Cricket Academy Admission Form PDF Details

Are you looking for a cricket academy for your kid? Do you want them to learn all the tricks of this sport? If so, then you must fill in the admission form and submit it to the academy. Academies usually have different requirements for admission, so make sure that you read through everything before submitting your form. In this blog post, we will outline the admission process for cricket academies so that you know what to expect. Keep reading!

Form NameCricket Academy Admission Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesaga khan cricket academy karachi fees, cricket academy in karachi fees, cricket academy karachi, ubl cricket academy admission process

Form Preview Example


Customs Sports Complex Federal’B’ Area Block 15 Karachi

Membership Form

Regular Coaching Program


Date & Place of Birth__________________________________________

Profession of Father / Guardian_________________________________


Phone________________ Cell Phone_____________________________

I___________________________F/o__________________________ request that my be

enrolled as a member of Customs Cricket Academy. I hereby agree that may son / ward shall abide by the rules & regulations, bylaws of the academy as well Customs Sports Club and also the decisions of the working committee of CCA. I also agree that Customs Cricket Academy shall not be responsible for any incident or injury caused to my son / ward during training / practice. My son / ward shall co-operate in maintaining discipline and carrying out aims and objectives of the Academy. The terms & conditions as detailed over leaf are acceptable to me.


Signature of Father/ Guardian

For Official Use only


Is registered as member of Customs Cricket Academy. Received a sum of

Quarterly Fees Payment:

1st ____________2nd _______________3rd _______________4th_______________

Registration No_____________ Year___________Session days_________ & _____________

Kit charges______________ Shirt______ Trouser_______ Cap______

Blue Shirt____________

ID Card___________ Track Suit__________




Signature of Official

Terms and Conditions

Our season starts on 1st January and ends on 31st December.

Each member of Customs Cricket Academy has to wear uniform with CCA logo. Detail is given on the admission form.


(a). CCA Membership fees Rs 500/- (Once in a year)

(b). Quarterly fee Rs.1500/- (To be paid as per schedule)

(C)ID Card fees Rs 100.00

Fees Payment Schedule.

(i)First quarter ( January –March) to be paid between January 1-10

(ii)Second quarter ( April -June ) to be paid between April 1-10

(iii)Third quarter ( July -September ) to be paid between July 1-10

(iv)Fourth quarter ( October -December ) to be paid between October 1-10

After every due date, a penalty of Rs.100/- per week will be imposed, and no trainee will be allowed in coaching session till he pays fees and penalty.

No trainee shall have coaching sessions with out payment of the required dues

Fees may be also be paid for the entire year (Rs 1000. 00 may be discounted in this case).

Two ID card size Photograph should be attached with the form.

Coaching Schedules

Boys over 15 on Thursdays and Fridays

Boys under 15 on Saturdays and Sundays

All the trainees are responsible for the safe custody of their equipments and all their belongings. Customs Cricket Academy is not responsible for any damage and theft.