma st 4, resale certificate ma, ma form st 4, st4 form

Form Preview Example


Sales Tax Resale Certificate

Rev. 8/16


Department of


me of purser


unt numer or eerl numer
























Tpe of usiness in wi purser is ene






Tpe of tnile personl propertor ser ein purse e

s spefis possile)








me of nor from wom tnile personl propertor sers re

ein purse

















ol li ssusetts enors e

istrtion issue te ommissioner of enue pursunt to ss

usetts enerl

ws pter

seion n tt m in te usine

ss of sellin te kin of tnile personl propertor sers

ein purse uner tis

rtifite n tt inten to sell su propertor sers i

n te reulr urse of musiness


Signed under the penalties of perjury.







nture of purser








Check applicable box:

nle purse rtifite  nket rtifite



Notice to Vendors

1.ssusetts enerl ws ssume tt ll ross reipts of nor from te sle of tnile personl propertn sers re

from sles suje to t unless te ntrris estlise Te



en of pron tt sle of tnile personl propertor



nnor is not retil sle is pl upon te nor un



less ese

pts from te purser

rtifite erin tt te prope




ser is purse for resle




2. resle rtifite relies te nor from te uren of proof


if it is tken in oo fit from purser wo is


ene in te usi

ness of sellin tnile propertor sers n wo ols



ssusetts sles treistrtion




3. Te oo fit of te nor will e questione if e



se s knowl

ee of fs wi i rise to

resonle inferen tt



te pur

ser oes not inten to resell te propertor sers or empl


knowlee tt purser of prtilr mernise is not en



in te usiness of sellin te kin of mer

nise or ser ese is

pursin uner tis rtifite woul nstitute rouns to q



te oo fit of te nor





4. Te nor must mke sure tt te rtifite is fille out pro


n sine efore ptin it





5. Te nor must retin tis rtifite s prt of iser permn







f u nquestions out te ptn or use of tis



r tif

ite plese nt

Massachusetts Department of Revenue, Cus-

tomer Service Bureau, PO Box 7010, Boston, MA 02204, or call (617) 887-MDOR or toll-free, in-state 1-800-392-6089.

Notice to Purchasers

1. Tis rtifite is to e use wen te purser intens to


te tnile personl propertor ser in te reulr urse of


ness nufurers imin n empt use of te mterils tools


n fuel wi will e use in te mnufure prossin

or nr

sion of tnile personl propertsoul use orm mpt


se ertifite Tmpt orni

tions mkin purses for oter

tn resle re to use orm

mpt rser


2. Te purser must ol li ssusetts nor reis


f u nee to pplfor reistrtion o to mssoor n


ssTonne to mplete n online pplition for reistrti


3. Tis rtifite must e sine n er te nme n


of te purser n iser unt

numer or eerl ent


tion numerTis rtifite must lso inite te te of

tnile per

sonl propertpurse n resol te purser


4. f purser wo is rtifite mkes nuse of te propert


oter tn retention emonstrtion or isplwile olin

it for sle

in te reulr urse of usiness su propertwill e suje t

o te

ssusetts sles or use t s of te time te propertis first


use imer



5. f u re ene in ser itn re unsure s to

te el

iiilitof te tnile personl propertein purse

for resle

see te reultion on r terprises


6. or furter informtion out te use of resle rtifites se

e te

reultion on esle n mpt se ertifites


Warning: Willful misuse of this certificate may result in criminal tax evasion sanctions of up to one year in prison and $10,000 ($50,000 for corporations) in fines.

This form is approved by the Commissioner of Revenue and may be reproduced.

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completing mass resale certificate stage 1

Make sure you fill up the Signed under the penalties of, Signature of purchaser, Title, Date, Check applicable box, Single purchase certificate, Blanket certificate, Notice to Vendors Massachusetts, Notice to Purchasers This, A resale certificate relieves the, The good faith of the vendor will, The vendor must make sure that, The vendor must retain this, If you have any questions about, and The purchaser must hold a valid field with the required details.

part 2 to entering details in mass resale certificate

Step 3: As you hit the Done button, your ready file may be transferred to each of your gadgets or to electronic mail provided by you.

Step 4: Generate a minimum of a few copies of your document to avoid any specific potential challenges.

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