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Express Scripts has a Prior Authorization Form that you will need to fill out in order to get your medication prescribed. This form is used to ensure that patients are getting the medications they need and that the medications are being used for their intended purpose. It can be helpful to have an idea of what information you will need before you start filling out the form. This blog post will provide an overview of what information is needed on the Express Scripts Prior Authorization Form, as well as some tips on how to complete it.

Here is the data about the form you were seeking to fill out. It will tell you how much time you will need to finish express scripts prior authorization, what parts you need to fill in and several other specific facts.

Form NameExpress Scripts Prior Authorization
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields73
Avg. time to fill out15 min 40 sec
Other names800 417 8164, esrx pa, express scripts prior authorization form 2021, esrx com pa

Form Preview Example

Request for Prior Authorization

Complete and Submit Your Request

Any plan member who is prescribed a medication that requires prior authorization needs to complete and submit this form. Any fees related to the completion of this form are the responsibility of the plan member.

3 Easy Steps

STEP 1 Plan Member completes Part A.

STEP 2 Prescribing doctor completes Part B.

STEP 3 Fax or mail the completed form to Express Scripts Canada®.



Express Scripts Canada Clinical Services

Express Scripts Canada Clinical Services

1 (855) 712-6329

5770 Hurontario Street, 10th Floor,


Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5

Review Process

Completion and submission of this form is not a guarantee of approval. Plan members will receive reimbursement for the prior authorized drug through their private drug benefit plan only if the request has been reviewed and approved by Express Scripts Canada.

The decision for approval versus denial is based on pre-defined clinical criteria, primarily based on Health Canada approved indication(s) and on supporting evidence-based clinical protocols.

Please note that you have the right to appeal the decision made by Express Scripts Canada.


The plan member will be notified whether their request has been approved or denied. The decision will also be communicated to the prescribing doctor by fax, if requested.

Please continue to page 2.

Page 1

Request for Prior Authorization

Part A – Patient

Please complete this section and then take the form to your doctor for completion.

Patient information







First Name:




Last Name:



Insurance Carrier Name/Number:






Group number:




Client ID:



Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):




□ Employee

□ Spouse □ Dependent


□ English



□ Male

□ Female






Postal Code:

Email address:



Telephone (home):

Telephone (cell):

Telephone (work):

Patient Assistance Program



Is the patient enrolled in any patient support program? Yes


Contact name:


Provincial Coverage



Has the patient applied for reimbursement under a provincial plan? Yes No

What is the coverage decision of the drug? Approved Denied **Attach provincial decision letter**

Primary Coverage

If patient has coverage with a primary plan, has a reimbursement request been submitted? Yes No N/A What is the coverage decision of the drug? Approved Denied **Attach decision letter **


On behalf of myself and my eligible dependents, I authorize my group benefit provider, and its agents, to exchange the personal information contained on this form. I give my consent on the understanding that the information will be used solely for purposes of administration and management of my group benefit plan. This consent shall continue so long as my dependents and I are covered by, or are claiming benefits under the present group contract, or any modification, renewal, or reinstatement thereof.

Plan Member Signature


Page 2

Request for Prior Authorization

Part B – Prescribing Doctor

Drugs in the Prior Authorization Program may be eligible for reimbursement only if the patient uses the drug(s) for Health Canada approved indication(s). Please provide information on your patient's medical condition and drug history, as required by the group benefit provider to reimburse this medication.

All information requested below is mandatory for the approval process, any fields left blank will result in an automatic denial. Please fill any non-applicable fields with ‘N/A’. Supplemental information for this drug reimbursement request will be accepted.

First time Prior Authorization application for this drug *Fill sections 1, 2 and 4*

Prior AuthorizationRenewal for this drug *Fill sections 1, 3 and 4*


Drug name:

Dose Administration (ex: oral, IV, etc) FrequencyDuration

Medical condition:

Will this drug be used according to its Health Canada approved indication(s)?

Yes No

Site of drug administration:


Home Doctor office/Infusion clinic Hospital (outpatient)

Hospital (inpatient)


Any relevant information of the patient’s condition including the severity/stage/type of condition

Example: monthly frequency and duration for migraines, fibrosis status for Hepatitis C patient, lab values such as LDL and IgE levels, BMI, symptoms etc. (please do not provide genetic test information or results)

Therapies (pharmacological/non-pharmacological) that will be used for treating the same condition concomitantly:

Page 3

Request for Prior Authorization

Section 2 - Continued

Please list previously tried therapies


Duration of therapy

Reason for cessation


Dosage and


































Date of treatment initiation:

Details on clinical response to requested drug

Example: PASI/BASDAI, laboratory tests, etc. (please do not provide genetic test information or results)

If prior approval was not authorized by Express Script Canada, please attach a copy of the approval letter.


Physician’s Name:






License No.:


Physician Signature:


Page 4

How to Edit Express Scripts Prior Authorization Online for Free

The express scripts prior auth form pdf filling in procedure is simple. Our PDF tool allows you to work with any PDF form.

Step 1: The initial step would be to select the orange "Get Form Now" button.

Step 2: Now it's easy to modify your express scripts prior auth form pdf. This multifunctional toolbar lets you insert, remove, change, and highlight text or perhaps perform other sorts of commands.

For every single part, create the details requested by the application.

esrx pa spaces to fill in

The program will require you to fill in the Provincial, Coverage Approved, Yes, Primary, Coverage Yes, Denied, Attach, decision, letter Approved, Authorization, Plan, Member, Signature Date, and Page section.

Completing esrx pa step 2

The system will ask you to put down some important info to instantly submit the segment SECTION, DRUG, REQUESTED Drug, name Dose, Administration, ex, or, alIVe, tc Frequency, Duration, Medical, condition Yes, Site, of, drug, administration Home, Doctor, office, Infusion, clinic Hospital, outpatient Hospital, inpatient and SECTION, FIRST, TIME, APPLICATION

esrx pa SECTIONDRUGREQUESTED, Drugname, Dose, AdministrationexoralIVetc, Frequency, Duration, Medicalcondition, Yes, Siteofdrugadministration, Home, DoctorofficeInfusionclinic, Hospitaloutpatient, Hospitalinpatient, and SECTIONFIRSTTIMEAPPLICATION fields to fill out

You will need to indicate the rights and responsibilities of each party in paragraph Page.

stage 4 to filling out esrx pa

End up by analyzing the next fields and filling them in as required: From, Inadequate, Suboptimal, response Allergy, Drug Intolerance, SECTION, RENEWAL, INFORMATION and Date, of, treatment, initiation

From, InadequateSuboptimalresponse, AllergyDrug, Intolerance, SECTIONRENEWALINFORMATION, and Dateoftreatmentinitiation in esrx pa

Step 3: After you select the Done button, your ready document can be transferred to any of your gadgets or to electronic mail indicated by you.

Step 4: In order to avoid potential future risks, it is important to have around two or three duplicates of any document.

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