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The Cup Fund Application is a great way to get involved with your community. If you are interested in volunteering, there are many ways for you to do so. The application takes about 10 minutes and can be found at There is no obligation or cost to apply; it's just an opportunity for us to learn more about you! The Cup Fund Application has two sections: General Information and Volunteer Preferences. In the volunteer preferences section, please indicate which of the following areas interest you most: Community Service, Family Services or Financial Assistance. You can then choose up to five locations that interest you from this list (you will only be contacted if there are openings in these areas).

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Other namesstarbucks cup fund 2021 application, cup fund, starbucks covid cup fund, cup fund application

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CUP Fund Guidelines (U.S.)

In 1999, Starbucks Coffee Company and a group of partners initiated a program that enables partners to help other partners in times of financial need – the Caring Unites Partners Fund. CUP is funded by partner contributions and fund raising activities, and administered by Starbucks.

CUP Fund is a safety net for partners who are experiencing significant immediate hardship because of catastrophic circumstances outside their control. Assistance may include referrals to Starbucks benefit and employee assistance programs or to community resources. Partners with the greatest and most immediate need are considered for financial assistance of up to $1,000.


CUP is a program helping Starbucks partners in times of significant and immediate need. Situations that can result in a partner needing assistance include, but are not limited to, illness or injury, death, natural disaster, or other catastrophic circumstances. All partners are eligible to apply for assistance upon hire. You need not contribute to the Fund in order to request assistance.

Contributions to the Fund

CUP Fund is supported solely by partner contributions and fund raising efforts. You can help ensure the long-term availability of the CUP Fund by contributing to it yourself. Sign up for payroll deduction by filling out a pledge form found in new-hire paperwork and also on Starbucks Online, the Partner Portal and at You can also send donations to CUP Fund at mail stop S-HR3, in the form of a check made payable to Starbucks Coffee Company—CUP Fund. Donations are not tax deductible.


Availability of Other Resources

Before applying for CUP Fund assistance you should use available resources such as:

the employee assistance program at 1-800-682-0364 (includes legal advice, financial planning, community resources, and counseling services)

health coverage

vacation time and sick pay

disability income benefits (call Starbucks Benefits Center at 1-877-SBUXBEN to see if you are eligible)

family or community resources

other financial resources including a 401(k) loan and sale of stock

Application Process

Each application will be treated with confidentiality and carefully documented and screened. To apply, complete an application form. The application is available on Starbucks Online, the Partner Portal and at You can also ask your manager or Partner Resources manager for a form.

Once the application is received, the Benefits Department will contact you within three business days to obtain additional information required to assess your need. Benefits may also contact your manager to review your current work performance. We may also need to access personal information in partner resources records.

Criteria for Distribution

The CUP Fund is intended to help you when

catastrophic circumstance occurs outside your control and

you have sudden and unexpected financial responsibilities as a result and

you do not have sufficient resources to meet your responsibilities.

The list below outlines the type of financial needs that may be eligible for assistance. It is intended as a guide and is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Portion of out of pocket medical expenses only in the case a payment plan has been established or grant would provide substantial relief

Loss of your income because you are ill, injured, or are unable to work and there is no other wage replacement available

Travel expenses to visit a seriously ill family member* or to attend the funeral of a family member*

Basic funeral expenses of a family member* when you and your family do not have enough resources including payments from life insurance

To establish or re-establish a habitable and safe residence when your home is damaged or lost due to natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances

Loss of income for the primary wage earner in your household (your spouse/domestic partner or family member) when they are unable to work due to illness, injury, natural disaster or similar catastrophic event (e.g. fire), or when needed to care for an ill family member* and they don’t have other financial resources or any type of wage replacement

*Family member is defined as: parent, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband, wife, domestic partner, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepparents, stepchild, grandparent, grandchild.

Other Considerations

The long-term viability of the Fund is important to partners. Therefore, when assessing your request the Benefits Department will consider:

measures you took to protect yourself against and/or to minimize your loss

resources you have explored prior to requesting CUP Fund assistance

whether assistance will provide ample relief

alternatives to your request that may be available to assist you with your immediate need


The list below is used as a guide and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Funds from the CUP Fund will not be available for things such as:

Routine living expenses (including car repairs or other transportation issues)

Payment of traffic or other court related fines

Reduced income due to a variance in your scheduled hours

Other personal debts such as income tax, child support, credit card debt, tuition, etc.

Loss of or damage to your personal property that does not impact your safety, housing, and ability to meet your monthly expenses

Financial assistance that you are not obligated to repay

Services that you are not obligated to pay for

Elective services (e.g. cosmetic procedures, fertility treatments)


Call the CUP Fund at 1-888-796-JAVA, ext. 8CUPS

Caring Unites Partners Fund Application (U.S.)

The first step in requesting financial assistance from the CUP Fund is to read the program guidelines. If you feel your request falls within the guidelines, complete and return this confidential application. Directions about how to send in this form are at the end of the application. Once received, the Benefits Department will contact you within three business days.

General Partner Information


Partner number:






Cell phone:



Store number/department:






Home phone:



Current address:




Work/Store phone:



City: ___________________________________

Job Position: ___________________________



Zip: __________


Most recent hire date: ___________________










Manager’s name:




Manager’s phone #:


Initial Eligibility for CUP Fund consideration

1)Partners must be in good standing with Starbucks in order to meet initial eligibility requirements for CUP Fund Assistance. Generally speaking, this means that the applicant’s current performance must be at a “meets expectations” level or higher. By signing this application, you agree and understand that we may obtain employment information in order to consider your application for CUP Fund assistance.

2)You have not received any other grant(s) from the CUP Fund within the last three years.

3)You do not have savings, stock options or SIP shares available as a resource.

4)Payroll garnishments may affect your eligibility for a grant.

If available, please have your current manager complete the following information: (Not required prior to sending in application)

For applicant’s manager use only:

Please select from the below ratings for the above applicant’s current performance.

Partner exceeds expectations

Partner meets expectations

Partner needs improvement/on an action plan

Partner has received a corrective action in the last 90 days


Completed by: ________________________ Partner #: ______________

Position: ___________________

Additional Required Information

Phone Number:_____________

Signature: ____________________________________________

March 2008 CUP Fund application, page 1 of 4

If your employment status meets initial eligibility guidelines, we will review the information you provide in response to the following questions – including personal information, financial data and details about the specific event that is triggering this request – to make a determination on your CUP Fund application. This information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than in conjunction with this application for CUP Fund benefits.

Current Situation

1. Please describe the current situation that is causing a financial need:





2.Date of occurrence:


Provide supporting documentation when applicable. Documentation may include but is not limited to:

Medical payment plan

Police Report

Eviction Notice

If applying for housing assistance, a rental agreement or written statement from a landlord indicating move in date, deposit required and ongoing monthly rent amount will be required prior to assistance grant.

3.Do you have other resources available to you? (e.g. Life insurance, renter’s, auto or homeowner’s insurance, health coverage including Medicaid, and community services, etc.)







What is the amount you are requesting from the CUP Fund? $



Specifically, how do you plan to use these funds?






CUP Fund application, page 2 of 4

Financial Information

Please complete the following to the best of your ability so that we can better understand your financial need.

1. Are the funds you are requesting for: (CIRCLE ONE)


A family member

A combination

2.Are you financially responsible for anyone besides yourself?


If yes, please explain.

3.On average, how much do you bring home (after all deductions), from each Starbucks

check? $


How much do you bring home per week in tips? $___________

4.Is your Starbucks job your only source of income?


If not, please detail other sources and income as follows:

Spouse or domestic partner monthly income:_______________________________

Other employment/2nd job: (Estimate monthly income):______________________

Child Support or Community Aid: ________________________________________

Any other members of same household with income: ________________________

5.Do you have a savings account YES/NO

If so, what’s the balance?






6. Please detail your regular monthly expenses:





rent/mortgage: $

combined utilities: $













car payment: $






car insurance: $

cell phone:$_______________

groceries: $




child care: $









Other Information

1.How did you find out about the CUP Fund?


Have you ever applied for CUP Fund assistance before?



If so, when and what was the amount? __________________________________________

March 2008 CUP Fund application, page 3 of 4


I represent and acknowledge that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and has been provided in conjunction with my application for CUP Fund benefits. I understand the CUP Fund Guidelines and I also understand that the allocation of CUP funds is determined by priority of the situation, the availability of funds and the sole discretion of the CUP Fund staff.

Applicant signature


Please send completed form along with related supporting documentation to: CUP Fund c/o Benefits Department

Starbucks Coffee Company

2401 Utah Ave S, ms S-HR3 Seattle, WA 98134

You may also send it via confidential fax at (206) 318-7812.

The Benefits Department will contact you within three business days of receiving the application for further information. If you have questions, please call 888-796-JAVA, ext. 8CUPS.

For CUP Fund Office Use Only:







Pended for additional information or supporting documentation :_____________________


Date Pended: _____________________









Previous Grants: ______________________



Stock Available:_______________________



March 2008 CUP Fund application, page 4 of 4

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part 2 to filling out what is the starbucks cup fund

It is crucial to note some particulars inside the box If your employment status meets, cid, 153 REQUIRED:, Provide supporting documentation, but is not limited to:, • Medical payment plan, and • Police Report.

what is the starbucks cup fund If your employment status meets, (cid:153) REQUIRED:, Provide supporting documentation, but is not limited to:, • Medical payment plan, and • Police Report fields to fill out

The area homeowner, s insurance, and CUP Fund application should be for you to indicate both sides, ' rights and obligations.

what is the starbucks cup fund homeowner’s insurance, and CUP Fund application blanks to complete

End by looking at all these fields and preparing them accordingly: YES, NO If yes, check, How much do you bring home per, YES, NO If not, Spouse or domestic partner monthly, Other employment, 2, nd job:, Child Support or Community Aid: , Any other members of same, If so, rent, mortgage $ car payment: $, and combined utilities: $ gasoline:$.

what is the starbucks cup fund YES/NO, If yes, check,  How much do you bring home per, YES/NO, If not, Spouse or domestic partner monthly, Other employment/2nd job:, Child Support or Community Aid: , Any other members of same, If so, rent/mortgage: $ car payment: $, and combined utilities: $ gasoline:$ blanks to insert

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