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Objective and fair assessment: To ensure a fair and accurate evaluation, it is essential that the reviewer remains objective and bases their assessment on the employee's actual performance rather than personal biases or unrelated factors.

Timely feedback: Regularly providing feedback throughout the review period is crucial for the employee's growth and development. Waiting until the evaluation to address performance issues may result in missed opportunities for improvement.

Documentation: Keep a record of the Employee Evaluation Form and any supporting documents, as these can serve as evidence in case of disputes, legal issues, or for future reference during promotions or other personnel decisions.

This quick guide will let you determine the time it'll take you to complete employee review form, how many pages it's got, and a handful of other unique specifics of the form.

Form Name Employee Evaluation Form
Form Length 1 pages
Fillable? Yes
Fillable fields 91
Avg. time to fill out 18 min 31 sec
Other names employee review template, performance evaluation form template, review form, form employee review

Form Preview Example


Employee Information

Employee Name:












Period of Review:






Reviewers Title:









Performance Evaluation













Job Knowledge


Work Quality

Technical Skills

Work Consistency





Work Relations





Communication Skills

Overall Rating

Opportunities for Development

Reviewers Comments

By signing this form, you confirm that you have discussed this review in detail with your supervisor. Signing this form does not necessarily indicate that you agree with this performance evaluation.

Employee Signature


Reviewers Signature


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In the Cooperation, Attitude, Initiative, Work Relations, Creativity, Punctuality, Attendance, Dependability, Communication Skills, Overall Rating, and Opportunities for Development area, put down your data.

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You may be required certain important particulars if you need to fill up the Reviewers Comments, and By signing this form box.

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The area By signing this form, Employee Signature, Date, Reviewers Signature, Date, and Free Printable, s by Hoover Web will be where you insert both sides, ' rights and obligations.

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