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Irvine Company has been a leader in the real estate industry for over 120 years. With a rich history and deep roots in California, Irvine Company is known for their quality and customer-centric approach to development and property management. Recently, Irvine Company released Form ITD 3427, which is an updated Tenant Information Disclosure Form. This form is used to collect information from prospective tenants regarding their eligibility for tenancy at an Irvine Company property. In this blog post, we will go over the key changes made to the form and what it means for tenants and landlords alike. We hope you find this information helpful!

Form NameForm Itd 3427
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other names3427 amateur radio application form idaho dmv

Form Preview Example

Amateur Radio License Plates

Idaho Transportation Department

ITD 3427 (Rev. 09-13) Supply # 01-958089-3

Proof of a current FCC license is required at time of applicationApplicant must maintain a current valid FCC Amateur Radio license to continue to be eligible to display this special license plate.

Plates can be registered to vehicles with a combined GVW of up to 26,000 lbs. or to Motor Homes

Owner 1 - Last Name



First Name


Middle Name

Idaho Driver License No., SSN, or EIN


















Owner 2 - Last Name



First Name


Middle Name

Idaho Driver License No., SSN, or EIN



















Physical Idaho Address

































Mailing Address (if different from above)




























Daytime Phone Number

Name of Qualifying Individual Owning a Vehicle Registered Solely In A Business’ Name



(8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Last Name


First Name




Middle Name



Driver License No. or SSN














County Highway District Number

Current Idaho License Plate Number

Expiration Date

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
















Idaho Title Number


Vehicle Year


Body Type


























Do Not Send Money! You will be billed for your fees or you may authorize payment on your MasterCard or Visa.

MasterCard or Visa Number **

Expiration Date

Security Code

Authorized Signature





**Credit Card Vendor Processing Fees May Apply

I would like Amateur Radio license plates with the following call letters. I have attached a copy of my valid FCC license.

Complete This Section For Vehicles Over 8,000 lbs. GVW Only

Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Check Appropriate Category

Commercial Vehicle

Non-commercial Vehicle

Hazardous Material Carrier (Subject to INS fee)

Check here if purchasing Idaho State Parks Passport EXTRA $10.00 for 1 Year

EXTRA $20.00 for 2 Years

Qualified Applicant’s Signature


Do Not Write Below This Line












Ordering Special

License Plates

1.Clearly print all requested inform- ation on the application form.

2.Use one form for each vehicle.

3.Do not send fees with the application. You will be billed or you may include your MasterCard or Visa number and card expiration date.

4.Credit will be given for unexpired registration fees when special plates are issued before an applicant's current registration is expired.

You can obtain additional application forms via the World Wide Web at:

Note: Foreign money orders or cashiers checks must have either “U.S. Funds” or “Payable in U.S. Funds” printed on them.

Mail applications to:

Idaho Transportation Department

Special Plates

PO Box 7129

Boise ID 83707-1129

Write to the address above or call

(208)334-8649 for more information about special license plates.

Fax applications to:

(208) 334-8542

Hearing Impaired Applicants

You may communicate with Special Plates through a telecom- munications device for the deaf (TDD) by dialing (208) 334-4458.

Application for

Amateur Radio License Plates

ITD 3427 (Rev. 09-13)

Supply # 01-958089-3

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