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It's easy to make a mistake on the D1 DVLA Form and this can lead to fines, demerit points and even revocation of your licence. Fortunately for you, we're here with expert advice to help ensure that you avoid these costly errors. We'll cover off what's required in full detail so that there are no surprises when you submit your application. You might be wondering what documents need to accompany the form? This is where it gets tricky as different situations call for different documentation such as proof of ID or proof of residency which will vary depending on individual circumstances.

Listed here, you will find quite a few information about d1 dvla form PDF. You will have the projected time you may need to fill in the form plus some extra details.

Form NameD1 Dvla Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields136
Avg. time to fill out27 min 46 sec
Other namesd1 form download, d1 form, dvla d1 form, printable d1 form

Form Preview Example

Back of photograph
lenses when driving?

Application for a driving licence

You must read booklet INF1D when filling in this form.

Information about the Premium Service available at selected Post Officebranches and DVLA local offices is also in this booklet. See leaflet INS115 for information on fees.


Please use BLOCK CAPITALSand fill in this form in black ink. If you want to apply for a LGV or PCV licence, you need to fill in a D2 application form. See page 12 of the INF1D for details of where to get this form.

1Your details


First names

Mr Mrs Miss Ms

Other title


Male Female

(for example, Rev)

Day Month Year


Date of birth

■■ ■■ ■■■■

What is your UK driver number (if you know it)?


Current address

Post town


Place of birth (country)


Full daytime phone number

E-mail address

Has your name or address (or both) changed

No Yes

since your last licence was issued?

If ‘Yes’, write the previous details below.






1a Residency

Have you lived in another EC or EEAcountry in the last 12 months? No Yes

If ‘Yes’, which country?




What date did you come to

live in the UK? ■■ ■■ ■■■■

2Your eyesight

You must fill in both questions 2a and 2b

a Can you read a car number-plate (with glasses

or corrective lenses if necessary) from 20.5 metres

(67 feet) or 20 metres (65 feet) where narrower

characters (50mm wide) are displayed?

Yes No

b Do you need to wear glasses or correctiveYes No

3The licence you want

Start date Your licence starts on the day we issue it. You can ask for your licence to start from a later date but this cannot be more than two months after the day you apply.

Day Month



■■ ■■ ■■■■


Please tick the licence you want.



If you are 16 and getting Disability Living Allowance

(mobility component) at the higher rate, and want to drive a car







Replace my licence due to a change of name or address


(or both). I am enclosing my current driving licence.








My licence has been:






lost or stolen









Change my licence following a test pass.



Enter categories in the box.








Remove expired endorsements or suspension details.


Add provisional motorcycle entitlement.



Exchange my paper licence for a photocard licence.


Change my photograph.





Exchange my Northern Ireland licence.



Exchange my foreign licence for a British one.













If ‘No’, which country?







If you passed your test in Canada, was it




inavehiclewith manual transmission?


If ‘Yes’, you must enclose evidence of this (if not shown on your licence). See INF1D page 12 – licences from other countries.


At age 70 or over

For medical reasons

Revoked under the Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995

After disqualification

Organ donation

I want to donate an organ to help someone else after my death.

Please register me on the NHS Organ Donor register as someone whose organs can be used for a transplant. Tick the appropriate box or boxes.

Any part of my body



Heart Lungs



Official use only






4Previous licence details

Was your last licence a:

photocard licence?

paper licence?

If you have given up driving because you were disqualified in Great Britain,

please give the date and say which court dealt with it (if known).



Day Month





Court name



■■ ■■ ■■■■







Are you currently disqualified in any other country?


No Yes

If ‘Yes’, which country were you disqualified in?











What is the expiry date shown on the





■■ ■■ ■■■■

licence or entitlement you are renewing?

An executive agency of the






Department for Transport







5Your health

You must fill in either part A or part B or we will send your application back to you.

If you have already told us about a medical condition that could affect your fitness to drive – and you have no new medical condition

– miss out part Aand go on to part B of this section.

Part A

Have you ever had, or do you currently suffer from

any of the following conditions?

No Yes

If you have answered ‘Yes’, please tick all the appropriate boxes.




Fits or blackouts


Repeated attacks of sudden disabling giddiness


Diabetes controlled by insulin


Diabetes controlled by tablets


An implanted cardiac pacemaker


An implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD)


Angina (heart pain) which is easily brought on by driving


Persistent alcohol misuse or dependency


Persistent drug misuse or dependency


Parkinson’s disease


Narcolepsy or sleep apnoea syndrome


Stroke, with any symptoms lasting longer than


one month, recurrent “mini-strokes” or TIAs


Any type of brain surgery, severe head injury


involving inpatient treatment, or brain tumour


Any other chronic neurological condition


Aserious problem with memory or periods of confusion


Severe learning disability


Serious psychiatric illness or mental ill health


Total loss of sight in one eye


Any condition affecting both eyes, or the remaining eye



if you only have one eye


(not including colour blindness or short or long sight)


Any condition affecting your visual field


Any persisting limb problem which needs



driving to be restricted to certain types


of vehicle or those with adapted controls

If you have answered YES to one of the above questions you may be required to complete a medical questionnaire. Questionnaires are available on the DVLAwebsite http://www.dvla.gov.uk to be sent in with your application.

Part B

Only fill in this part if you have told us about a medical condition before.

You must read pages 6 to 10 of the INF1D before filling in section 6 and 7. Do not fill in sections 6 and 7 or supply a new photograph if you have a photocard licence, unless you are registering a change of name, photograph or signature. UK birth/adoption certificates are not acceptable as sole proof of identity and we may ask for further evidence. We are unable to verify details on non-UK birth certificates and they cannot be accepted as proof of identity.

6Confirming your identity

Tick the documents you are providing to prove your identity – see pages 6, 7 and 8 of INF1D for more details. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Passport Your UK birth or adoption certificate

EC or EEAidentity card TravelDocument

Evidence of SRP(State Retirement Pension)

Also, please write the identity number of the document you are providing.

Tick the documents you are also providing to show a clear link to your current name if different from that shown on your passport, birth certificate or adoption certificate.

Marriage certificate Divorce certificate

Your deed poll or statutory declaration


7Signing your photograph

Ifyouareprovidingidentitydocumentsotherthananup-to-dateUK,ECor EEApassport,someonereliablemustsignthebackofyourphotograph. (See page 8 and 9 of INF1D for more details.)

Warning: This person must have known you personally for at least two years, and must not be a relative or a member of the Post Officestaff processing the application, if you choose to use the Premium Checking Service – see page 13 of INF1D for more details.


State how many years you have known the applicant: This MUST be at least 2 years.

I have signed the back of the photograph which is a true likeness of the applicant.





Full name

Business or home address


Full daytime phone number


Warning: We will make random checks on those who sign photographs for driving licence applications.

What is the condition?

Has it got worse since you told us about it?

No Yes

Have you had any special controls fitted to...............your

No Yes

vehicle since your last licence was issued?

Post Officedate stamp

Document checklist

Make sure you have enclosed the following where they apply.

Tick the appropriate boxes.

The correct fee

(See leaflet INS115 for fees


and details on how to pay.)




8Your signature

I understand that it is a criminal offence if I make, or anyone else makes, a false declaration to get a licence and to do so can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £2500. I also understand it is an offence to fail to provide information which can lead to prosecution with a fine of up to £1000.


See page 11 of INF1D.




Peel here




Cheque or postal order number

Identity documents (if this applies)

Yourlastlicence(andcounterpart ifthisapplies)

Your test pass certificate (if thisapplies)

You may wish to use a secure delivery service to send your identity documents to us. Enclose a pre-paid secure envelope for us to send these back to you.

We will not accept this application unless you sign below in black ink and your signature is completely within the white box.

Keep your signature within the white box

Keep your signature within the white box




See page 9 and 10


of INF1D

Peel here


We no longer issue paper licences. Your new licence will be a plastic photocard, a paper counterpart will accompany it. You must produce

both if the police or a court ask for them. You should also present both when taking a driving test. Other organisations such as vehicle-hire firms and insurance companies could ask to see both.

How to Edit D1 Dvla Form Online for Free

It is possible to prepare the form d1 form with this PDF editor. The next actions can help you quickly get your document ready.

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Provide the necessary information in every part to fill in the PDF form d, 1

dvla d1 form pdf fields to fill in

Put the essential data in the Has your name or address (or both), No ■■ Yes ■■, Residency, Have you lived in another EC or, Day, Month, Year, What date did you come to ■■■■, Your eyesight, Enter categories in the box, Exchange my Northern Ireland, Exchange my foreign licence for a, Which country issued it, Did you pass your test in that, Yes ■■ No ■■, If ‘No’, • Renew, At age 70 or over, ■■ ■■ For medical reasons Revoked, You must fill in both questions 2, a Organ donation, or corrective lenses if necessary), Yes ■■ No ■■ Yes ■■ No ■■, and I want to donate an organ to help box.

part 2 to completing dvla d1 form pdf

In the Back of photograph, Was your last licence a: If you, Day Month, Year, Are you currently d, is, qu, ali, ed in, If ‘Yes’, No ■■ Yes ■■, What is the expiry date shown on, Day, Month, Year, An executive agency of the, and Department for Transport box, highlight the relevant information.

dvla d1 form pdf Back of photograph, Was your last licence a: If you, Day Month, Year, Are you currently disqualified in, If ‘Yes’, No ■■ Yes ■■, What is the expiry date shown on, Day, Month, Year, An executive agency of the, and Department for Transport blanks to insert

The Tick the documents you are, Tick the documents you are also, Signing your photograph, If you are providing identity, TO BE FILLED IN BY THE PERSON, 3 Repeated attacks of sudden, No ■■ Yes ■■ If you have answered, 12 Narcolepsy or sleep ap, no, ea 10 Persistent drug misuse or, 6 An implanted cardiac pacemaker, 5 Diabetes controlled by tablets, 4 Diabetes controlled by insulin, 11 Parkinson, s disease, 13 Stroke, one month, 14 Any type of brain surgery, ■■ ■■ 15 Any other chronic, 18 Serious psychiatric illness or, 19 Total loss of sight in one eye, and 20 Any condition affecting both field needs to be applied to record the rights or responsibilities of both sides.

stage 4 to entering details in dvla d1 form pdf

Terminate by reading the next fields and preparing them as required: TO BE FILLED IN BY THE PERSON, Signature, Full name, Business or home address, Date, Postcode, Full daytime phone number, Profession Warning: We will make, Qu, ali, cations Post Of, ce date stamp, 20 Any condition affecting both, if you only have one eye (not, 21 Any condition affecting your, 22 Any persisting limb problem, driving to be restricted to, If you have answered YES to one of, Part B Only fill in this part if, What is the condition, and Your signature.

Entering details in dvla d1 form pdf step 5

Step 3: The moment you pick the Done button, your final document is conveniently transferable to all of your gadgets. Or, it is possible to deliver it by using email.

Step 4: Make sure to stay away from future difficulties by having minimally a pair of duplicates of your document.

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