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The Consumer Closing Disclosure (CD) is a document that provides you with all the information about your mortgage loan, including the interest rate, monthly payment amount and total cost of your home. This document is required by law to be provided to consumers at least three days prior to closing on their new home. The CD also includes an estimate of how much equity you will have in your property after paying off the mortgage over time. If there are any changes or corrections made to this disclosure during or after settlement, it is important for you as the borrower to review these changes before signing any papers related to this transaction.

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Form NameConsumer Closing Disclosure
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesclosing disclosure, closing disclosures for nys, closing disclosure form template, closing disclosure forms

Form Preview Example


This form grants temporary authority to a designated adult to provide and arrange for medical care for a minor in the event of an emergency, where the minor is not accompanied by either parents or legal guardians, and it may not be feasible or practical to contact them. This form should be given to the trip leader or shown to the trip leader and then carried by the designated adult.


Full Legal Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth:______________________________ Gender: Female___________Male___________


Physician’s Name and Location of Practice: __________________________________________________


Physician’s Phone # (if known): (____)________________

Medical Insurer/Health Plan: __________________________ Policy #: ______________________

Allergies to Medications: _____________________________________________________________

Allergies (Other): ___________________________________________________________________

Please note ALL conditions for which the child is currently receiving treatment:


Note any other significant medical information:



I do hereby state that I have legal custody of the aforementioned Minor. I grant my authorization and consent for _________________________________________ (hereafter “Designated Adult”) to

administer general first aid treatment for any minor injuries or illnesses experienced by the Minor. If the injury or illness is life threatening or in need of emergency treatment, I authorize the Designated Adult to summon any and all professional emergency personnel to attend, transport, and treat the minor and to issue consent for any X-ray, anesthetic, blood transfusion, medication, or other medical diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care deemed advisable by, and to be rendered under the general supervision of, any licensed physician, surgeon, dentist, hospital, or other medical professional or institution duly licensed to practice in the state in which such treatment is to occur. I agree to assume financial responsibility for all expenses of such care.

It is understood that this authorization is given in advance of any such medical treatment, but is given to provide authority and power on the part of the Designated Adult in the exercise of his or her best judgment upon the advice of any such medical or emergency personnel.

This authorization is effective through: ____________________. Signed this _____day of________, 20__.

Parent / Legal Guardian Signature: ________________________Printed Name: _____________________

Witness Signature: _____________________________________Printed Name:_____________________


Rev. July 2004

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consumer closing disclosure It is understood that this, This authorization is effective, Parent  Legal Guardian Signature, Witness Signature Printed Name, and Confidential Rev July blanks to fill out

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