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The Pinnacol Contractor Status Form is an important document for businesses in Colorado. The form, which is available on the Pinnacol website, allows businesses to designate their contractor status and receive coverage under the Colorado Wage Act. completing and submitting the form is quick and easy, and it can be done online. By designating your company as a contractor, you may be able to take advantage of certain benefits offered by Pinnacol. To learn more about the Contractor Status Form or other services offered by Pinnacol, please visit our website today.

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Form NamePinnacol Contractor Status Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namespinnacol independent contractor, decclaration contractor, workers comp waiver form colorado, colorado workers comp waiver form

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Declaration of Independent Contractor Status Form

According to the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act, a person is an independent contractor, not an employee, if

both of the following statements are true.

1.He/she is free from control and direction in the performance of the service (unless control is exercised under the requirement of any state or federal statute or regulation).

2.He/she is customarily engaged in an independent trade, occupation, profession, or business related to the services performed.

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act also outlines nine criteria (listed on page 2) to help determine whether or

not the above statements are true. For an individual to be considered an independent contractor, he/she must meet only those criteria that are appropriate to the situation. He/she does not need to meet all of the nine criteria.

This Declaration of Independent Contractor Status Form documents the business relationship as defined in the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. It is the responsibility of our policyholders and their independent contractor(s)

to correctly and truthfully complete this form. Pinnacol Assurance will accept this form only when it is initialed where applicable, signed, and notarized by both parties. If you do not understand this form, do not sign it.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of Pinnacol’s customer service team at 303.361.4000 or 800.873.7242.

Please make copies of this form as needed. You should complete this form only once for each independent contractor for the lifetime of your Pinnacol policy or until the business relationship changes.

This form is not valid unless a signed and notarized copy of the form is returned to Pinnacol Assurance. Keep the original for your records and send a copy to Pinnacol. You can do this the following ways:


Mail: Pinnacol Assurance P.O. Box 469011 Denver, CO 80246-9011

Fax: 303.361.5000

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Declaration of Independent Contractor Status Form

We certify UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that (insert contractor’s name and trade name below):

Name: __________________________________________ Trade name: _________________________________

Performing (type of work):_______________________________________________________________________

Federal Employer Identification #: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________


Is an independent contractor (IC) and is not an employee of the following policyholder (PH):

Policyholder’s name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Policy #:_________________________________________Phone:______________________________________

We also certify, by OUR initials WHERE APPLICABLE, that the above business for which the above individual performs services meet the following criteria:



1. The business DOES NOT require the individual to work ONLY for the business for whom services






are performed (except that the individual may DECIDE to work only for the business for a definite









2. The business DOES NOT establish a quality standard for the individual (except that the business






may provide plans and specifications regarding work but cannot oversee the actual work or instruct






the individual as to how work will be performed);



3. The business DOES NOT pay the individual a salary or an hourly rate instead of a fixed or contract









4. The business DOES NOT terminate the work or the service provided during the contract period






unless the individual violates the terms of the contract or fails to produce a result that meets the






specifications of the contract;




5. The business DOES NOT provide more than minimal training for the individual;









6. The business DOES NOT provide tools or benefits to the individual (except that materials and






equipment may be supplied);



7. The business DOES NOT dictate the time of performance (except that a completion schedule and a






range of agreeable work hours may be established);



8. The business DOES NOT pay the individual personally instead of making payment or checks payable






to the trade or business name of the individual;



9. The business DOES NOT combine the business operations in any way with the individual’s business






operations instead of maintaining all such operations separately and distinctly.

Do not forget to complete page 3 of this form, which contains the Certification by the Independent Contractor. This certification must be signed and notarized.

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Certification by Independent Contractor

The independent contractor understands that he/she:

Will not be entitled to any workers’ compensation benefits in the event of injury.

Is obligated to pay all federal and state income tax on all money earned while performing services for the business.

Is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all workers that he/she hires.

Signature: ___________________________________________ Title: ___________________________________

Last four digits of Social Security #: XXX-XX-_____________(please do not provide us with your complete Social Security #)

Acceptance of the Independent Contractor named on this form does not change any party’s responsibility under the Workers’ Compensation Act. If individuals or organizations hired or contracted by the Independent Contractor are not covered by other workers’ compensation insurance, the policyholder specified on this form will be charged

premium for coverage of those individuals or organizations.

Notary Public

State of Colorado



) §§

County of


Subscribed and sworn before me by: ________________________________

This ________ day of ____________________________ , _____________

Commission expires:_____________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________


Certification By Pinnacol Policyholder

I certify that I am authorized by the business listed above to state that all of the information on this form is true and accurate. I understand that if the above person does not qualify for independent contractor status, the proper premium can be assessed.

Signature: ___________________________________________ Title: ___________________________________

Policy # or Federal Employer Identification #: _______________________________________________________

Notary Public

State of Colorado )


County of )____________________________________________

Subscribed and sworn before me by: ________________________________

This ________ day of ____________________________ , _____________

Commission expires:_____________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________

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How to Edit Pinnacol Contractor Status Form Online for Free

It's quite simple to prepare the form decclaration status. Our software was created to be easy-to-use and let you complete any PDF fast. These are the actions to go through:

Step 1: Click on the "Get Form Here" button.

Step 2: When you've entered the form decclaration status editing page you'll be able to notice the different options you'll be able to undertake with regards to your template at the upper menu.

The PDF file you desire to fill out will include the following sections:

step 1 to filling in decclaration contractor

You need to enter the data in the area Is required to provide workers, Signature Title, Last four digits of Social, Acceptance of the Independent, Notary Public, State of Colorado, County of, Subscribed and sworn before me by, This day of, Commission expires, Signature, and Certification By Pinnacol.

step 2 to completing decclaration contractor

Indicate the key data in I certify that I am authorized by, Signature Title, Policy or Federal Employer, Notary Public, State of Colorado, County of, Subscribed and sworn before me by, This day of, Commission expires, Signature, and Page of ZAUCCIF area.

Completing decclaration contractor stage 3

Step 3: As soon as you've hit the Done button, your form should be accessible for upload to each electronic device or email address you indicate.

Step 4: You can also make duplicates of the file torefrain from all of the future problems. You need not worry, we do not share or record your data.

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