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When transferring money abroad, it is important to use the correct form in order to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. The HSBC telegraphic transfer slip form is specifically designed for this purpose, and can be used by customers of the bank or any other financial institution. The form is simple to complete and easy to understand, making it an ideal option for those looking to send money overseas.

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Form NameHsbc Telegraphic Transfer Slip
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesapplication for telegraphic transfer form chinabank, tt form hsbc, telegraphic transfer application, dbs telegraphic transfer application form

Form Preview Example

Telegraphic Transfer Application Form

The Manager

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Offshore Banking Unit Labuan







































(Licensed Labuan Bank, Licence No. 910004C)



















Date :


































































































































Currency * (see overleaf) :







Amount In Figures :



























Amount In Words :

















































































































































































Value Date :




































































































































Name (in Block Letters) :
















































Relationship with applicant :













































Address :

















































Account No :
















































Name and Address of Beneiciary’s Bank :























































































Swift Code/Sort Code/Fed Wire/BSB No/IBAN :






















































































































Name (in Block Letters) :















































Please debit my/our









(state what currency)

account no.






















Remittance Informations :






















































































Local charges to be paid by :



































Overseas charges to be paid by :


























































































Please describe the speciic goods / services / transaction for which the payment is to be made :
































































































I/We hereby declare that the information given in this Form is true and correct.









I/We shall be fully responsible for any inaccurate, untrue or incomplete































information provided in this Form.















Signature veriied :































Oficer / Executive Approval :
























































Applicant’s Signature(s)


































































































































1.The applicant agrees to be bound by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Offshore Banking Unit Labuan’s

(“the Bank”) Tariff and Charges (available at (as updated from time to time).

2.Apart from these Terms and Conditions, the Bank's Generic Terms and Conditions also applies.

3.All applications for remittances, are subject to daily cut-off times as prescribed by the Bank from time to time. Applications for

remittances received after the respective cut-off times will not be processed on the day of receipt and will only be processed on the next banking day. In respect of remittances dependent on the other institutions, the Bank, subject to the aforementioned cut-off itmes will process the application and forward the same to such other institution for their processing and the Bank will not be liable for any delay and/or error in the processing of such remittance by other institutions. Furthermore, applications for same day value are also subject to cut-off times based on the geographical location on the destination.

4.All charges incurred for remittances are to be debited from the relevant account. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or delay which may occur in the transfer, transmission and/or application of funds or, in the case of remittance by Telegraphic Transfer (whether instructed by the Customer or whenever the Bank deems necessary) for any error, omission or mutilation which may occur in the transmission of the message (either literally or in cipher) or for its misinterpretation by the receiving party when received, and the Customer agrees to indemnify the Bank against any actions, proceedings, claims and/or demands that may arise in connection with such loss, delay, error, omission, mutilation and/or misinterpretation.

5.All payment instructions, once transmitted, shall be deemed inalised. Any request for cancellation / recall of a payment instruction must be made in writing and shall only be cancelled / recalled at the Bank's sole option and discretion and provided that such payment instruction has not yet been transmitted by the Bank.

6.In the absence of any speciic instructions to the contrary the Telegrahic Transfer will be effected in the currency in which payment is to be made.

7.The Bank reserves the rights to draw this Telegrahic Transfer on a different place from that speciied by the remitter if operational circumstances so require.

8.Telegrahic Transfer is to be despatched entirely at the remitter's own risk.

9.Where the Bank is unable to provide a irm exchange rate quotation, the Bank shall effect the remittance on the basis of a provisional exchange rate which shall be subject to adjustment when the actual exchange rate is ascertained. Any difference between the provisional rate and the actual rate shall be debited/credited (as the case may be) from/to the Applicant account.

10.* Please use standard currency abbreviation e.g. USD for United States Dollars, GBP for Pound Sterling, AUD for Australian Dollar,

SGD for Singaporean Dollar, JPY for Japanese Yen, EUR for Euro Unit, etc

11.The Bank is hereby irrevocably authorised to disclose any information deemed necessary by the Bank, including but not limited to the applicant's name, account number and address (or in lieu of the address, to disclose the applicant's national identiicatio or passport number, or date and place of birth) in all outgoing foreign currency telegraphic transfers.

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Note the essential particulars in Swift CodeSort CodeFed WireBSB, APPLICANT DETAILS, Name in Block Letters, Please debit myour, state what currency account no, Remittance Informations, Local charges to be paid by, Remitter, Beneiciary, Overseas charges to be paid by, Remitter, Beneiciary, PURPOSE OF PAYMENT, Please describe the speciic goods, and IWe hereby declare that the area.

Swift CodeSort CodeFed WireBSB, APPLICANT DETAILS, Name in Block Letters, Please debit myour, state what currency account no, Remittance Informations, Local charges to be paid by, Remitter, Beneiciary, Overseas charges to be paid by, Remitter, Beneiciary, PURPOSE OF PAYMENT, Please describe the speciic goods, and IWe hereby declare that the in telegraphic form pdf

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