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Form Bls 700 320 is a document that is used to report financial information. It provides an overview of a company's income, expenses, and cash flow. This form can be used to make informed business decisions and assess the financial health of a company. The completion of this form is important for any business owner or manager.

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Form NameForm Bls 700 320
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesSunnyside, Supercenter, licensure, SecretaryofState

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Private Investigative Agency/Principal Addendum

Form BLS 700 320

Business Licensing Service PO Box 9034

Olympia WA 98507-9034 360-705-6741

Fax: 360-705-6699

Private Investigative Agency/Principal Addendum

This addendum may only be submitted as an attachment to the Business License Application.

You may use this to apply for both the agency and principal endorsements.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old for an unamed endorsements and at least 21 years for an armed endorsement.

Applicants must submit electronic fingerprints (see below).

Corporations and limited liability companies (see page 3 for other requirements).

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This is an application for: (check one and enter into Business License Application endorsements/fee section)

Agency with armed principal - $700

Agency with unarmed principal - $600

Partner, armed - $300

Partner, unarmed - $200

Owner name: UBI number:

A Business information

Business/trade name: Phone:

WA state address:

City: State: Zip:

Business mailing address (if different):

City: State: Zip:

B Agency principal or partner information


Date of birth: Social Security number:

Citizenship status:

U.S. citizen

Resident alien

Continued ...

To ask about the availability of this publication in an alternate format for the visually impaired, please call

360-705-6705. Teletype (TTY) users may use the WA Relay Service by calling 711.

BLS 700 320 (2/17/22)

Page 1

Private Investigative Agency/Principal Addendum

Have had at least three years’ experience in investigative work or its equivalent as determined

by the director. A year’s experience means not less than two thousand hours of actual compensated work performed before the filing of an application. An applicant shall substantiate the experience by written certifications from previous employers. If the applicant is unable to supply written certifications from previous employers, applicants may offer written certrications from professional persons other than employers who, based on personal professional knowledge, can substantiate the employment.

Examination (complete “Examination scheduling” next page)

C Fingerprinting

All private investigators must have fingerprint-based background checks. For information about the fingerprinting and background check process, go to

D Applicant personal data

Within the last 5 years, in this state or any other jurisdiction, has the business entity, any business owners, or any persons with controlling interest in this business:

1. Had any action (fine, suspension, revocation, censure, surrender,



etc.) taken against any professional or occupational license,



certification, or permit?



2. Defaulted or been convicted of or entered a plea of no contest



to a gross misdemanor or felony crime? (Don’t include traffic offenses.)



If you answered “Yes,” attach a detailed explanation.



E Exam scheduling

Exams are given at driver licensing offices across the state. Select the location where you would like to take your exam, putting a “1” for your first choice and a “2” for your second choice. A licensing representative will contact you for scheduling.

Continued ...

BLS 700 320 (2/17/22)

Page 2

Private Investigative Agency/Principal Addendum



Federal Way















(Yakima Ave)









Union Gap











(25th Ave)







Port Angeles


Smokey Point















(136th Ave)





Port Townsend




Walla Walla











(Sprague Ave)
















F Insurance, bonding, and firearms certification

Prior to approving your endorsement, we must receive a certificate of liability insurance or a surety bond.

Armed private investigators attend an eight-hour firearms certification course certified by the Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC), telephone 206-835-7300. When you complete the firearms training, they will issue a certificate. We cannot issue you an armed endorsement until we receive your firearms certificate. RCW 18.170.040(c).

G Applicant authorization and certification

Do you authorize all organizations and government agencies (local, state, federal, or foreign) to release any information, files, or records requested to this Department to process your application?

Yes No

I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct.

Signature: Date:

Print name: Title:

Print form

BLS 700 320 (2/17/22)

Page 3

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Note the key data in C, Fingerprinting and D, Applicant, personal, data section.

slawdictionary CFingerprinting, and DApplicantpersonaldata fields to fill

The Yes, Yes, E, Exam, scheduling and Continued area is where each side can place their rights and responsibilities.

stage 4 to entering details in slawdictionary

Finalize the form by looking at all these areas: Renton, Seattle, t, hAve Smokey, Point Spokane, S, prague, Ave Tacoma, Yakima, Ave Union, Gap Vancouver, t, hAve Walla, Walla Bel, Red Bellingham, Bremer, ton Clark, st, on Federal, Way Kennewick, and Kent.

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