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Form Cec Rps 1B is a government form that can be used to request information from a government agency. This form can be used to request information about an individual or about a particular topic. The form must be completed and submitted in writing, and the agency will respond in writing as well. There are certain restrictions on the use of this form, so it is important to understand how it should be used before submitting a request.

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Form NameForm Cec Rps 1B
Form Length5 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 15 sec
Other names

Form Preview Example


Application for Pre-Certification

California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program

Please refer to the Instructions for completing this form and to the RPS Eligibility

Guidebook and the Overall Program Guidebook for additional information.

―All information on this form and on any attachments is subject to public disclosure―

Section I: Type of Pre-Certification Requested

The information on this form will be subject to further verification once the pre-certified facility comes online. If the additional

required information is not currently available, please attach an explanation and description of the material and when it will be available.

1. Choose One


Amended Pre-Certification*

Renewal of Pre-Certification*




*If this is an amendment or renewal: Date of original pre-certification: Original pre-certification number:

Note: Pre-certification is available for facilities that are not online or are under specific criteria. Please check the RPS Eligibility Guidebook for more details. Facilities that are pre-certified must submit a complete and updated certification application and be certified as RPS-eligible before any generation may be counted toward satisfying a retail seller’s RPS procurement requirements. To apply for certification, use form CEC-RPS-1A.

Section II: Applicant Contact Information



Applicant Information











Name of Applicant:












Applicant Phone:



E-Mail (for all correspondence):







Person Completing Form (if different from Applicant):









Company Information











Company Name:













Company Address:
























Section III: Facility Information












Facility Owner













Name of Owner:













Owner Address:













Owner City:













Owner Phone:










State or Province in which facility owner/company is incorporated and/or registered:









Facility Location













Name of Facility:








Please specify any additional names this facility is or has been known by, including names the facility has










January 2008





9. Choose One
10. Choose One

used in the past, if known:

Facility Location (street address or provide a legal description of site):

(Facility Location continued)







Facility Telephone:



Facility Operations

6.Provide nameplate capacity of facility (in megawatts):

7. Select Balancing Authority operator for facility:


Other (specify):

8.Is the facility’s first point of interconnection to the WECC transmission system located within California?

Yes. Facility is considered an in-state facility for purposes of RPS eligibility.

No. Either facility is located out of state and is not subject to California Public Utilities Code Section 399.17, or

the facility is subject to PUC Section 399.17 but it s generat ion is int ended t o be count ed t owards anot her ret ail seller's Calif ornia RPS obligat ions. (Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S3 and submit additional required information for Out- of-State Facilities).

►For out of state facilities, provide the WECC interconnection substation location:

Other. Facility is located out of state BUT the generation exclusively serves retail end-use customers outside California and has 60,000 or fewer customer accounts in California under PUC Section 399.17. (Out-of-state delivery requirements do not apply to these facilities.)

Prior operating facility. Facility commenced commercial operations before January 1, 2005* ►Specify date:

New facility. Facility commenced commercial operations on or after January 1, 2005.* ►Specify date:

Repowered facility. Facility was repowered or re-entered commercial operations after

January 1, 2005.* Specify date:

►Repowered facilities must provide documentation confirming the replacement of the facility’s prime generating equipment and the capital investments made to repower the facility as well as the value of those investments as described in the “Instructions for Additional Required Information for Repowered Facilities” in the RPS Guidebook.

►Select method used to demonstrate compliance with the 80 percent threshold:

Tax Records Methodology

Replacement Value Methodology

*Exceptions for these online dates are small hydroelectric and small conduit hydroelectric facilities that began commercial operations or were repowered on or after January 1, 2006.

Facility is a central station facility.

Facility is a distributed generation facility serving on-site load. ►Complete Section V

11.Facility Identification Numbers

California Energy Commission: Renewable Energy Program #

CEC-Other #




State of California:









January 2008



(Facility Identification Numbers continued)



QF ID or Self-Certification Docket #



Energy Information Administration #



The facility is on an existing EIA List

The facility is on a proposed EIA list

Other (Please explain):

Section IV: Facility Fuel and Technology Type

12. Indicate energy source used by the facility. For multi-fuel facilities, indicate all energy sources used. For biodiesel facilities, please also select the fuel source (either biomass or MSW conversion) from which the biodiesel is derived, complete the specified form, and provide the additional required information as applicable.




Ocean Thermal

►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1




Biogas injected into a natural gas

Incremental Hydroelectric



► Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S2


►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1

Landfill Gas

Small Hydroelectric



►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1

► Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S2

►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1

Municipal Solid Waste, combustion

Solar Thermal Electric


Conduit Hydroelectric

►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1


►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S2

Municipal Solid Waste, conversion

Tidal Current


Digester Gas

►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1


►Complete CEC-RPS-1B:S1

Ocean Wave



Fuel Cell Using Renewable Fuel








13. Does the facility use any fossil fuel?




*If Yes, specify the type and the average amount of all fossil fuel used annually on a total energy input basis for the calendar year immediately prior to the date of application (if this is the first year of operation, estimate fossil fuel use):

►Type of fossil fuel:

►Average annual percentage for prior calendar year (or estimate):

14. Under a 2002-2003 Interim RPS Procurement solicitation approved by the CPUC under Decision 02-08-071 and Decision 02-10-062, was the facility developed and awarded a power purchase contract?


(If Yes, facility may use up to 25% fossil fuel and count 100% of the electricity generated as RPS-eligible.)


(If No, only renewable portion of generation may be RPS-eligible.)

15. Is the facility currently certified as a renewable Qualifying Small Power Production Facility (QF) under the federal

Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (PURPA)?





*If Yes, provide the original certification date as a renewable QF.

► Original certification date:

(If Yes and facility was certified and had commenced commercial operations before January 1, 2002 and is still currently certified, facility may use up to 25% fossil fuel and count 100% of the electricity generated as RPS- eligible. If No, only the renewable portion of the electricity production can qualify for the RPS.)



January 2008


The following section is only for applicants who indicated that the facility is a Distributed Generation Facility in #10.

Section V: Distributed Generation Information

16.Is/Was the entire electrical output generated at the facility sold (planned to be sold) to a retail seller or a local publicly owned electric utility under a power purchase agreement and is/was the energy purchased (planned to be purchased) from the counterparty to that agreement or from another party to serve the entire on-site demand of the facility?



►If planned, specify date:

17.Is/Was the excess generation, or generation net of the facility’s on-site demand sold (planned to be sold) under a power purchase agreement with a retail seller or local publicly owned electric utility?


No (If answers to both #16 and #17 are No, the facility is not RPS-eligible at this time)

►If Yes, attach a description of how the metering scenario (will) accurately measure(s) the facility’s excess generation

18.Have benefits been received, are being received, or are planned to be received for the facility from the following ratepayer funded programs: (Check all that apply)

Energy Commission:


Emerging Renewables Program

California Solar Initiative

New Solar Homes Partnership

Self Generation Incentive Program

Pilot Performance-Based Initiative Program

Other. Please Specify:

Existing Renewables Program under SB 90

None (If None, skip to Section VI)

19.Has/Is the facility participated/ing in a net metering program or benefited/ing from net metering tariffs?


No (If No, skip to Section VI)

20.Is a plan in place to exit the net metering program or net metering tariffs if a power purchase agreement is secured as described in questions #16 or #17?


No (If No, facility is not RPS eligible at this time)

►If net metering program or tariffs were already exited or are planned to be exited, specify date:

Section VI: General Information

The Energy Commission reserves the right to request additional information to confirm or clarify information provided in this application including any attachments. If a representative of a pre-certified facility does not respond to the Energy Commission’s request for information update in a timely manner the facility is at risk of losing its pre- certification status.

The Energy Commission's Accounting Office or its authorized agents, in conjunction with Energy Commission technical staff, may audit any applicant to verify the accuracy of any information included as part of an application for RPS pre-certification, pursuant to the Overall Program Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Program. As part of an audit, an applicant may be required to provide the Accounting Office or its authorized agents with any and all information and records necessary to verify the accuracy of any information included in the awardee’s applications,



January 2008


invoices, or reports. An applicant may also be required to open its business records for on-site inspection and audit by the Accounting Office or its authorized agents for purposes of verifying the accuracy of any information included in the applicant’s applications, invoices, and reports.

Representatives of pre-certified facilities must notify the Energy Commission promptly of any changes in information previously submitted to the Energy Commission. Failure to do so may result in revocation of pre-certification status. Any changes affecting the facility’s pre-certification status should be reported on an amended CEC-RPS-1B form. If there are any changes to the status of a facility’s pre-certification, the new information will be posted on the Energy Commission’s website.

Section VII: Attestation

I am an authorized officer of the above-noted facility owner, an authorized agent of the facility owner, or a retail seller contracting with the above noted facility owner and with authority to submit this application on the facility owner’s behalf, hereby submit this application on behalf of said facility owner for pre-certification of the facility as a renewable facility eligible for California’s RPS or pre-certification as eligible for California’s RPS. I have read the above information as well as the Renewables Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook, the Overall Program Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Program, and the New Renewable Facilities Program Guidebook and understand the provisions of these guidebooks and my responsibilities. I acknowledge that the receipt of any pre-certification approval from the Energy Commission is conditioned on the acceptance and satisfaction of all program requirements as set forth in the Renewables Portfolio Standard Eligibility Guidebook and the Overall Program Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Program. I declare under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this application and any supplemental forms and attachments is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Applicant Name:

Applicant Title:

Signature: __________________________________________________________________

Date signed:

The following are attached:

REMINDER: Some facilities have further submission requirements outlined below; refer to the RPS Program Eligibility Guidebook for details.


Additional Required Information

Supplemental Form

Biodiesel, Biogas injected into the natural gas



pipeline, Biomass, Digester Gas, Landfill Gas,



MSW Conversion, and MSW Combustion






Out of State






SUBMIT: 1. Completed and signed CEC-RPS 1A/B form

TO: California Energy Commission


Applicable supplemental forms

Attn: RPS Certification


Applicable additional required information

1516 Ninth Street, MS-45


Other, please specify:

Sacramento, CA 95814



January 2008


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