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Form DOS 1625 F L is a document that many property buyers and sellers in California are familiar with. It is a standardized form used to report the purchase or sale of real estate in the state. The form must be filed within 45 days of the transaction, and it includes information on the property's purchase price, seller, buyer, and other related details. Those who are involved in a real estate transaction should be sure to familiarize themselves with this form and file it as required.

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Form NameForm Dos 1625 F L
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields15
Avg. time to fill out3 min 30 sec
Other names1625 f l how to fill the form certificate of discontinuance of assumed name in ny

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New York State Department of State

Division of Corporations, State Records & Uniform Commercial Code

One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12231




(Insert Real Name of Entity)

Under Section 130 of the General Business Law

FIRST: The real name of the entity is:

SECOND: Foreign entities only. If applicable, the fictitious name the entity agreed to use in New York State is:

THIRD: If the real name of the entity is different on the last Certificate of Assumed Name or Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Assumed Name, the previous name of the entity is:




FOURTH: The present assumed name is:





FIFTH: The date the original Certificate of Assumed Name was filed is:








SIXTH: The date, if applicable, the last Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Assumed




Name was filed is:




SEVENTH: The date on which the discontinuance of assumed name occurred or the reason for

the discontinuance of the use of the assumed name:


DOS-1625-f-l (Rev. 04/13)

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR SIGNING: If a corporation, by an officer; if a limited partnership, by a general partner; if a limited liability company, by a member or manager; or by an authorized person or attorney-in- fact for such corporation, limited partnership or limited liability company. If the certificate is signed by an attorney-in-fact, include the name and title of the person for whom the attorney-in-fact is acting. (Example, John Smith, attorney-in-fact for Robert Johnson, president.)

(Name of Signer)


(Title of Signer)




(Insert Real Name of Entity)

Under Section 130 of the General Business Law

Filer’s Name:


City, State and Zip Code:

Note: This form was prepared by the New York State Department of State. You are not required to use this form. You may draft your own form or use forms available at legal stationery stores. The Department of State recommends that all documents be prepared under the guidance of an attorney. The certificate must be submitted with a $25 fee.

For Office Use Only

DOS-1625-f-l (Rev. 04/13)

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The software will require information to effortlessly fill out the part Name, of, Signer Signature, Title, of, Signer CERTIFICATE, OF, DISCONTINUANCE OF, ASSUMED, NAME Insert, Real, Name, of, Entity Under, Section, of, the, General, Business, Law and Filer, s, Name

stage 3 to completing Form Dos 1625 F L

You should define the rights and obligations of both parties in space Filer, s, Name Address, City, State, and, Zip, Code and For, Office, Use, Only

Form Dos 1625 F L FilersName, Address, CityStateandZipCode, and ForOfficeUseOnly blanks to complete

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