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In Illinois, there are specific requirements that school districts must meet when it comes to special education. One of these requirements is the submission of Form Isbe 85 51. This form is used to report the number of students who receive special education services, as well as the type and intensity of services each student receives. It's important for school districts to submit this form on a regular basis, so that the state can ensure that all students with disabilities are receiving the appropriate services.

Form NameForm Isbe 85 51
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This ATTESTATION form may be used if you are an adult who has assumed responsibility for a pupil and provide the pupil with a fixed, nighttime abode, for reasons other than access to the educational programs of the school district.

This form should not be used, however, if you are the natural or adoptive parent of the pupil, have been granted court-ordered custody or guardianship, or are receiving public aid on behalf of the pupil. For these situations, you are only required to provide documentation (such as a birth certificate or court order), without the need of an ATTESTATION like this one.

This form is also not required for pupils who are sharing the housing of others due to lack of housing, economic hardship, or similar reason, or are otherwise homeless as defined in state and federal law. Homeless pupils must be enrolled immediately.

If you have any questions about residency, including homelessness, please contact the Illinois State Board of Education’s Accountability Division at (217) 782-2948.



, reside at




Name of Adult


which is located within the boundaries of








School District


Provide the appropriate information and check each of the following:

I am at least 18 years of age.

I have provided proof in the form(s) of




Proof of Residency








that I am a resident of







School District

I have assumed and exercise responsibility for







Name of Pupil

I provide a fixed, night-time abode for









Name of Pupil

is not living with me for the purpose of having access to the

Name of Pupil

educational programs of the school district.

I understand that knowingly or willfully providing false information to a school district regarding the residency of a pupil for the purpose of enabling that pupil to attend any school in that district without the payment of nonresident tuition is a Class C misdemeanor.

I understand that knowingly enrolling or attempting to enroll a pupil in the school of a school district on a tuition free basis when I know that pupil to be a nonresident of the school district, unless the nonresident pupil has a lawful right to attend, is a Class C misdemeanor.



Signature of Adult


Adult (Print Name)








School District Employee (Signature)


School District Employee (Print Name)

ISBE 85-51 (6/05)