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In order to file your taxes properly, you will need to complete Form F 20483. This form is used to calculate your taxable income and determine the amount of tax that you owe. The instructions for completing this form are straightforward, but it is important to be careful when filling out the information. Accuracy is key when filing your taxes, so make sure to double-check all of your calculations before submitting the form. If you have any questions about how to complete Form F 20483, don't hesitate to contact a tax professional for help.

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Form NameForm F 20483
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
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Division of Long Term Care


F-20483 (02/2009)



Completion of this form is required in order to have access to the WITS system.


1.Users must first have a WAMS ID——Use this URL to logon to WAMS home page and click on self- registration link to create a new account OR use the other options on this page for subsequent account maintenance.

2.Once WITS users have a WAMS ID, they must complete this form, sign the form, have their supervisors sign the form, and then fax the form to DHS, Attn: Karl Schlenker, FAX – 608-267-3203, Telephone – 608-266-2537.

Your Name (Last, First, MI)

Your Telephone Number

Date Account Needed

User ID from WAMS

County(ies) for Which You Will be Reporting

Name – Employing Agency (do not abbreviate)

Type of Agency

County Dept. of Human Services, Social Services, Health, etc.

County Aging Unit

Aging and Disability Resource Center

Nongovernmental agency contracted to one of the above Other (describe:

WITS access needed to file reports on incidents involving: (select one)

Elder adults-at-risk only (those age 60+)

Adults-at-risk only (those age 18-59) Adults-at-risk in both age groups (18 and over)


If your employer is a COUNTY AGENCY, COUNTY AGING UNIT, or ADRC, complete the following:

Name – Supervisor

Telephone Number - Supervisor

E-mail Address – Supervisor

SIGNATURE – Supervisor

Date Signed

If your employer is a NONGOVERNMENTAL CONTRACT AGENCY, complete the following:

Name – County Agency Holding the Contract

Name – County Agency Supervisor or Contract Signer

Telephone Number – County Supervisor



E-mail Address – County Supervisor




SIGNATURE – County Agency Supervisor or Contract Signer

Date Signed



User of this logon and password provides access to confidential information, which must be safeguarded in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes. The User’s signature on this form constitutes acceptance of responsibility for compliance with §49.32(10), §49.32(10m), §49.81, §49.83, §943.70(2), and with DHS policy (attached to new logon approvals).


Date Signed

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