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Are you a freshman student at FAMU looking to declare a major? Are you unsure of where to start or which major is the right fit for you? The FAMU Major Change Form is here to help! This form can be used by any student, regardless of classification, in order to change their declared major. Students must follow the instructions on the form in order to successfully change their major. If you have any questions regarding the form or the process of changing your major, be sure to contact your academic advisor. We wish you all the best as you make this important decision! https://www.famu.edu/admissions/How-to-Declare-a-Major/Pages/default.

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Form NameFamu Major Change Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmajor capital imrpovements nyc form, extra curricular activities for famu, famu major change request form, schedule o form

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Undergraduate Major Change Form


Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

444 Gamble Street

Lucy Moten, Suite 203

Tallahassee FL 32307-3200

Phone: 850 ● 599 ● 3796 Fax: 850 ● 412 ● 6604

Email: admissionsdocs@famu.edu

This form is for undergraduate admission applicants who have not yet enrolled at FAMU. Students seeking admission to limited- access programs are not guaranteed admissions and may be required to submit additional documents by the appropriate department of the intended major. Transfer applicants with more than 60 semester or 90 quarter hours of college work cannot major in “Undeclared, or Undecided” and must declare a major. All major changes must be changed prior to the first day of classes. Note: If you are a currently enrolled student contact your academic department or the Registrar’s Office to execute a change of major form.






FAMU Student ID:





Last Name:


First Name:



Middle Name:

Jr., III, etc,:














Complete the following:

Indicate New Major:

Bachelors of Science Degree Program: or Bachelor of Arts Degree Program:

Student's Signature:

(Signature required for all requests.)

Below is a list of majors offered at Florida A&M University

College of Agriculture & Food Sciences

BS Agribusiness

BS Agricultural Science

BS Agronomy

BS Animal Science-Pre-Veterinary Option

BS Animal Science-Industry Option

BS Biological System Engineering-Bioprocessing & Food


BS Biological System Engineering-Natural Resources

Conservation Engineering

BS Entomology & Structural Pest Control

BS Food Science-Science & Technology

BS Food Science-Business & Industry

BS Veterinary Technology

College of Education-Undergraduate

BS Biology Teacher Education

BS Chemistry Teacher Education

BS English Teacher Education

BS Health, Leisure, & Fitness Studies

BS History Teacher Education

BS Mathematics Teacher Education

BS Music Teacher Education-Instrumental, Wind, & Piano

BS Music Teacher Education-Choral Music & Voice

BS Physical Education

BS Physics Teacher Education

BS Political Science Teacher Education

BS Pre-Kindergarten-Elementary Education

BS Pre-Kindergarten-Primary Education

College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences - Undergraduate

BS Pharmaceutical Sciences-Non-Professional*

Select this major if you have an interest in obtaining a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences (non-professional). College of Pharmacy does not accept applications for first-time-in-college (Freshmen) applicants for the Spring Semesters. College of Pharmacy does not accept applications for transfer applicants for the Spring Semester or Summer Terms.

BS/BA Fine Arts

BS/BA History

BS/BA Interdisciplinary Studies-Transfers Only

Only applicants whom HAVE earned 60 or more semester hours can be placed in this major code.

BS/BA Music-Choral-Piano or Voice

BS/BA Music-Instrumental Wind, Piano, Percussion BS/BA Music Industry

BS/BA Philosophy

BS/BA Philosophy & Religion BS/BA Political Science

BS/BA Political Science/Public Administration BS/BA Psychology

BS/BA Religious Studies BSW Social Work BS/BA Sociology BS/BA Theatre

Undecided-First-time-in-college Only

College of Science and Technology

BS Actuarial Science

BS Biochemistry

BS Biology

BS Biology-Professional

BS Chemistry

BS Chemistry/Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry

BS Computer Information Systems

BS Computer Science

BS Information Technology

BS Mathematical Sciences

BS Mathematics

BS Molecular Cellular Biology

BS Organismal Ecological & Envir Biology

BS Physics

BS Pre-Medicine

FAMU-FSU College of Engineering

Limited access for transfer/second bachelor degree (post baccalaureate) applicants only.

BS Health Science-General

BS Health Science-Pre-Occupation Therapy

BS Health Science-Pre-Physical Therapy

School of Architecture and Engineering Technology- Undergraduate

Architecture 1st Professional

Students should select this major if they HAVE earned a BA/BS degree in Architectural Studies.

BS Architectural Studies

BS Construction Engineering Technology

BS Electronic Engineering Technology

School of Business and Industry-


BS Accounting

BS Business Administration

BA Economics

BS Economics

BS Economics with Minor in Business

BS Facilities Management

BS Supply Chain Management

School of the Environment

BS Environmental Sciences

BA Environmental Studies

BS Environmental Studies

School of Journalism & Graphic


BS Broadcast Journalism*

BS Graphic Design

BS Magazine Production*

BS Newspaper Journalism*

BS Public Relations*

School of Nursing

Limited access for transfer/second bachelor degree (post


Students should select this major if they HAVE NOT earned a BA/BS degree. College of Pharmacy does not accept applications for first-time-in-college (Freshmen) applicants for the Spring Semesters. College of Pharmacy does not accept applications for transfer applicants for the Spring Semester or Summer Terms.

College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences - Professional

Students should select this major if they HAVE earned a BA/BS degree. College of Pharmacy does not accept applications for transfer/Second Bachelor degree (Post Baccalaureate) applicants for the Spring Semester or Summer Terms.

BS Biomedical Engineering-Biomaterial & Polymer*

BS Biomedical Engineering-Cell & Bioprocessing *

BS Biomedical Engineering-Imag & Signal*

BS Chemical Engineering*

BS Chemical Engineering-Material Engineering*

BS Civil Engineering*

BS Civil Engineering-Environmental Engineering*

BS Computer Engineering*

BS Electrical Engineering*

BS Industrial Engineering*

BS Mechanical Engineering*

baccalaureate) applicants only.

BSN Pre-Nursing*


School of Allied Health Sciences

College of Social Sciences, Arts, & Humanities

BS Cardiopulmonary Science

Limited access for transfer/second bachelor degree (post

BS/BA African-American Studies

baccalaureate) applicants only.

BCL Criminal Justice

BS Health Care Management

BA English

BS Health Informatics & Info Management

* Indicates limited access area

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