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When individuals face challenges with receiving their Form W-2, illustrating their earnings and tax withholdings for the year, the Illinois Department of Revenue provides a vital solution through Form IL-4852, a substitute for an unobtainable Form W-2. This form plays a crucial role for employees who have not received their Form W-2 due to various reasons and have exhausted all means to procure it directly from their employers. It is specifically designed for those who need to document their income and Illinois Income Tax withheld to accurately file their IL-1040 tax returns. To utilize Form IL-4852 effectively, individuals must first ensure they have allowed ample time for their employer to furnish the original W-2 and have made all reasonable efforts to obtain it themselves. The process of filing this form requires attaching substantiating documentation, such as pay stubs or a letter from the employer, detailing essential information like the total wages earned and the amount of tax withheld. Notably, this form requires a manual submission alongside the IL-1040 tax return, as electronic filing is not an option in this circumstance. By completing Form IL-4852, taxpayers affirm, under penalty of perjury, the accuracy of the information provided, ensuring they can meet their tax obligations even in the absence of the standard documentation.

Form NameForm Il 4852
Form Length1 pages
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Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesIL 4852 il 4852 form

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Illinois Department of Revenue

IL-4852 Substitute for Unobtainable Form W-2

Attach this form to your Form IL-1040

Step 1: Read this information first

Who should file Form IL-4852?

You should file Form IL-4852 if you did not receive or were not able to obtain a Form W-2 from your employer showing that Illinois Income Tax was withheld from your wages.

You should only file Form IL-4852 after you have given your employer sufficient time to mail your Form W-2 and after you have exhausted all efforts to obtain one. If you must use this form, you may not file your Form IL-1040 electronically or TeleFile your return.

You must send a separate Form IL-4852 for each Form W-2 not received.

What must I attach to Form IL-4852?

You must attach proof of wages and withholding, such as copies of check stubs or a letter from your employer.

Your check stubs or letter should include the following information:

your name,

your Social Security number,

tax year,

amount of Illinois Income Tax withheld, and

total wages.

We will accept your U.S. Form 4852 as proof of your Illinois Income Tax withheld from your wages.

Step 2: Provide the following information






















3 Address


























Street address


























Social Security number















Step 3: Identify your employer


Name of employer



















7 Address



























Street address



FEIN (if known)









































Federal employer identification number




6Phone number

Step 4: Complete the following


Write the tax year this form applies to.

















Tax year







Write the total amount of gross wages that your employer paid you.












10Write the total amount of Illinois Income Tax that your employer withheld from your wages.

Include this amount on Form IL-1040, Line 17.



11How did you determine the total amount of gross wages and the total amount of Illinois Income Tax withheld?

12State the reason your employer did not give you your Form W-2.

13Explain your efforts to obtain your Form W-2.

Step 5: Sign below

Under penalties of perjury, I state that I have examined this form and any attachments and, to the best of my knowledge, they are true, correct, and complete.

Your signature

Daytime phone number


IL-4852 (R-12/98)

This form is authorized as outlined by the Illinois Income Tax Act. Disclosure of this information is REQUIRED. Failure to

provide information could result in a penalty. This form has been approved by the Forms Management Center. IL-492-0040