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If you're an employee of a company that uses Capital One for direct deposit, you'll need to complete a Capital One Direct Deposit Form. This form authorizes your employer to directly deposit your paychecks into your Capital One account. Completing the form is simple - just enter your name, Social Security number, and bank account information. Once you've filled out the form, submit it to your employer. They will forward it to Capital One, who will take care of the rest. Having direct deposit setup through Capital One allows you to easily track your finances and eliminates the hassle of having to go to the bank every payday.

You could find it helpful to understand the amount of time you'll need to fill in this capital one direct deposit form and just how long this document is.

Form NameCapital One Direct Deposit Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields26
Avg. time to fill out5 min 46 sec
Other nameshow to get a direct deposit form from capital one, direct deposit authorization form capital one, capital one deposit form, capital one 360 voided check

Form Preview Example

Direct Deposit Information Form

To make getting started easier, we’ve listed all information you’ll need to begin direct deposit to your Capital One® account. Send this completed form to your employer or use it to have your information ready. In no time, you’ll be on your way to No Hassle Automatic Savings!

o Start a new Direct Deposit o Change my existing Direct Deposit Company Information

Company Name ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________ State __________ Zip _____________ Phone # __________________

Employee Information

Name _______________________________________ Employee ID#/Account# ______________________________

Social Security # _____________________________________________


City ___________________________________ State __________ Zip _____________ Phone # ______________________

Bank & Deposit Information

IMPORTANT: For deposits to Capital One accounts, you must CHOOSE YOUR BANK ENTITY (please check the applicable box for your account) Not sure which box to check? You’ll ind more information on the following page.

Bank #1

Bank #2 (Current account)

o Capital One Bank® (USA), N.A.

Bank Name______________________________________

Routing Number: 051405515


o Capital One®, N.A.

Bank Routing Number____________________________

Routing Number: 056073502


Account Number ________________________________

Account Number __________________________________

Amount ($) or Percentage ________________________

Amount ($) or Percentage ___________________________

I authorize __________________________________________________ (employer/company) to make deposits

directly to my account(s) indicated above, and authorize the Bank to accept such deposits.

Customer Signature ________________________________________________________



This product is offered by Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., and Capital One, N.A., members FDIC.


© 2011 Capital One. Capital One is a federally registered service mark. All rights reserved.

Saving is easy...

when it’s automatic

Questions & Answers about Automatic Direct Deposit:

Q. What is direct deposit?

A. With this feature, your employer will automatically deposit all or a portion of your paycheck to your account, so you can build your savings automatically.

Q.How do I set it up?

A.All you need to do is determine the amount you want directly deposited to your account each pay period. This amount will be automatically withdrawn from every paycheck and deposited into your account. Talk to your employer about enrolling in direct deposit or splitting your existing direct deposit across several accounts. Use the form on the irst page to prepare the information you’ll need, or give it to your employer if they don’t have their own form for you to ill out.

Q.How do I ind my bank entity or routing number?

A.To ind the bank entity or “depository institution” that your account is held in, look at your most recent statement. The information will be located to the right of your account number on your statement. Match the bank entity to the information on the irst page and select the corresponding box next to it. You can also ind your bank entity if you have checks. You can ind your bank routing number (or ABA number) within the numbers at the bottom of one of your checks. The irst nine numbers from the left are your bank routing number (the routing number is always nine digits). Use this number to match with the information on the irst page.

Q.What if I have further questions?

A.Just call 1-866-246-9613 and one of our Banking Representatives will help you.


This product is offered by Capital One Bank (USA), N.A., and Capital One, N.A., members FDIC.


© 2011 Capital One. Capital One is a federally registered service mark. All rights reserved.

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capital one 360 voided check empty spaces to consider

The software will need you to submit the Bank #1 o Capital One Bank® (USA), Bank Name, Bank Routing Number, Account Number Account Number , Amount ($) or Percentage Amount, I authorize (employer/company) to, Customer Signature , Date, JB99344DirectDeposit, This product is offered by Capital, and © 2011 Capital One segment.

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Step 4: Be sure to make as many duplicates of your form as you can to remain away from potential issues.

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