Employee Information Form PDF Details

The form usually includes sections for personal details, contact information, employment history, educational background, special skills, military service (if applicable), and authorization for the verification of provided information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Ensure your form is compliant with applicable labor laws and data privacy regulations, such as GDPR (if you operate in the European Union) or the CCPA (if you operate in California). This may involve including necessary disclaimers, notices, or consent statements on your form.

Regular Review: Regularly review and update your Employee Information Form to ensure it remains compliant with laws and regulations, and to address any changes in your organization's policies or requirements.

Form Name Employee Information Form
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 15 sec
Other names new employee information pdf

Form Preview Example

Employee Information Form

Employer to Complete

Client Number ___________________________

Date ______________

Select One New Employee

Update Current Employee Information

Rehire Previous Employee on Paychex System

Employee Number _______________________

Department Number ________________________

Job Title _____________________________________________________________________________

Hire Date ___________________


Birth Date __________________

Workers’ Compensation Class Code _________

Full-time Part-time Seasonal

Salary (Per Pay Period) ___________________








Hourly Rate 1 $ ________________

Hourly Rate 2 $ _________

Hourly Rate 3 $ ____________

Payroll Frequency





Federal Exemptions ______________________ Additional $ _____________ Flat $ _______________

What state does this employee work in? ___________________________________________________

What state should be withholding for this employer? __________________________________________

State Exemptions ________________________ Additional $ _____________ Flat $ _______________

Are local taxes required? Yes - Town/City/County _______________________ No

Will direct deposit be sent to this employee? Yes No

Employee to Complete

Last Name ______________________________ First Name __________________________ Initial ____

Address ______________________________________

County _____________________________

City _________________________________________

State ___________ Zip Code _________

Telephone Number ( _____ ) __________________

Sex Male


Work E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________

Personal E-mail Address (optional) _______________________________________________________

Marital Status Single Married Married, but Withhold at Higher Single Rate Social Security Number_________________________________

Emergency Contact Information

Name________________________________________ Relationship ___________________________

Emergency Telephone ( ______ ) _____________________

©2011 Paychex, Inc

ASO025 4/11

How to Edit Employee Information Form Online for Free

Dealing with PDF documents online is certainly quite easy using our PDF tool. Anyone can fill in employee information form here without trouble. In order to make our editor better and simpler to work with, we constantly implement new features, with our users' suggestions in mind. All it takes is a couple of easy steps:

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Pay close attention when filling out this form. Make certain every single blank is done correctly.

1. Fill out the employee information form with a group of major blank fields. Gather all the information you need and ensure there is nothing missed!

bi completion process clarified (portion 1)

2. The third step is to fill out the following blank fields: Hourly Rate Payroll Frequency, County, State Zip Code, and Sex Male Female.

State  Zip Code, County, and Sex  Male  Female of bi

Always be very attentive while filling in State Zip Code and County, because this is where a lot of people make some mistakes.

3. The following section is fairly uncomplicated, Hourly Rate Payroll Frequency, Paychex Inc, and ASO - every one of these blanks will need to be completed here.

Part number 3 in filling in bi

Step 3: Immediately after taking one more look at your entries, press "Done" and you're done and dusted! Try a 7-day free trial subscription with us and gain instant access to employee information form - download or modify inside your personal account. FormsPal is dedicated to the privacy of our users; we make certain that all personal information coming through our tool is confidential.