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Navigating the waters of business registration in Nairobi City County requires a comprehensive understanding of the Single Business Permit Registration Form, commonly known as BR-1 Form. This essential document is the gateway for entrepreneurs to legalize their ventures within the bustling economic landscape of Nairobi. Before delving into the form's specifics, it's crucial for applicants to scrutinize the attached instructions sheet, which provides valuable guidance on how to accurately fill out the form. The form itself is meticulously designed to capture all the critical details of a business, from the basic information such as the business name, PIN number, and physical address, to more detailed data including the activity code, description, total area of premises, and the number of employees, directors, and customers, among others. Specific sections are dedicated to businesses operating in niche sectors, like transport companies or restaurants and bars, requiring details on the number of vehicles or rooms. Completing this form not only legitimizes a business but also ensures it meets the regulatory standards set by the Nairobi City County, a step that is certified by both the business representative and a Divisional/Ward Licensing Officer. Understanding and accurately completing this form is a fundamental step in establishing a compliant and successful business in Nairobi.

Form NameBusiness Permit Nairobi Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
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Form Preview Example






Storage №

Before completing this form, please read carefully the attached instructions sheet

Complete the form using the blank boxes, shaded areas are for internal use only.

Boxes with full-body lines must be completed















Business Name


P.O. Box



























Land Zone

Plot No.



Business Physical Address



























































Activity code


Business Activity Description




























































Business Tel. 1





E-mail Address



























































Total area of Premises



No of Employees


No of Directors


No. of students


No of customers



No of






































































Transport Co.)





































Personal ID No



No of rooms

No of Machines


No of pumps



No of Beds







I certify the information registered in this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge



dd mmm yy


I certify that the information given on the form reflect the true position of the business mentioned above.













Divisional/Ward Licensing

Man No.
























Stamp and Signature




























































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You could fill out single business permit nairobi pdf easily by using our PDFinity® editor. Our editor is continually developing to provide the best user experience possible, and that's because of our dedication to continual enhancement and listening closely to user comments. With some easy steps, you'll be able to begin your PDF editing:

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Pay close attention when filling out this document. Ensure every single blank field is filled out correctly.

1. Start completing your single business permit nairobi pdf with a group of essential fields. Get all of the necessary information and ensure there is nothing omitted!

Filling out segment 1 of nairobi business permit 2021

2. Your next step would be to fill out the next few blanks: Business Tel , Email Address, M Total area of Premises, No of Employees No of Directors, No of students, No RestaurantBars, customers, No of Vehicles incase of Transport, Personal ID No No of rooms, No of Machines, No of pumps, No of Beds, I certify the information, RepresentativeOwner, and Signature.

nairobi business permit 2021 writing process explained (step 2)

In terms of No of Employees No of Directors and M Total area of Premises, be certain that you take another look in this section. These are surely the most important fields in this document.

3. This next step is generally straightforward - fill in every one of the blanks in PERMIT NO DATE, and RECEIPT NO AMOUNT KSHS in order to complete this process.

PERMIT NO DATE, PERMIT NO DATE, and PERMIT NO DATE inside nairobi business permit 2021

Step 3: Make sure that the information is accurate and then click on "Done" to conclude the project. Join us right now and immediately get access to single business permit nairobi pdf, set for download. All alterations you make are kept , which enables you to edit the document later on as needed. FormsPal ensures your data privacy via a protected method that never records or distributes any sort of sensitive information involved. Rest assured knowing your files are kept confidential whenever you work with our editor!