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Are you new to the United States and filing your first tax return? Or maybe you have been a U.S. resident for many years, but this is your first time filing Form 1040? Either way, you may be wondering what Form G 1145 is and whether or not you need to submit it. This form is used to request relief from backup withholding, which means that it's only necessary to file it if you've had taxes withheld from your payments in error. In this post, we'll go over what backup withholding is and how to determine if you need to file Form G 1145.

You'll find information regarding the type of form you want to fill out in the table. It can tell you the time it may need to complete form g 1145, exactly what fields you will have to fill in, and so on.

Form NameForm G 1145
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesuscis form g 1145, g1145, g 1145 form, form g 1145 e notification of application petition acceptance

Form Preview Example

e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance

Department of Homeland Security


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Form G-1145

What Is the Purpose of This Form?

Use this form to request an electronic notification (e-Notification) when U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services accepts your immigration application. This service is available for applications filed at a USCIS Lockbox facility.

General Information

Complete the information below and clip this form to the first page of your application package. You will receive one e-mail and/or text message for each form you are filing.

We will send the e-Notification within 24 hours after we accept your application. Domestic customers will receive an e-mail and/or text message; overseas customers will only receive an e-mail. Undeliverable e-Notifications cannot be resent.

The e-mail or text message will display your receipt number and tell you how to get updated case status information. It will not include any personal information. The e-Notification does not grant any type of status or benefit; rather it is provided as a convenience to customers.

USCIS will also mail you a receipt notice (I-797C), which you will receive within 10 days after your application has been accepted; use this notice as proof of your pending application or petition.

USCIS Privacy Act Statement

AUTHORITIES: The information requested on this form is collected pursuant to section 103(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended INA section 101, et seq.

PURPOSE: The primary purpose for providing the information on this form is to request an electronic notification when USCIS accepts immigration form. The information you provide will be used to send you a text and/or email message.

DISCLOSURE: The information you provide is voluntary. However, failure to provide the requested information may prevent USCIS from providing you a text and/or email message receipting your immigration form.

ROUTINE USES: The information provided on this form will be used by and disclosed to DHS personnel and contractors in accordance with approved routine uses, as described in the associated published system of records notices [DHS/USCIS-007 - Benefits Information System and DHS/USCIS-001 - Alien File (A-File) and Central Index System (CIS), which can be found at]. The information may also be made available, as appropriate for law enforcement purposes or in the interest of national security.

Complete this form and clip it on top of the first page of your immigration form(s).

Applicant/Petitioner Full Last Name

Applicant/Petitioner Full First Name

Applicant/Petitioner Full Middle Name

Email Address

Mobile Phone Number (Text Message)

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Step 4: Make sure you avoid upcoming complications by preparing a minimum of a couple of duplicates of your file.

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