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The Drivers Daily Vehicle Inspection Report form serves as a critical tool in ensuring the safety and regulatory compliance of commercial vehicles on the road. Mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, this form demands a thorough check of a vehicle's essential components by its operator before embarking on a day's journey. With sections dedicated to a wide array of vehicle parts, from safety equipment like fire extinguishers and reflective triangles to mechanical aspects including brakes, steering, and the engine, the form is exhaustive. Commercial drivers must inspect items marked with an asterisk as a minimum requirement, though the thorough review extends to other areas as needed, ensuring every possible issue is identified and addressed proactively. Additionally, the form requires documentation of trailer specifics if applicable, further emphasizing the detailed approach to vehicle safety. The inclusion of remarks and signatures sections, with spaces for the driver, a mechanic, and a follow-up by the driver for reviewing repairs, underlines the collaborative effort in maintaining road safety and compliance. Essential for every journey, this form not only promotes safety but also serves as a legal document, confirming the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles at the start of each day.

Form NameDrivers Daily Vehicle Inspection Report
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesvehicle inspection report pdf, driver vehicle inspection report pdf, dvir form pdf, daily dot inspection checklist pdf

Form Preview Example

Driver’s Daily Vehicle Inspection Report

As required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for Commercial Drivers



Time:______________ AM PM

Vehicle #:_______________________

Speedometer Reading:_______________

Check any defective item and give details under “Remarks”.

(Car operators need only to inspect items with an asterisk “*”)

Air Compressor


*Safety Equipment

Air Lines


*Fire Extinguisher (if applicable)



*Reflective Triangles (if applicable)



*Spare Bulbs

Brake Accessories


*Spare Fuses



*Back-up Alarm (if applicable)


*Turn Indicators



*Emergency Flasher


Drive Line




Muffler-Exhaust System


Fifth Wheel

*Oil Pressure


Front Axle


*Wheels and Lugnuts

*Fuel Tanks




*Rear End




*Windshield Wipers



Other __________________________

(This section to be filled out by truck/trailer drivers only.)

Trailer(s) #(s) ____________________________________________________________

Brake Connections




Landing Gear


Coupling Chains



Coupling (King) Pin





Wheels and Lugnuts









Condition of above vehicle(s) is/are satisfactory




Driver’s Signature: _______________________________________


Above defects corrected






Above defects need not be corrected for safe operation of vehicle



Mechanic’s Signature: ________________________________ Date: _________________

Driver Reviewing Repairs, Signature: ______________________________Date: ______________

How to Edit Drivers Daily Vehicle Inspection Report Online for Free

The PDF editor was built to be as simple as possible. Since you keep up with the following actions, the process of managing the printable dvir form file will be hassle-free.

Step 1: Find the button "Get Form Here" on the following webpage and press it.

Step 2: You will discover each of the functions which you can use on the template after you've accessed the printable dvir form editing page.

It is essential to provide the following data so you can fill in the file:

example of gaps in daily driver checklist

Jot down the information in cid Air Compressor cid Air Lines, cid Mirrors cid MufflerExhaust, cid Springs cid Starter cid, This section to be filled out by, Trailers s, cid Brake Connections cid Brakes, cid Hitch cid Landing Gear cid, cid Roof cid Springs cid Tarpaulin, Remarks, Condition of above vehicles isare, cid YES, cid NO, and Drivers Signature.

step 2 to finishing daily driver checklist

The program will request you to give some relevant data to effortlessly fill out the area Above defects corrected, cid YES, cid NO, Above defects need not be, cid YES, cid NO, Mechanics Signature Date, and Driver Reviewing Repairs Signature.

stage 3 to completing daily driver checklist

Step 3: Hit the Done button to save the form. So now it is accessible for transfer to your electronic device.

Step 4: In order to avoid probable upcoming difficulties, make sure to get a minimum of two or three copies of every document.

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