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Many people are not familiar with the form FT 441 543. This form is important for both businesses and individuals who file taxes. The purpose of this form is to report the details of certain types of payments made during the year. The information on this form can be used to figure out how much tax was withheld and what type of tax you will need to pay. It is important to fill out this form correctly so that you avoid any potential penalties. If you have any questions about how to complete this form, be sure to seek help from a tax professional.

Form NameForm Ft 441 543
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other nameswashington state 3 day trip permit template, washington state trip permit, online trip permit washington, trip permit wa

Form Preview Example

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)


Send this completed application, any supporting documents, and a check or money order payable to the Department of Licensing to:

Prorate and Fuel Tax

Department of Licensing

PO Box 3777

Seattle WA 98124-3777

For validation only


Application type

Original Reissue Address change Name change Ownership/Corporation change

Business type

Individual Partnership Corporation Other

PRINT or TYPE Legal name


Trade name (DBA)






Tax Identification number (TIN)

Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number

IFTA licensee US DOT number





Contact name



(Area code) Telephone number





(Area code) Fax number

Email address






Physical address, City, State, ZIP code








Mailing address, City, State, ZIP code








Address of location of records, City, State, ZIP code




List names and titles of all corporate officers or partners (attach separate sheets if necessary)



Bank name and address

List one jurisdiction, besides Washington State, you will be operating in

Answer the following

1. If vehicle is leased, provide: Company name



U.S. DOT number




IFTA licensee number





Have you previously held an IFTA license in Washington State?

. . . . . . Yes



If yes, provide name and IFTA licensee account number:







Do you have an active IFTA license in another state?

. . . . . . Yes



If yes, list state:







If applicable, fill out the following International Registration Plan (IRP) information

IRP account number

Total number of vehicles registered under IRP and operate interstate

Type of fuel used (check all that apply)

Diesel Gasoline Gasohol Propane Other:

If you are a service bureau, include a notarized Power-of-Attorney

I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that the foregoing is true and correct.



PRINT or TYPE name and title




Date and place signed



For office use only - IFTA account number



FT-441-543 (R/10/13)WRA Page 1 of 3

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)



International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) section is to be filled out by the account holder or Service Bureau:

Application type:

check only one box

Business type:

check the box for the type of business for your IFTA account

Legal name:

enter your legal name

Trade name (DBA):

enter name you are doing business as


this will be your Taxpayer Identification Number, Employee Identification Number, or your


Social Security number

UBI number:

A 9-digit tax ID number assigned to all Washington businesses from the Business


License Services office. If you don’t have a UBI visit or call



US DOT number:

this number is provided to you by Department of Transportation (DOT). If you don’t


have a DOT number apply at DOT 360-753-9875 or visit their website at www.

Contact name, telephone,


Fax, Email address:

these sections must be filled in

Physical address:

is the physical address where your business is located

Mailing address:

is your United States Postal Service (USPS) address

Location of records:

list the address of where you keep your records

Names and titles of


corporate officers, partners:

print at least three corporate officers or partner names on the space provided and


include any others on a separate sheet.

Bank name of business account: print the name and address of the bank where your business account is held

Leased vehicle:

if vehicle is leased with another company, provide company name, company US DOT


number and IFTA licensee number.

IRP information

International Registration Plan (IRP) - if you have an IRP account in Washington complete this section:

IRP account number:

list your active IRP account

Total number of vehicles:

list the number of vehicles registered under IRP

Type of fuel used:

check accordingly


list one jurisdiction, besides Washington, you will be operating in

Sign and date:

this section must be filled out so the application may be processed.


Jurisdiction: state or Canadian Province who are a member of IFTA

Intrastate: vehicles traveling in only one jurisdiction

Interstate: vehicles traveling in more than one jurisdiction

Tax return: the form used by an IFTA licensee to report fuel taxes quarterly

What is an IFTA license?

IFTA is an agreement among states and Canadian provinces that standardizes the reporting of fuel taxes by motor carriers operating in more than one state or province. An IFTA license allows you to file only one tax return to your base jurisdiction and report miles traveled and fuel purchased in all IFTA jurisdictions.

The plan requires licensees to report fuel taxes by filing quarterly tax returns. Types of fuel include gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, and gasohol. Within Prorate and Fuel Tax, the IFTA unit processes tax returns and reports information to IFTA, Inc. Your fuel taxes are collected and distributed to member jurisdictions.

To qualify for a Washington IFTA license, you must have:

•฀ a฀commercial฀vehicle฀over฀26,000฀pounds฀gvw฀(gross฀vehicle฀weight)฀traveling฀in฀two฀or฀more฀states฀or฀provinces,

•฀ vehicles฀with฀three฀or฀more฀axles฀regardless฀of฀weight,฀and,

•฀ a฀combination฀of฀vehicles฀that฀weigh฀more฀than฀a฀total฀of฀26,000฀pounds฀gvw฀or฀registered฀gvw฀but฀does฀not฀include฀ recreational vehicles.

FT-441-543 (R/10/13)WRA Page 2 of 3

An IFTA license is valid for one calendar year and expires on December 31. Display the current year IFTA license and decals (see Decals below for placement) within 60 days of the first day of the calendar year. A copy of this license must be carried in each qualified vehicle. You can renew your license by:

•฀ Submitting฀a฀completed฀decal฀application฀which฀we฀mail฀to฀you฀in฀October฀of฀the฀current฀year,

•฀ Filing฀all฀returns฀up฀to฀the฀revocation,฀and,

•฀ Paying฀any฀fuel฀taxes฀due.


As an IFTA licensee, you purchase IFTA decals to display on the truck cab. They must be on both the driver’s and passenger’s side lower rear exterior of the cab. Decals are purchased annually at $10 for a set.

Special fuel permits

If you are not an IFTA licensee and need to travel in Washington, you may purchase a Special Fuel permit. These three- day permits may be purchased by contacting an authorized Vehicle Licensing agent or from DOT’s permitting office.

Cancellation and revocation

•฀ Current฀IFTA฀licensees฀may฀cancel฀their฀license฀at฀any฀time,฀by฀marking฀a฀current฀tax฀return฀in฀the฀“cancel฀license”฀

section and adding the effective date or you may send us a letter.

•฀ A฀revocation฀of฀an฀IFTA฀license฀will฀occur฀for฀failing฀to฀ile฀a฀quarterly฀tax฀return฀or฀for฀not฀paying฀your฀fuel฀taxes.฀We฀ will฀send฀you฀a฀“Notice฀of฀Intent฀to฀Revoke”฀letter฀and฀you฀will฀have฀20฀days฀to฀submit฀your฀tax฀return฀and฀payment.฀You฀

cannot operate in any member jurisdiction if you have a revoked license. If you are licensed under the International Registration Plan (IRP) in Washington, this license will also be revoked.

•฀ To฀reissue฀your฀revoked฀or฀cancelled฀license,฀you฀will฀need฀to฀complete฀the฀following:

•฀ complete฀a฀new฀IFTA฀License฀Application

•฀ submit฀all฀tax฀returns฀due

•฀ pay฀any฀unpaid฀balances฀for฀each฀license

•฀ include฀$100฀reinstatement฀fee฀for฀each฀revoked฀license฀reissued.


You must keep your IFTA records for four years from the date the tax return was due or filed, whichever is later. The IFTA procedure manual requires you to keep the Driver’s Daily Logs for four years if you use them as your only source documentation for operations.

An audit of your business activities will include several major areas:

1.Fuel verification of proper amounts and classifications reported on the return.

2.Verification of deductions and exemptions of proper amounts documented.

3.Mileage verification of total and jurisdictional miles reported on your reports or applications.

IFTA contact information

Telephone number for IFTA unit: (360) 664-1868

Field office physical locations:


Prorate and Fuel Tax

Prorate and Fuel Tax

2424 Bristol Court SW

1301 NE 136th Ave

Olympia WA 98502

Vancouver WA

Phone: 360-664-1895

Phone: 360-260-6396


(closed on Wednesday)

FT-441-543 (R/10/13)WRA Page 3 of 3

We are committed to providing equal access to our services. If you need accommodation, please call (360) 664-1868 or TTY (360) 664-0116

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