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Navigating the bureaucracy of renewing a business license in Washington County can seem daunting, but understanding the Business License Renewal Form provided by the Clerk/Auditor's Office located at 197 East Tabernacle, St. George, Utah, can simplify the process. This form serves as both an application for new businesses and a renewal document for existing ones, requiring detailed information such as the business’s name, contact details, organization type, number of employees, and a description of the business activities. Additionally, it calls for disclosure of any chemicals used, the business owner's contact information, Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID, State Sales Tax and License numbers, accompanied by a nominal application processing fee and, if applicable, a building inspection fee. Significantly, it mandates participation in the E-Verify program to confirm the employment authorization of newly hired employees, underlining the county’s commitment to lawful employment practices. The form highlights the need for businesses to annually reaffirm their use of E-Verify upon renewing their license. Renewal deadlines, fee structures, including standard and specific licenses like beer licenses, and penalties for late submissions are clearly outlined, ensuring businesses are aware of their obligations to maintain compliance. The review process involves multiple county departments, emphasizing that actual licensure is contingent upon passing required inspections and obtaining necessary approvals, thereby making the receipt of payment not an automatic green light for business operations. By adhering to the outlined requirements, businesses commit to operating within the legal frameworks set by local ordinances, ensuring a harmonious community business environment.

Form NameBusiness License Renewal Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesnevada business license application renewal, application for renewal of motor vehicle business license, 2011, Washington

Form Preview Example

Washington County


197 East Tabernacle, St. George, Utah 84770

Phone: (435) 634-5712 Fax: (435) 986-3346


Name of Business (Name must be registered with the State of Utah)






Business Phone



































Business Address














































Mailing Address








































Type of Organization:

# of part time ____ and full time ____ employees?



Detailed Description of Business:




Proprietorship ( )

Corporation ( )

Partnership ( )

LLC ( )



Type of Chemicals Used:


















Business Owner


Email Address:










Phone: (____)____________




























SSN# / Fed Tax #



State Sales Tax #








State License #








' Q $10.00 Application Processing Fee

' Q$75.00 Building Inspection Fee


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that under Ordinance No. 2011-1014-O, all businesses









that receive a business license from Washington County must participate in the

This form is an application for a business license. The receipt for payment of


E-Verify program to verify the employment authorization of any newly hired

license fees thereof does not constitute being approved to operate a business.


employees. By submitting a signed application, the applicant certifies that (1) the

The actual license will be issued only when all inspections are completed and


business has used E-Verify to verify the employment authorization for all

signed off by the various County departments and the Business License




employees hired after December 17, 2011, and (2) the business will use E-Verify

Office gives approval. Washington County shall not be held responsible for




to verify the employment authorization of each newly hired employee no later

delays in processing an incomplete application, or for property improvements


than three days after the employee is hired. Additionally, an applicant is required

and other business expenditures occurring before the license applicant




to re-affirm its use of E-Verify annually on its business license renewal

receives final approval.





















Annual License Fees are as Follows:



1/We hereby agree to conduct said business strictly in accordance with the





' Q $50.00

Standard Business License


Laws and Ordinances covering such business, and swear under penalty of law



' Q$500.00

Beer License

A {a package}(CA, SA, AA)

that the information contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge.





' Q$500.00

Beer License

B {be consumed}(CA, SA, AA)










' Q $10.00

Ea. Full Time employee








' Q $ 5.00

Ea. Part Time employee



























License Fee $______________



PLEASE NOTE: (72 hrs. required for processing)





(CA = County Commission Approval Required, SA = Sheriff Approval





Required, AA = County Attorney Approval Required)

1. Business Licenses expire annually on December 31.









If Applicable:






2. License renewal fees are due on or before January 31.














County Commission ________________________ Date: __________

3. A late fee of $10.00 after January 31.









' QCounty Attorney / County Sheriff Certificate attached if applicable.













































Zone: _____________________________________ Home Office Only (




County License # ________________________ Clerk _____________

Home Occupation Permit:













___________________________________________ Home Occupation (












Building Inspection: ______________________________ Date: __________











Building Officials Signature













Health Department: (Report)_______________________ Date: __________











Planner s Initials













Other Requirements:_____________________________________________










' QApproved by County Planner ____________________ Date: __________


DATE RECEIVED ___________________________________


























June 2002 DG - Bus . Lic . form . doc

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