Form Itd 3311 PDF Details

The purpose of this blog post is to provide an overview of Form ITD 3311, which is the Idaho Tax Defaulted Property Certificate. This form is important because it allows taxpayers to declare their intention to redeem property that has been tax-delinquent for at least five years. By completing and filing Form ITD 3311, taxpayers can protect their interest in the property and avoid any potential claims by the state. In this blog post, we will discuss the contents of Form ITD 3311 and explain how to complete it correctly. We hope that this information will be helpful for those who are considering reclaiming delinquent property.

Form NameForm Itd 3311
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesitd salvage department, ITD, Idaho, salvaged

Form Preview Example

ITD 3311 (Rev. 6-09) Supply # 01-956035-5

Salvage Vehicle Statement

Idaho Transportation Department – Vehicle Services

Use this form when applying for a Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle title for any salvaged vehicle regardless of age, value, or type.

Attach this completed form to the Salvage Certificate or other salvage documents. Include all supporting documents required to issue the title.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)















Owner Full Legal Name (Last, First Middle) or Business Name



Owner’s Driver License Number or SSN or EIN if Business








Current Physical Address of Owner













Salvage Declaration Date

Event Causing Vehicle to be Certified as Salvage (if known)



Air Bags Deployed

















Work done to restore the vehicle to the operating condition that existed prior to the event causing vehicle to be salvaged:

Under penalty of law, (SECTIONS 49-518 AND 49-525, IDAHO CODE), I hereby certify the following:

The vehicle is in operating condition and complies with the equipment requirements of Title 49, Chapter 9, Idaho Code;

To the best of my knowledge, the identification numbers of the rebuilt vehicle and its parts have not been removed, destroyed, falsified, altered, or defaced;

To the best of my knowledge, the salvage certificate document or out-of-state salvage document attached to the application has not been forged, falsified, or altered;

All information contained on the application and its attachments is true and correct;

The vehicle described above is free from all liens and encumbrances except as set forth on my application for title; and

I personally rebuilt or repaired the vehicle, or supervised its rebuilding or repair, unless one of the following boxes has been checked.

It was unnecessary to repair the vehicle in order for it to comply with the equipment requirements of Title 49, Chapter 9, Idaho Code (no repairs were made); or

Another party rebuilt or repaired this vehicle. Specify name and address:

This statement is attached to and made a part of my application for Idaho Rebuilt Salvage Vehicle Certificate of Title to the above- described vehicle. I do hereby agree to warrant and defend said Title and to save harmless and defend regardless of outcome, the Idaho Transportation Department from the expenses of and against all suits, actions, claims, losses, or assertion of claims including costs, expenses and attorney fees to which the department may be subjected on account of any defect in my Title to the vehicle in question.



Printed Name


Daytime Phone Number


















Zip Code





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Idaho writing process shown (part 1)

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - I personally rebuilt or repaired, It was unnecessary to repair the, Code no repairs were made or, Another party rebuilt or repaired, This statement is attached to and, Signature X Printed Name Address, Daytime Phone Number, State, and Zip Code with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Idaho completion process explained (stage 2)

Be extremely mindful when filling in Another party rebuilt or repaired and This statement is attached to and, because this is the part where most people make a few mistakes.

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