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The V778/1 Form can be a confusing and daunting task for some, particularly those who are unfamiliar with the complexities of government legislation or people dealing with legal matters. Insight into the V778 process is key to successful navigation and understanding, so let’s explore what exactly it entails and how you can ensure that your application goes through smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything from what the form is for, to when to apply for it and common mistakes that could prevent acceptance. Read on to get yourself up-to-date on all things related to the V778/1 Form!

Form Name V778/1 Form
Form Length 4 pages
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Avg. time to fill out 1 min
Other names v778 form download, dvla v778 download, v750 form pdf, form v778

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Retention of a

Vehicle Registration Number

V778/ 1


For m ore inform ation go to: w w w .direct.gov.uk/ motoring






Notes for Guidance Please read carefully.

This leaflet explains how to place a vehicle registration number onto retention. Before you complete the application form please read these notes very carefully. You are also advised to read the Agency’s information booklet INF46 “Registration Numbers and You” available from your DVLA local office (for the address see note D) and DVLA, Swansea.

AWhat is the Retention Scheme?

¥Vehicle licence disc Ð but do not enclose it with this application it will be requested at a later date. Instead, fill in the Òvehicle licence disc expiry date and serial numberÓ in Section 1 of the attached application form. If the licence disc was taken out at a Post Office¨ branch within the last 2 weeks, please enclose a photocopy of the disc with your application in case the DVLA record has not been updated with the details. Do not apply for a refund of vehicle excise duty while your application is being considered, if you do, your application could be cancelled.

The Retention Scheme enables a keeper of a vehicle to temporarily hold its registration number apart from the vehicle for up to 12 months pending its assignment to another vehicle. If the number is not assigned to another vehicle within the 12 months, further 12 month periods of entitlement may be purchased (see note K). IMPORTANT: If the number is not assigned to a vehicle within the 12 month period and the retention rights are allowed to expire, entitlement to the number will be lost.

BWho can apply to retain a registration number?

Registration numbers are assigned to vehicles. An individual acquires entitlement to move a vehicleÕs number through being the keeper (who may not necessarily be the owner) of that vehicle. If you have newly acquired a vehicle and it is not yet registered in your name you may still be able to apply (see note E). Vehicles taking part in the scheme must be in existence and registered at DVLA. Vehicles must also be available for inspection, be of a type that requires an annual roadworthiness test and be currently licensed (but see note E).


Can I assign a retained number to someone

else’s vehicle?




Yes. A right of retention allows you to assign the number to someone elseÕs vehicle but you must tell us in advance who that person (the nominee) is, so that we can include their name on your V778 Retention Document. You can provide your nominee's details now by completing Section 3

on the attached application form. Alternatively, you can add or change nominee details after you receive your Retention Document from DVLA (but BEFORE it expires) in which case you will be charged a £25 fee. Important: Having a nominee places you under no obligation to assign the number to their vehicle. Only you, the grantee, can decide whose vehicle is to receive the number. T he nominee has no rights to the number under the retention arrangements.

Note: If the vehicle donating the number is not currently licensed, you may still be able to apply to retain its number without renewing the licence. If the vehicle licence expired no more than 12 months prior to the date of this application, or if the donor vehicle is not yet old enough to be tested (up to 3 years old for cars or 1 year for HGVÕs) you should be aware that in these cases, it is likely that the local office will wish to inspect your vehicle (see note F). The concession will only apply if a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made. There must be no break between the expiry date of the licence and the commencement of the SORN. SORN can be made by completing form V890 available from local offices and DVLA, Swansea, or for download from www.direct.gov.uk/motoring.

¥V10 or V85 vehicle licence application (if the vehicle needs to be re-licensed) accompanied by a certificate of motor insurance or a cover note and the appropriate vehicle excise duty.

¥The current fee (£105 at the time of printing). T his represents the £25 retention fee and the £80 assignment fee. If you are paying by cheque, the drawerÕs full name and address and the registration number of the vehicle must be printed clearly on the back of the cheque. In the event that a refund of the fee is necessary, the refund will be paid to the name and address printed on the back of the cheque. Cheques should be made payable to ÒDVLA, SwanseaÓ. Please note that the £25 fee may be retained whether or not retention of the registration number is granted.

Please Note: Northern Ireland vehicles simultaneously being registered in GB and taking part in a retention application will be subject to Identity Checking. Further Information is available in leaflet INF148 ÒRegistering and Licensing your vehicle using V55/4 or V55/5Ó, which is available for download from www.direct.gov.uk/motoring or by contacting your nearest DVLA local office (for the address see note D).

DHow and where do I apply?

You must complete the attached form V778/1 and take or send it to a DVLAlocal office with the appropriate supporting documents(seenoteE). T he address of your nearest DVLA local office can be found:

¥On the website www.direct.gov.uk/motoring

¥In our booklet V100 available from all Post Office¨ branches

¥By calling 08702 430444 but you will be asked to provide your postcode

You may also be able obtain the address from T he Phone Book under ÔDriving and Vehicles (Vehicle Registration and Licensing).Õ DVLA local offices are open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 5.00pm on the second Wednesday of each month.


EWhat documents do I need to produce with my application?

Please note only original documentation will be accepted.

¥Registration Document/Certificate (V5/V5C) showing you as the vehicleÕs registered keeper. If you have only recently acquired the vehicle and it is not yet registered in your name you may still apply if you have the V5 or V5C with the keeper change section completed. If you have only the V5/2 or V5C/2 portion, you may use this (if it has not already been used in a transfer/retention or assignment application) but you will also need to complete form V62 (application for a Registration Certificate) available for download from www.direct.gov.uk/motoring and from DVLA local offices and Post Office¨ branches.

¥Test certificate (MoT/HGV) if the vehicle requires one.

Note: Although the vehicle may not be old enough to need a test certificate, it must belong to a class that requires testing. If a vehicle is of a type that does not normally require testing, such as a milk float or agricultural machine, then it cannot take part in the retention scheme.

FWhat happens next?

The DVLA local office may wish to inspect the vehicle. If so, you will be advised of the date and location of the inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to verify the vehicleÕs entitlement to the registration number by checking its particulars against those held on record. The inspection officer will need to look at the stamped-in Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the chassis plate. You must ensure that these are cleaned sufficiently to make them legible. The local office may, on occasion, seek assistance from police vehicle examiners to aid this process. If the identity of the vehicle is in doubt, the retention application will be refused and the vehicle may need to be re-registered under a ÔQÕ prefix registration number (the local office will explain if this happens). Note: If a vehicle that is called for inspection is unlicensed or does not have a valid MoT certificate, it must not be used on public roads. You will need to make arrangements to have it transported to the place of inspection.

Once the local office has checked that the application is in order, the vehicle will be issued with a replacement disc (if appropriate) showing its new registration number and the application will be passed to DVLA, Swansea for processing. When you receive the replacement disc the old disc will become void and must be returned to the DVLA local office for cancellation. No refund of duty will be paid on the void licence. You will not receive your Retention Document until your application has been finally approved by DVLA, Swansea.

Important: If the vehicle is broken-up or destroyed before your application has been finally approved by DVLA, Swansea, the number will be lost. If the vehicle is sold on before your application has been finally approved by DVLA, Swansea, entitlement to the number will pass to the new keeper.



What replacement registration number will

be given to the vehicle?




The vehicle will be allocated a replacement number appropriate to its age.

Note: Wherever possible, the vehicle will be re-united with the number it gave up as a result of a previous transfer or assignment. Vehicles that were first registered before 1963 will be allocated a replacement number that does not contain a year identifier and it may not reflect the date the vehicle was first registered. In both these circumstances the replacement number will be allocated on a non-transferable basis. This means that you will not be able to transfer it or put it onto retention at a later date. The vehicle will, however, be able to receive a number in a future transfer or assignment.

HWhen will I receive the new documentation?

T he DVLA local office will pass your application to DVLA, Swansea, for approval. If your application is successful you will be granted a right of retention under the provisions of the Retention of Registration Marks Regulations 1993 (as amended). You will receive a V778 Retention Document valid for 12 months from the date of retention.

You will also receive a V5C Registration Certificate for the vehicle under its replacement registration number. (Do not dispose of the vehicle

until you receive this document or the retention application may be cancelled.)

T hese documents will be despatched from DVLA, Swansea separately and should normally arrive within 4 weeks of receiving your confirmation letter from the local office. However, if a V62 was used to support your application, it may take up to 8 weeks. If you do not receive your new documents by then you should write to the Cherished Transfer Section, Unit 1B, DVLA, Swansea Vale, SA99 1BW or phone Customer Enquiries (Vehicles) on 0870 240 0010. Phone between 8.00am and 8.30pm Monday Ð Friday and between 8.00am and 5.30pm Saturday. Some calls will be monitored for quality and training purposes. Customers with impaired hearing who have a textphone/minicom should phone 01792 766426 for vehicle enquiries. You should be aware that the minicom number will not respond to ordinary telephones. Alternatively you can email DVLA at vehicles.dvla@gtnet.gov.uk


What if I need to add or change nominee

details in the future?




You can apply by completing the appropriate section of the V778 Retention Document (the procedure is fully explained on that document).

Only the grantee can apply to add or change nominee details.

JHow do I assign a retained number to a vehicle?

When you are ready to put the number onto your vehicle, or that of a nominee named on your V778 Retention Document, you should apply to your local office by completing the V778. (T he procedure is fully explained on that document).


What if I don’t assign the retained number

within the twelve month period?


Provided you do not allow your retention right to lapse by allowing the document to expire, you can apply for a further 12 month retention period. T he fee for a 12 month extension is £25. Applications can be made on the V778 Retention Document up to 28 days prior to expiry.

It is important to note that if you allow your retention right to

lapse you will lose entitlement to the number. If you do not want to extend the period or you choose not to assign the number you can apply for a refund of the £80 assignment fee. Application for a refund of the assignment fee can only be made after the retention period has expired. Applications should be sent to the Cherished Transfer Section, Unit 1B, DVLA, Swansea Vale, SA99 1BW.


My vehicle has been “written-off” can I still

apply to retain its number?


If your vehicle has been written-off, you may still be able to retain its number provided:- (a) your insurers have not disposed of the vehicle and are willing to give written authorisation for you to retain the number, (this authorisation should be obtained before you submit your application, and only the original letter will be accepted), (b) the vehicle is available for inspection and (c) the conditions of the transfer scheme are met.

MWhat if I want to assign the number held on my V750 Certificate of Entitlement to a vehicle?

If you wish to assign a number that you have purchased through the AgencyÕs Sale of Marks Scheme (V750 Certificate of Entitlement) to a vehicle and at the same time put that vehicleÕs existing number onto retention, you should complete this form as directed in note D . In addition to the documents mentioned in note E, you will need to submit your V750 Certificate of Entitlement with the application.

T he application will also need to be accompanied by the fee of £105 (as explained in note E) and, unless already paid at the time of purchase, an £80 assignment fee for the purchased number.

NAdditional Information

¥A right of retention is granted to the grantee alone and is not transferable. A nominee has no rights to the number on retention. T he Secretary of State may revoke a right of retention if there are any special reasons for doing so. Please read very carefully the declaration you are required to sign.

¥If the number being retained has an age identifier, you will not be able to assign it to a vehicle which is older than that number, thereby making that vehicle appear newer than is actually the case.

¥Not all registration numbers are transferable. The vehicle's Registration Document/Certificate (V5/V5C) will indicate when a number is non-transferable and you should check it before applying. Non-transferable registration numbers cannot be put onto retention. If you have any queries you should contact Customer Enquiries (Vehicles) Ð see note H for telephone number.

¥The DVLA local office may wish to inspect/re-inspect the vehicle. You should not dispose of the vehicle until the retention has finally been approved by DVLA, Swansea and you have received the vehicleÕs replacement Registration Certificate (V5C) showing its new number. If you dispose of the vehicle before then, the application may be cancelled and you could lose the number.

¥Vehicles with ÔQÕ or ÔNIQÕ prefix registration numbers cannot participate in the retention scheme.

¥Non-display of a licence disc on a vehicle being used or kept

on a public road is an offence. You should wait until you receive your replacement licence disc before surrendering the old one for cancellation.

¥It is an offence to misrepresent a registration number on a vehicle number plate. For more information see leaflet V796 available from local offices and DVLA, Swansea.

¥Please check the details shown on the V778 Retention Document and the vehicleÕs new Registration Certificate (V5C) as soon as you receive them. If the information contained on them is incorrect or if you have any queries regarding the retention application, you should write to the Cherished Transfer Section, Unit 1B, DVLA, Swansea Vale, SA99 1BW.

Application to Retain a Vehicle Registration Number

For m ore inform ation go to: w w w .direct.gov.uk/ motoring

Please read the attached notes for guidance carefully before you complete this form. Please use BLACK INK and CAPITAL LETTERS.




Vehicle details









Vehicle Registration Number








to be retained














Details of vehicle which now carries this registration number





















VIN/Chassis Number

Vehicle licence expiry date and serial number

2Keeper details (see note B)

Name and Address of vehicle keeper

Title or Company Name




Daytime Telephone Number

Home Telephone Number

3Nominee details (see note C)

NOTE: The nominee will have no rights to the retained number.



















V778/ 1

Official Use Only

CD 3

Replacement Number




Is Replacement Number Transferable Yes No

Fee Paid By




Gen II Number

Replacement Licence Serial Number

Other Title or

Company Name

Christian or Forename


DVLA Local Office Stamps

Date received

Date processed




4Details of where the vehicle is kept

The DVLA Local Office may wish to inspect the vehicle.

If it is not kept at the above address, state where it is kept.



Daytime Telephone Number

Please Turn Over

To be completed by CV only

V5 Ref. No.


DVLA Local

Date of Retention

Office Code






Section Code






Declaration by the keeper of the vehicle

I declare that I have read and understood the notes attached to this form which explain the terms and conditions of the retention facility.

I declare that I have checked the information given on this form and as far as I know it is correct.

I declare that I am still the keeper of the vehicle and that I will not sell or otherwise dispose of it until I receive a Registration Certificate under its replacement registration number.

I declare that I am in possession of the tax disc for the vehicle shown overleaf and that I will surrender the disc to the local office upon request.

I also understand that my right of retention will be non-transferable and that my nominee (where applicable) will have no rights to the retained number. I also understand that my right of retention may be revoked

AT ANY TIME under the provisions of the Retention of Registration Marks Regulations (as amended) if:

¥the conditions for retention of registration numbers have not been met

¥any information given in this form is incorrect

¥any of the details of the vehicle are incorrect or false

¥any part of the documentation supplied in connection with the application is incorrect or false

¥any irregularities about the registration number are identified

¥the cheque for the retention fee and/or licensing application is returned by the bank unpaid

I also understand that if I dispose of the vehicle before I receive the replacement V5C Registration Certificate, the new keeper may claim entitlement to the number and the retention may be refused or cancelled.

I undertake to make sure that number plates bearing the new registration number allocated by the DVLA local office are placed on the vehicle when I receive form V803 from that Office.

Signature of keeper of vehicle (SEE NOTE B)


In the case of joint keepership, both signatures are required.

If you are signing for a partnership, limited company or other legal entity, give your position in the firm

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