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When you go to the bank, you will likely need to complete a deposit slip in order to deposit money into your account. The deposit slip is a form used by banks to record information about a deposit. Deposit slips come in different formats, but all of them require the same basic information. In this blog post, we will go over the contents of a typical deposit slip and explain what each field means. We hope this information will help you when completing a deposit at the bank.

Below are some particulars about deposit slip. It is definitely worth finding the time to read through this before you start submitting your form.

Form NameDeposit Slip
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namescan you print a chase deposit slip, printable chase deposit slip, chase deposit slip pdf, chase bank deposit slips

Form Preview Example

Steps for filling out Deposit Slips

The following are steps for filling a club deposit slip and endorsing a check for deposit.

1.Write the “Club Number” on the Top line. (see Number #1)

2.Write the “Club Name” on Second line. (see Number #2)

3.In the “Prepared By” box goes the person’s name who is preparing the deposit slip. (see Number #3)

4.In the “Date” box the date you are filling out the deposit slip. (see Number #4)

5.In the “Income Code” box put the code that best fits why your club is depositing funds into your club account. (see Number #5)

6.In the “Source & Description” box list the following information, Name of check issued by amount and if it is for specific purpose, being deposited into your club account, be as specific as possible. (see Number #6)

7.In the “Amount” box put the dollar amount being deposited for each income code and put the Total Amount at the bottom of the column. (see Number #7).

8.Break out the types of money being deposited on the deposit slip checks, coins, currency. (see Number #8)

9.All Checks must be endorsed on the back of the check. Use endorsement stamp located at the Bursar and at BOSO. Write your Club Number on the Blank Line on the check after you stamp the check.

Business Office for Student Organizations

Phone: 765‐494‐6724

Krach Leadership Center, Room 365

Fax: 765‐496‐2208

1198 Third Street

West Lafayette IN 47907‐2109

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