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Are you a recent Ford employee who earned wages in 2017? If so, you'll want to make sure you file your W 2 form with the IRS. This document lists all of the wages you were paid last year, as well as how much taxes were withheld from those payments. Filing your W 2 form on time is critical to ensuring that you receive the correct refund or balance due. If you have any questions about filing your W 2 form, be sure to contact the IRS directly.

Form NameFord W 2 Form
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Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesw2 ford form, com pw2help, hpay ford, hpay ford com

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*SECRET – Contains Personally Identifiable Information*

Duplicate W-2 Request Form


Please note that we can only provide W2s for the current year and 4 prior years. Requests for

W2s older than 5 years will not be completed.

Please fill in the appropriate fields using the tab key, and circle, mark or highlight the W2 year being requested. Send completed form via an encrypted E-Mail to: Important: Subject line of encrypted e-mail must state DUPLICATE W2 REQUEST.

Duplicate W2s will be sent via U. S. Mail within 10 business days of receipt.


W2 Year Requested2013





Employee Name

Employee Social Security Number

Current Street Address



Zip Code

Phone Number (including area code)

**Due to the highly personal and confidential nature of the information, the duplicate W2 cannot be emailed or faxed.

For all other tax or W2 questions, please e-mail Employee Payments W2 Help Desk at

Duplicate W2 Form (Hourly).doc

Revised: 01-2013

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