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Form BCs-CD 530 is an important form that businesses use to report their taxable income. This form is used to calculate the amount of tax that a business owes on its income, as well as to claim any deductions or credits available. Completing this form correctly is essential for ensuring that your business pays the correct amount of tax. As such, it's important to understand how to correctly complete BC-S1 and CD 530. In this article, we'll provide an overview of how to fill out these forms correctly so you can be sure your business pays the least amount of tax possible.

Form NameForm Bcs Cd 530
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesCIS_Form_530_24 55_7 certificat fo disslutins 541 stateo of michiga form

Form Preview Example

BCS/CD-530 (Rev.12/03)


Date Received


This document is effective on the date filed, unless a subsequent effective date within 90 days after received date is stated in the document.





ZIP Code

ÇDocument will be returned to the name and address you enter above. È

If left blank document will be mailed to the registered office.

Effective Date:


For use by Domestic Corporations

(Please read information and instructions on the last page)

Pursuant to the provisions of Act 284, Public Acts of 1972 (profit corporations), or Act 162, Public Acts of 1982 (nonprofit corporations), the undersigned person(s) executes the following Certificate:

1.The name of the corporation is:

2.The identification number assigned by the Bureau is:

3.The corporation has not commenced business or affairs, has issued no shares, has no members entitled to vote on dissolution, and has no debts or other liabilities.

4.The corporation has received no payments on subscriptions for its shares or memberships, contributions or other funds from members or third parties, or, if it has received payments, has returned them to those entitled thereto, less any part thereof disbursed for expenses.

5.A majority of the incorporators or directors have elected that the corporation be dissolved.

Signed this _______________ day of _______________ , ____________

Signatures of a majority of the

Incorporators OR

Directors (check only one box)
















(Type or Print Name and Title)




(Type or Print Name and Title)
























(Type or Print Name and Title)




(Type or Print Name and Title)
















(Type or Print Name and Title)

(Type or Print Name and Title)

BCS/CD-530 (Rev. 12/03)

Name of person or organization remitting fees:


Preparer's name and business telephone number:








1.A Certificate of Dissolution cannot be filed until this form, or a comparable document, is submitted. This form may be used to draft your Certificate of Dissolution. A document required or permitted to be filed under the act cannot be filed unless it contains the minimum information required by the act. The format provided contains only the minimal information required to make the document fileable and may not meet your needs. This is a legal document and agency staff cannot provide legal advice.

2.Submit one original of this document. Upon filing, the document will be added to the records of the Bureau of Commercial Services. The original will be returned to your registered office address, unless you enter a different address in the box on the front of this document.

Since the document will be maintained on electronic format, it is important that the filing be legible. Documents with poor black and white contrast, or otherwise illegible, will be rejected.

3.This Certificate is to be used pursuant to section 803 of Act 284, P.A. of 1972 or Act 162, P.A. of 1982, by incorporators or directors to dissolve a corporation that has not yet commenced transacting business or conducting affairs.

4.Item 2 - Enter the identification number assigned by the Bureau. If this number is inknown, leave it blank.

5.A tax clearance from the Michigan Department of Treasury is not required for this form of dissolution.

6.A consent to the dissolution or a written statement that the consent is not required must be obtained from the Consumer Protection and Charitable Trust Division, Michigan Attorney General, P.O. Box 30214, 525 W. Ottawa, Lansing, MI 48909 (517) 373-1152 and submitted with this document for all nonprofit charitable purpose corporations (excluding churches). Application for the consent should be made at least 45 days before the desired effective date of the dissolution. If the consent or written statement is not submitted with the document, the document will be returned to the submitter and our files closed.

7.This Certificate must be signed by a majority of the incorporators or directors of the corporation.

8.NONREFUNDABLE FEE: Make remittance payable to the State of Michigan. Include corporation name and identification number

on check or money order

$ 10.00

To submit by mail:

Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth

Bureau of Commercial Services - Corporation Division

7150 Harris Drive

P.O. Box 30054

Lansing, MI 48909

To submit in person:

2501 Woodlake Circle

Okemos, MI

Telephone: (517) 241-6470

Fees may be paid by VISA or Mastercard when delivered in person to our office.

MICH-ELF (Michigan Electronic Filing System):

First Time Users: Call (517) 241-6420, or visit our website at

Customer with MICH-ELF Filer Account: Send document to (517) 241-9845

The Department of Labor & Economic Growth will not discriminate against any individual or group because of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, color, marital status, disabilty or political beliefs. If you need help with reading, writing, hearing, etc., under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you may make your needs known to this agency.

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When you need to fill out Form Bcs Cd 530, you don't have to install any programs - just try using our PDF tool. In order to make our tool better and easier to work with, we continuously develop new features, taking into consideration feedback coming from our users. Here is what you will want to do to begin:

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When it comes to fields of this specific form, here's what you should consider:

1. Before anything else, when filling in the Form Bcs Cd 530, start in the page that includes the following fields:

Form Bcs Cd 530 completion process explained (stage 1)

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - Signed this day of, Signatures of a majority of the, Signature, Signature, Type or Print Name and Title, Type or Print Name and Title, Signature, Signature, Type or Print Name and Title, Type or Print Name and Title, Signature, Signature, Type or Print Name and Title, and Type or Print Name and Title with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Completing part 2 in Form Bcs Cd 530

It is possible to get it wrong while completing the Signature, therefore be sure to go through it again prior to when you send it in.

3. This next part is about Name of person or organization, Preparers name and business, INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS, A Certificate of Dissolution, Submit one original of this, Since the document will be, This Certificate is to be used, Item Enter the identification, A tax clearance from the Michigan, and A consent to the dissolution or a - fill out every one of these fields.

Part # 3 for filling in Form Bcs Cd 530

Step 3: Confirm that the information is accurate and press "Done" to conclude the project. Download your Form Bcs Cd 530 once you register at FormsPal for a 7-day free trial. Instantly view the form within your FormsPal cabinet, along with any modifications and adjustments being conveniently kept! With FormsPal, you're able to fill out forms without stressing about data incidents or data entries getting shared. Our secure system makes sure that your personal information is maintained safely.