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Form Cfs 438 is an important form that must be filed in order to continue receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). This form allows the SSA to determine if you are still unable to work and, if so, whether your disability continues to meet their eligibility requirements. The information on this form will help the SSA make a decision about your benefits. It is important to fill out this form accurately and completely so that the SSA can make an informed decision about your case. Failing to file this form or providing inaccurate information could result in a loss of benefits. If you have any questions about Form Cfs 438 or how to complete it, please contact the SSA for assistance.

Form NameForm Cfs 438
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min
Other namesCFS438 dcfs get goald form

Form Preview Example

CFS 438












State of Illinois

















Department of Children and Family Services






Rev 2/2012




































Youth Must Complete Application







Date of Application










































Date of Birth



































Soc. Sec. No.













(Apt. No.)

















































(Zip Code)







DCFS Case ID Number








Yes: Year



(If applicable)
































Subsidized Guardianship/KinGap:



Yes: Year




Is either of your parents a veteran of the US Armed Forces?





DCFS Caseworker (If applicable)
























Field Office










Private Agency Caseworker (If applicable)




































































Before mailing please ensure the following MANDATORY ITEMS are included. All documents

must be sent in together, do not send as separate pieces or from different sources.

Scholarship Application (CFS 438); Including Typed Personal Essay

Documentation of legal relationship with the Department

Social Security Number

ACT/SAT Test Score Report

High School Transcript or GED Test Score Report

College Transcript (if attending college)

Three Letters of Reference

It is recommended that the application be typed.

Applications must be POST MARKED by March 31st. ALL ITEMS LISTED ABOVE MUST BE INCLUDED FOR THE PACKET to be eligible for consideration. Mail the complete packet to: DCFS Scholarship Program, 406 E. Monroe, Station #22, Springfield, IL 62701.










Graduation date










Grade point average




out of


point system


Class rank


out of








Currently attending college?





Have you made application to any school or organization for a scholarship?


If yes, list the name and address of the school(s) and/or organization(s) you have applied to.


Have you been awarded a scholarship?



If yes, list the name and address of the school or organization that has awarded you the scholarship.

What is the cash value of the scholarship? $

The scholarship will be used for: Tuition Fees Living Expenses Other (please identify)

List and explain any employment and/or volunteer experiences you have had.


If you receive a DCFS scholarship you will be expected to meet expenses not covered by the scholarship. Use the categories listed below to explain your plan for meeting those expenses.


Assistance (Parents)

Assistance (Organizations)

Summer earnings


Total $

List the colleges and/or universities that you have applied to and identify the status of your application: (Circle One)


Not Accepted

No Response


Not Accepted

No Response


Not Accepted

No Response


Not Accepted

No Response

What academic area do you plan to major in (e.g. chemistry, mathematics, English, etc.)?

List any honors or special recognitions that you have earned or received and explain.


List and explain any high school activities and/or college activities that you have participated in (e.g., clubs, sports, student council, etc.).

Attach a typed, personal essay explaining why you want to attend college and why you should receive a DCFS scholarship. The essay should emphasize the perseverance to excel, obstacles you have overcome in order to do so, and how you will use this scholarship to its fullest benefit to successfully earn a post secondary degree.



Persons that you should consider asking to write you a letter recommendation include your teachers; counselor and employer. They should be individuals who know you and can write about your personal character and strengths. The letters of recommendation should be addressed to the DCFS Scholarship Committee and provide a brief description of your personal strengths, academic abilities and/or work performance.

Student Signature:


NOTE: Please review the APPLICATION CHECKLIST on page 1 to ensure you are including ALL required documents/information. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE INCLUDED IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR CONSIDERATION.


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For you to complete this form, be sure you enter the necessary details in each and every blank field:

1. First, when filling out the Form Cfs 438, start out with the section that has the subsequent blanks:

Form Cfs 438 completion process described (portion 1)

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - must be sent in together do not, Scholarship Application CFS, Documentation of legal, Social Security Number, ACTSAT Test Score Report, High School Transcript or GED Test, College Transcript if attending, Three Letters of Reference, and It is recommended that the with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Step number 2 for filling out Form Cfs 438

It's very easy to make an error when filling out your must be sent in together do not, thus make sure you reread it prior to deciding to send it in.

3. This third step is hassle-free - complete all the form fields in Applications must be POST MARKED, out of, out of, point system, Yes, Yes, Have you been awarded a, and Yes to finish the current step.

out of, Yes, and Have you been awarded a inside Form Cfs 438

4. Completing What is the cash value of the, Tuition, Fees, and Living Expenses is paramount in the next part - you'll want to invest some time and fill out each field!

Tuition, Living Expenses, and What is the cash value of the of Form Cfs 438

5. To conclude your form, this last segment incorporates several extra blank fields. Typing in should finalize everything and you will be done before you know it!

Completing segment 5 of Form Cfs 438

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