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Form Mv 217 is a Maltese document that is used for the registration of companies. The form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar of Companies in Malta. The use of Form Mv 217 allows businesses to register their company and commence operations in Malta. The form can be used by both local and foreign businesses, and there are a number of benefits to using it. In this blog post, we will discuss the key features of Form Mv 217, and how it can help your business get up and running in Malta.

Form NameForm Mv 217
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namesindemnification, mv 217, MV-1, MV-217

Form Preview Example

MV-217 (03-03)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania



Bureau of Motor Vehicles


P.O. BOX 68672


HARRISBURG, PA 17106-8672




NOTE: When default occurs, the following three options are available for obtaining a certificate of title. Form MV-1 must be properly completed and accompany this application in all cases.

CHECK APPROPRIATE BLOCK below indicating which option you are proceeding under:

1. Judgment and execution

2. Non-judicial sale or repossession and retention

3. Court Order




Title Number

Vehicle Identification Number

Applicant Name


OPTION 1 - JUDGMENT AND EXECUTION - (NOTE: An individual or business listed as a lienholder on a Pennsylvania Certificate of Title that is not licensed with the Department of Banking, must follow this Option). If the vehicle owner has defaulted on a loan from a private individual, then Option 3 may be used for the lienholder to take ownership of the vehicle. (NOTE: A Judgement is used by a private individual that is listed as the lienholder on the Pennsylvania Certificate of Title. This option will allow the individual to be re-paid for the remaining amount of the lien.)

The purchaser at the sheriff’s or constable’s sale may obtain certificate of title upon presentation of all the following items:

OCertified copy of the judgment and writ of execution, or the court order of sale.

OBill of sale from the sheriff, constable or other duly authorized executing officer showing the date of sale, name of purchaser, make and VIN of vehicle.

ODocumentation that any existing lien is satisfied.


Certificate of title will be issued in the name of the purchaser at the sale (who may be the lienholder) upon receipt of the following:

OThe certificate of title when a lien is recorded on the title OR the original or an acceptable copy of the filed financing statement.

OThe original or an acceptable copy of the agreement which is the basis of the right to repossess. O The original or an acceptable copy of the notice of intention to sell, mailed to the debtor.

( i ) If a public sale, the notice must set forth the time and place of the sale.

( ii ) If a private sale, the notice must set forth the time after which the sale is to be made.

O Bill of sale showing the date of sale, name of purchaser, make and VIN of vehicle, if the purchaser is not the lienholder.

OPTION 3 - COURT ORDER - (NOTE: A sample court order is printed on the back) This option is used by a lienholder, who is not recorded on the Certificate of Title or who is not licensed by the Department of Banking, when the lienholder wishes to obtain ownership of the vehicle.

Certificate of title will be issued upon receipt of the following items:

OA certified copy of an order of a Court of Common Pleas listing the make and VIN of the vehicle and naming the person to whom the court awarded ownership of the vehicle and proof that notice of the Court of Common Pleas proceeding was given to the prior owner and any other person who had an interest in the vehicle.

OIf the original certificate of title is available, it must be attached to your application and court order. If the title is not available, documentation must be included explaining why the title is not attached.

NOTE: In questionable cases, the Department may require the applicant for certificate of title to execute an indemnification agreement, or other forms as necessary.

I/We hereby make application for a certificate of title and certify under penalty of law that I/we have complied with the appropriate instructions listed on this application and have acted in accordance with the law.

Applicant Signature


NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLE. A certified copy of the original is required under Option 3 on the front of this application.


AND NOW, this

day of

, 20

, after reasonable notice and an

opportunity for hearing having been provided to all interested parties, the Court hereby awards ownership of one [year], [make], [model], bearing vehicle identification number

_________________________________________ to [name of applicant], and the right,

title and interest of any other person to said vehicle is hereby extinguished. The Department of Transportation may accept this order as evidence of ownership in lieu of a

certificate of title. The Petitioner shall submit the appropriate forms, taxes and fees and comply with any other procedures of the Department of Transportation in order to receive the appropriate certificate of title for said vehicle.


, Judge

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