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The purpose of a Contractor's Affidavit is to provide assurance to property owners, lenders, and other interested parties that all contractors and subcontractors who worked on the project have been paid in full. This helps to protect the property owner from any potential liens or claims that could arise from unpaid contractors or suppliers.

Typically, a Contractor's Affidavit will include information such as the name of the contractor or supplier, the amount paid, the date of payment, and a description of the work or materials provided. The document must be signed and notarized by the contractor or supplier to be considered legally binding.

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Form NameContractor Affidavit
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields8
Avg. time to fill out1 min 55 sec
Other namescontractor affidavit, contractor affidavit sample, contractors affidavit, contractor's affidavit pdf

Form Preview Example


The undersigned, being first sworn, states as follows:

1.The Affiant, _____________________________________________, is authorized to submit this Affidavit.

2.Under a contract with __________________________________________________ (the “Owner”),

the Affiant provided labor, laborers, materials, services, machinery, tools, equipment, or fixtures (“Services”) for improvements of the Owner’s real property at ____________________________ (the “Real Property”).


The Affiant hereby acknowledges the receipt of $

, in payment for the Services

provided to or for use on the Real Property prior to




, 20


. This amount

represents a progress payment

final payment due under the contract.























State of ____________





[Full name]




































County of
















Signed and sworn to [or affirmed] before me on



















(type of authority, such as

entity officer) of









. (name of party/entity on behalf of whom record

was executed)















Signature of notarial officer

Title of office

My commission expires:


A.Insert the full name of the contractor or title of the person signing the form on behalf of the entity, including any trade name. This should be the same as in the contract.

B.Insert the full name of the owner or owners or title of the person who executes on behalf of the entity of the owner, including any trade name. This should be the same as in the contract.

C.Insert the address of the property. If the contract contains the legal description of the property, insert


D.If this is a progress payment, use that clause and delete the full payment term. If your state, for example, Florida, requires a final payment affidavit, contact an attorney in that jurisdiction for the appropriate language and form applicable to state law.

E.This notary clause relates to Colorado law for an entity. Revise as necessary for your state. If contractor does not use an entity, then delete the language after the “by” section and insert a period.

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