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The Form I 551 is an important document for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. It proves your identity and status in the United States, and you will need it to prove your status if you ever need to apply for a green card or other immigration benefits. Here's what you need to know about the Form I 551. If you're a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you'll likely need to show your Form I 551 at some point. This document proves your identity and status in the United States, so it's important to keep it updated and accurate.

If you need to first find out how much time you will need to complete the form i 551 and what number of pages it's got, here's some detailed information that will be helpful.

Form NameForm I 551
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields55
Avg. time to fill out11 min 34 sec
Other namesinquiry i 551 permanent card form, inquiry i 551 permanent form, i 551 form pdf, form inquiry i 551 form

Form Preview Example

U.S. Department of Justice

Immigration and Naturalization Service

Inquiry About Status of I-551 Permanent Registration Card

Please wait at least 90 days after entry or after adjustment before inquiring. If this form is folded at the lines in the margins, the address of the Nebraska Service Center, or the address of the applicant, will show through a standard letter size (Number 20) window envelope. All information should be typed or clearly printed, using ball point pen.

All inquiries should be forwarded to:



Immigration and Naturalization Service



Nebraska Service Center


All blocks in Section A must be printed neatly.

850 S Street, P.O. Box 82521



Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-2521


Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope.

A. The person named below has not received his or her Alien Registration Card as of THIS date

(Please print all information.)


Alien's Registration Number (Stamped in Passport)

2. Alien's Name (Last in CAPS)













Port of Entry/Office

4. Date of Birth

5. Date Entry of Adjustment

6. Alien's Inquiry Concerns:







Initial Card


Replacement Card



















B. This is for reply by the Nebraska Service Center.

The status of your alien Registration Card is indicated by the block checked below as of this date

1. We regret to inform you that this office has no record of having received the necessary card application. Please contact the INS office that services the area where you reside for assistance.

2. Your card is in production and should be mailed soon. If the card is not received within 45 days of the above date, please contact the Nebraska Service Center again. Include a copy of this reply with you next inquiry.

3. Your card application (Form I-89) was returned to the immigration office in:


for corrective actions, and has not been returned to us. Please direct any further inquiries to the immigration office that services the area where you now reside and include a copy of this reply.

4. Your card was mailed and has not been returned to this office. If you did not receive your card, you must go to the immigration office that services the area where you now reside to apply for a replacement Card. Take this correspondence with you when you apply.

5. Your card was returned to this office and remailed to a

new address on. If you did not receive your card, you must go to the immigration office that services the area where you now reside to apply for a replacement card. Take this correspondence with you when you apply.

6. Please complete all items in Section A and return this correspondence to the Nebraska Service Center at the Address provided above. (Your Alien Registration Number is an 8 digit number which may be found in your passport or other documents provided to you as proof of legal permanent residence.) All of the information is needed to conduct a complete search of our records.

7. You must complete a new application for a card at the immigration office that services the area where you now reside before the Nebraska Service Center can make the requested changes. That immigration office will then submit your application to this Service Center. When you apply, please take this correspondence with you.

8. Please contact your Immigration office for assistance. This facility is responsible only for the production and issuance of Alien Registration Cards after receiving an approved application from the Immigration and Naturalization Service office servicing your area.

9. Other:

C. Please print or type applicant's name and complete address where the reply is to be sent.

Applicant's Name




Apt Number






Zip Code

Reminder: If you move, please make arrangements with the U.S. Postal Service to send your mail to your new address. Your card is automatically mailed to the address shown on your application.

Is this a new address? Yes



Form G-731N (Rev. 10/06/99) Page 2

U.S. Department of Justice

Immigration and Naturalization Service






NE 68501-2521

USE EITHER PAGE 1 (General Inquiry) OR PAGE 2 (Permanent Resident Card Inquiry) OF THIS FORM

Please use this letter to make a written INQUIRY with the Nebraska Service Center (NSC)

Include no fees/money when using this form.

Please print your name and mailing address in this box:







Your Phone:




Your Fax:




Your E-mail:






Please provide as much of the following information as possible (App/Pet = Applicant or Petitioner):

Form Type





App/Pet Name















App/Pet Alien Number A







Receipt Number








App/Pet Date of Birth








Date Filed
















Beneficiary Name










Where filed if other than NSC














Beneficiary Alien Number A



















Beneficiary Date of Birth




Type of Inquiry: (please check one and describe on separate sheet if needed)



Change of Address (Is new address listed above?







Notice Correction - Attach copy of the notice with the requested corrections noted

Expedite Request - Please explain why expedited processing is needed

Status of I-551 Alien Registration Card (see other side)


Service Response:

Date of Response:

Form G-731N ( Rev. 10/06/99)

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Managing forms together with our PDF editor is easier compared to anything else. To update inquiry i 551 permanent form the form, there isn't anything you should do - basically keep to the steps listed below:

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Step 2: You will discover each of the options that it's possible to take on your document once you've got entered the inquiry i 551 permanent form editing page.

For each segment, prepare the data asked by the platform.

part 1 to writing form i 551 pdf

Put down the data in the Other, Applicants, Name Street, City, Apt, Number State, Zip, Code Is, this, a, new, address, Yes and Form, GN, Rev, Page area.

form i 551 pdf Other, ApplicantsName, Street, City, AptNumber, State, ZipCode, IsthisanewaddressYes, and FormGNRevPage blanks to fill

The software will request details to conveniently fill in the box Date, Your, Phone, Your, Fax, Your, Email Type, of, Inquiry and Yes.

form i 551 pdf Date, YourPhoneYourFaxYourEmail, TypeofInquiry, and Yes fields to fill

The Other, Service, Response and Date, of, Response area will be your place to put the rights and obligations of both sides.

part 4 to filling out form i 551 pdf

Step 3: Click the "Done" button. Now it's possible to export the PDF document to your gadget. As well as that, you can easily send it by means of electronic mail.

Step 4: In order to avoid any kind of headaches down the road, you will need to create minimally a few copies of your form.

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