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Embarking on a journey of educational planning, especially in early childhood settings, can often feel like navigating through a complex maze. With the introduction of the Creative Curriculum Weekly Planning Form, also referred to as the Hot Sheet CF/E-20, teachers are equipped with a valuable map to guide their journey. Created in April 2005, this tool is not just a mandate but a beacon for structured, thoughtful planning. It offers programs the flexibility to choose between it and the SCOE Activity Plan CF/E-6, paving the way for tailored educational experiences. The planning form, which can be filled out by hand or electronically via the Creative Assessment system, is crucial in developing a comprehensive activity plan that must be visibly posted in the classroom. This form doesn’t exist in isolation; it's part of a holistic approach that includes posting a general day’s schedule, detailing a wide range of activities—from large and small group to individual and outdoor activities—while aligning these with the interests and the Individual Education Program (IEP) goals of the children. The importance of adjusting the learning environment to reflect the dynamic interests of children and the emphasis on documenting these changes underline the form's role in creating a responsive and engaging learning atmosphere. Notably, it stresses that activities should not only span across the week for adequate engagement and exploration but also need to be linked explicitly to the individualized goals of each child, a process that fosters both inclusion and targeted learning. Hence, the Creative Curriculum Weekly Planning Form emerges not merely as a document but as a cornerstone of effective educational planning, ensuring that every child’s learning journey is as enriching and personalized as possible.

Form NameCurriculum Weekly Planning Form
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Creative Curriculum Weekly Planning Form

(Hot Sheet)

CF/E-20 Created 4/05


Programs will have the choice of using the SCOE Activity Plan CF/E-6 or the SCOE Creative Curriculum Weekly Planning Form CF/E- . The Creative Curriculum Weekly Planning Form may be completed on the hand written form or electronically through the Creative Curriculum. Net Assessment system. Each program team must develop an activity plan and post it in the classroom. A general schedule for the day’s routines must also be posted.

The Activity Plan documents:

1.A brief description of the activity in each of the following:

Large Group Activity: consists of 6-20 children to provide a story, a group discussion, a celebration, a movement and music experience, a visitor presentation, or sharing of play and work projects. Group time can be divided into two manageable groups rather than the entire class.

Small Group Activities: consist of 2-6 children and are facilitated by an adult at the classroom’s interest areas, on the tables, or outdoors.

Individual Activities: consist of a variety of activities, which are offered for individual selection to target the children’s needs and interests.

Outdoor Activities: Indoor activities can be extended to outdoors by providing activities beyond what is already available to children on a daily basis. Additional gross (large) motor activities must also be provided.

IEP Goals/Objectives need to be considered when planning activities.

2.Changes to the Environment/Children’s Interests: (planned or spontaneous)

The environment should be changed on a regular basis to reflect children’s interests and the focus of the classroom activities. Delegate agencies will determine what is considered a “regular basis.” For example, 1 – 2 times a month for each interest area.


List any field trip, meeting, visitor, special event or interest a child may have had during the week.

Please Note:

Activities may be extended throughout the week or over several days to provide adequate time for repetition, child initiated extensions, and a project approach. It will be necessary for staff to plan enough activities that will engage children in play throughout the week.

Delegate agencies will determine their documentation requirement in relation to listing concepts or objectives under each activity.

Each instructional staff member should be able to explain the concepts they are focusing on and how daily activities are individualized.

A link must be documented between the lesson plan and individualized goals. Documentation may be done in a variety of ways. For example, placing the child’s identifying number next to a specific activity so that she/he may be encouraged to participate. Circle the number if child completed the activity.

Activity Plan Guide with examples is provided on the SCOE Activity Plan CF/E-6.