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Making a Bright Start Withdrawal Request is easy! Follow these simple steps to get started. First, log in to your account and click on the "Withdraw" button in the top right corner of your screen. Next, select the amount you would like to withdraw and click "Submit." You will then be asked to confirm your withdrawal request. Once you have confirmed, the funds will be transferred to your bank account within three business days. Make sure to have your bank account information handy when completing the form. That's it! You're ready to go.

This figure features information about bright start withdrawal request. This figure will give you details about the form's length, finalization time, and the fields you'll be needed to fill.

Form NameBright Start Withdrawal Request
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesTUI, 1997, applicable, morgan stanley ira terms of withdrawal

Form Preview Example

Withdrawal Request

Please enter your account number here

Please return completed form to your Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Financial Advisor.

Account Number Branch





1. Account Information

Account Owner’s Name












Beneficiary’s Name





















Account Owner’s Address












Account Owner’s



















Telephone Number

Account Owner’s Social Security Number:




















































2. Type and Amount of Withdrawal

Please indicate the type of withdrawal and the dollar amount you wish to withdraw from your Bright Start Account. You do not need to submit documentation of expenses but should keep copies for use for tax reporting. Please consult your tax and/or legal advisor regarding state and federal income taxation.


(Code TUI)


(Code NQR)


(Code NQR)

Qualified Withdrawal

The withdrawal is for a Qualified Higher Education Expense of the Beneficiary for attendance or enrollment at an educational institution. The earnings portion of the withdrawal is exempt from federal income taxes and may also be exempt from state income tax. Please complete Section 4.

An eligible educational institution is eligible to participate in the Department of Education student aid programs under the Higher Education Act (as in effect on August 5, 1997, as amended).

A Qualified Higher Education Expense includes:

Tuition and fees

Room and Board (if the Beneficiary is attending on at least a half-time basis). The withdrawal can not exceed the greater of a) The room and board allowance posted by the institution, or, b) if living in housing owned or operated by the eligible educational institution, the actual invoice amount charged for room and board.

Books, supplies and equipment required for the Beneficiary’s enrollment or attendance.

Non-Qualified Withdrawal

A withdrawal that will not be used for Qualified Higher Education Expenses. The earnings portion of the withdrawal is subject to federal income taxes and any applicable state income tax as well as an additional 10% federal income tax. The check is sent to the Account Owner.

Withdrawal due to the Death, Disability or Scholarship Awarded to the Beneficiary

The earnings portion of the withdrawal will be subject to federal and any applicable state income tax only. You can take a complete withdrawal for the death or disability of the Beneficiary but the withdrawal due to a scholarship awarded to the Beneficiary cannot exceed the amount of the scholarship. The check is sent to the Account Owner.

3. Account Termination

Check ONLY if you are requesting to close this account:

I wish to close this Account. Please withdraw the entire balance and distribute as requested above.

4. Payment Instructions For Qualified Withdrawals Only

Please indicate how check should be payable.



For Payment to Educational Institution or Vendor



For Payment to Account Owner or Beneficiary











Name of Educational

Name of Account Owner or

Institution or Vendor

Beneficiary Receiving Payment

Beneficiary’s Name and Account Number

Mailing Address

at Institution or Vendor




Mailing Address

City, State, and ZIP Code







City, State, ZIP Code










5. Signature and Certification

By signing below I authorize the Program Manager to withdraw funds and issue a check as indicated above. I understand that the earnings portion of Non-Qualified withdrawals will be subject to federal and state income tax and, unless an exception applies, an additional 10% federal income tax. I also understand that I am responsible for reporting the distribution on my income tax returns for the year of the Non-Qualified withdrawal.

Account Owner’s



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