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In financial transactions, particularly within Ohio, a unique instrument known as the Cognovit Note plays a significant role in streamlining the process of debt collection and enforcement. This document essentially serves as a promissory note integrated with a powerful legal mechanism that significantly impacts both the debtor and creditor's rights and responsibilities. Crafted to ensure swift payment to the lender, the Cognovit Note mandates the debtor's explicit consent to confess judgment in favor of the creditor, bypassing the usual lengthy court procedures in case of default. This immediate authorization for the creditor to obtain a court judgment against a debtor who fails to meet the agreed payment terms underlines the severity and expedited nature of the legal recourse available. The note contains provisions for the principal amount tied to the underlying Staffing Agreement, late fees, and an explicit waiver of rights by the Maker, including the critical right to a court trial before a judgment is entered against them. Moreover, the comprehensive indemnification clause and the commitment to cover reasonable attorney’s fees underline the financial responsibilities shouldered by the debtor. The document highlights the governance of Ohio state laws over its interpretation and enforcement, insisting on the legal authority of signatories to bind the involved parties, and starkly warns signers of the substantial rights they relinquish upon execution. This note's formulation underscores the intricate balance sought between the swift resolution of financial disputes and the protection—or waiver—of traditional debtor defenses.

Form NameCognovit Note Form
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Other namesohio cognovit note form, promissory cognovit note template, cognovit note ohio template, cognovut form get

Form Preview Example



________________________, Ohio

DATE: __________________


FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned(s) jointly and severally promise(s) to pay to


INTEGRATIVE STAFFING GROUP, LLC (ISG), its successors and assigns at its main office, the


principal indebtedness as shown on the monthly records of ISG, as the amount of receivables due by the


undersigned(s), as either a Principal and/or Guarantor, that have become past due in accordance with the


Staffing Agreement, incorporated herein by reference.


In the event that any payment of the above noted principal and/or late fees due shall not be made


in accordance with the said Staffing Agreement, then in such event, the entire amount of the principal


plus late fees shall become immediately due and payable without notice.


The undersigned Maker(s), waives demand, protest, and any lack of due diligence or delays in


connection or enforcement of this Note. The Maker(s) additionally hereby indemnify, defend and hold


harmless ISG, its owners, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, harmless against any


liabilities, losses, damages, costs or expenses of any kind, including attorney’s fees which may be


incurred related to this Note. Maker expressly agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by


ISG in connection with collection of this Note.



Maker authorizes any attorney-at-law to appear in any court of record in the State of Ohio, or any


other state, after this Note becomes due, and confess judgment against the Maker in favor of ISG in the


amount calculated as described above, with interest and court costs, and release all errors, waive appeal,


waive service of process and stays of execution. This warrant of attorney to confess judgment shall


remain in full force and effect so long as any portion of the indebtedness evidenced hereby remains





This Note is to be construed and enforced according to and governed by the laws of the State of


Ohio. The Maker acknowledges that this Note was signed in _______________County, State of Ohio.


Warning - By signing this paper you give up your right to notice and court trial. If you do


not pay on time a court judgment may be taken against you without your prior knowledge and the


powers of a court can be used to collect from you regardless of any claims you may have against


the creditor whether for returned goods, faulty goods, failure on his part to comply with the


agreement, or any other cause.



MAKER: __________________________

MAKER: _________________________________


Company Name



BY1 ______________________________

Printed name(s):_____________________


Title: _____________________________



Printed Name______________________



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